Pink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins

Pink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfree

Pink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins — perfectly bite-sized, naturally-colored pink muffins that come together quickly in one bowl and happen to taste exactly like homemade cake donut holes.

Pink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfree
Hey hey, lovelies. Today I’m over on Nosh & Nourish sharing a recipe that I am so beyond excited about — one, because they’re stinkin’ cute, and two, because they’re extraordinarily easy and so. freaking. good.

Obviously, the world’s a bit…different, let’s say, than the last time I popped into this space to talk about these Pan Fried Singapore Rice Noodles (which we’ve still been making almost weekly since the quarantine — they’re made with easy-to-source ingredients and have the benefit of tasting like takeout), and even though we’ve adjusted to this new normal over the past month, there are some experiences that we’re still navigating in a time of sheltering in place.

Like, uhhh, birthdays.

Next week is our Lana-bug’s birthday, and we’re doing our best to celebrate her in a big way while still upholding the safety protocols of our county. So we’ll be hanging, unsurprisingly, at home. She’s already requested waffles for breakfast (most likely Kelly’s Sweet Potato Waffles with whipped cream and sprinkles, of course), followed by acai bowls for lunch, and homemade pizza for dinner. (We’ve been making Leigh Ann’s easy pizza dough weekly — it’s nearly foolproof and has so much flavor. She even came up with a yeast-free version since baking yeast has been tricky to find in many places. Anyway…)

And for dessert — well. She was very specific. Ice cream on a cone, and…
…pink donuts without holes.

Evidently, this is age almost-five, folks.

Pink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfreePink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfreePink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfree
Fortunately, I recalled a recipe that Chris and I used to bake up all the time in college for easy little homemade donut muffins — literally, a not-too-sweet muffin that packs all the flavor and texture of a classic cake donut with seriously minimal time and ingredients involved. I remembered that the muffins we made were eggless, and a short Google search later, I had a recipe that seemed darned familiar as a jumping off point.  A little tinkering (ok, a lot…) and in the end, we’ve got ourselves a muffin that truly tastes like the best cake donut — think those positively addictive cake donuts from the Whole Foods bakery case — yes, THOSE! And, much like those lovely Whole Foods donuts, these are accidentally vegan. Happy day! 

Oh, and of course. Per the birthday girl, both the donut and the glaze are (optionally) pink.
Little victories.

Get the full recipe over on Nosh & Nourish.
Stay well, friends.

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Pink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfreePink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfreePink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfreePink Mini Vegan Donut Muffins recipe via #quarantinebaking #baking #eggfree #dairyfree


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