friday links 04.17.15

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Happy Friday, loves! The haps, the haps, what’s the haps. Let’s seeeeeeee… I’m pretty sure I’m in labor at least once every five minutes. We oxy cleaned our sheets last night, and it’s not like they look any different, but I feel like they must be so, sooooo clean, because Billy Mays wouldn’t do me wrong, you know? I want to eat everything ever made with potatoes, melted cheese or pastrami. (The latter two drove my desire for this ridic Reuben Mac, which I have eaten for breakfast thrice this week.) We installed a carseat and I only hyperventilate a little … Read More

friday links 03.06.15

friday links 03.06.15 - fun reading and recipes for the weekend! (via

Oh hai, it’s Friday and I’m actually publishing a post. Been a while since that’s happened. Good thing I never committed to a schedule for this Friday links bidnit, right? Whoopsiepoopsie. Is it normal to be eating curried chicken salad straight from the mixing bowl for breakfast? How about using TJ’s Everything Crackers as a utensil — are we all on the same page there? Can we talk about the anxiety associated with prepping a grocery list for an approximate butt-ton of freezer meals meant to see us through the first few sleepless weeks of baby-on-the-outside-ness?? (P.S. I’m about the last … Read More

friday links 01.30.15

friday links 01.30.15

Shut up, it’s the thirtieth of January. A whole dang twelfth of the new year is (almost) gone! What the shit. When did that happen. I feel like I snoozed right through it. (Also, I spelled twelfth like twelf and stared at it for at least a minute before deciding it didn’t quite look right. Who writes out that word ever? No one, that’s who. And me.) Happenings in the piggy household this week consisted primarily of registering for gobs of baby crap I never knew existed (look at this George Jetson swingaling! I don’t want it, but I so want it.); … Read More

friday links 01.16.15 — and we’re having a…

friday links 01.16.15 -- and we're having a...

GURRRRRRRL! I know. A little anti-climactic with the pink heading. I couldn’t help myself. We opened the envelope right around Christmas but wanted to take the past few weeks to privately revel in the fact that the little being pummeling my tums is, in fact, our daughter to be. ♥ Somehow, in just the transition from “it” to “her,” my substantially cloudy vision of the future has started to crystallize ever so slightly. Chris, who has envisioned a tiny piglita all along, is 1429% terrified. It’s pretty adorable. So now it’s on to names (we have a long list of no-way-in-hells and … Read More

friday links 01.02.15 – and happy new year!

It’s a nyooo year you guyssssss!!! We celebrated with too much good food, puh-lenty of bubbly (ginger brew for me, cuz I’m super ‘sponsible), and a giggly midnight kiss on the drive home. I blow-dried my hair, Chris donned a sweater, and it was made all the better by a deliciously ordinary, long, lazy morning that had us in our jammies past noon. Oh, 2015. You’re looking rather dapper, already. 😉 Friday links! Funstuffs: Might be from last year, but I feel like this classically-written (read: touching, entertaining, enlightening and frank) Momastery piece on asking the right questions is applicable to all relationships, (impending) kiddos … Read More