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friday links 03.06.15 - fun reading and recipes for the weekend! (via

Oh hai, it’s Friday and I’m actually publishing a post. Been a while since that’s happened. Good thing I never committed to a schedule for this Friday links bidnit, right? Whoopsiepoopsie.

Is it normal to be eating curried chicken salad straight from the mixing bowl for breakfast? How about using TJ’s Everything Crackers as a utensil — are we all on the same page there? Can we talk about the anxiety associated with prepping a grocery list for an approximate butt-ton of freezer meals meant to see us through the first few sleepless weeks of baby-on-the-outside-ness?? (P.S. I’m about the last person you should probably trust to do freezer meals, so I’m leaning pretty heavily on Jess’ experience for support…) I feel like red-sauced stuff is going to make a lot of appearances. Also meatballs. Probably taters. Is it problematic that I’m planning disproportionately heavy meals with no regard for the fact that it could be summer by the time we get around to eating them? Who doesn’t like a casserole in June?

I bet you weren’t expecting this interrogation.

Ok, but one more question. Have you nominated your fave food bloggies for Saveur’s Blog Awards yet? If not, it only takes a minute. It doesn’t even have to be my blog, you guys. (Although…) There’s so much stinkin’ talent out there deserving of your acknowledgement. Do it, do it, do it! ♥

Friday links!


  • I will never tire of Jimmy Kimmel’s Mean Tweets series.
  • Or Jimmy Fallon’s Wheel of Musical Impressions. (Xtina as Britney = very good television.)
  • Chipotle is still one of the few quick service chains we feel like we can frequent in good conscience. (Also, they are no slouches when it comes to guac portioning.) This oral history of the company is super interesting.
  • Now that I’m in my thirties (gah), I can’t help but feel a little pissed off by (ok, saddened by/nostalgic for…) those “30 by 30” lists. But this piece on the 10 Most Important Life Lessons to Master in Your 30’s I can totally get behind. For at least the next nine years. 😉
  • I feel like this article could alternatively be headlined, “Lumbersexual Baseball Rookie Probably Gets All the Marriage Proposals. Ever.” No seriously.


  • This breakfast poutine confetti’d with quail eggs. Oh, yes.
  • This ahi salad because once this little girl is out and about, there will never be enough raw fish. I also love it when Alana does savory — more more more!
  • The most ethereally lit breakfast in bed scene ever featuring bacon-stuffed french toast. Can it always be the weekend?
  • What are the odds they’ll let me suck down one of these magic bar milkshakes in labor? A lady needs her energy. Also, I’m fairly certain candy is a clear liquid once shake’d.
  • Charred. Cauliflower. Carbonara.

And in piggy archives, here’s what you might have missed these past few weeks:


P.S. Header is a snap of a snap of the Palau de la Generalitat in Barcelona!

friday links 03.06.15 - fun reading and recipes for the weekend! (via


OH! before you go…

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greek sweet potato fries with curried tzatziki
roasted shrimp + polenta with halloumi (or pancetta) crisps

9 Comments on “friday links 03.06.15”

  1. Em, I LOVE the 10 most important life lessons. Such good reading! And uhm, yeah. The breakfast in bed?! Those photos are freaking gorgeous. So in love! Thanks for sharing! I’m adding the blog to my feedly now. Carbonara is one of my favorites, and I keep meaning to add roasted cauliflower to it.. but one of my favorite things about carbonara is that it is so fast! Haha! Anyhow, I’d love to drop off a meal for you and Chris after baby arrives <3

    1. Oh yay, glad you found some new reads! Cynthia’s blog is completely inspired — I love everything she does. You’ll form a fast obsession, Alice — I just know it. 🙂

  2. Jess’s freezer meals are absolutely nuts. I swear that woman has 72 hours in a day. How does she blog multiple times a week, prep 89 freezer meals, go on a cookbook tour AND work ahead on her blog so she can have a few MONTHS of chill time with her new baby? Seriously. She is superhuman. If I ever get pregs I might just export my whole life because I’ll feel too busy building a human with my body, ya know?

    1. Ok, but seriously – she does all the things and I’m so torn about whether I want to hail her as a queen or give her a huge wedgie and run away. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s inspiring/awesome/completely intimidating/complex-forming. Just nutso.

  3. That 10 most important lessons article: THANK YOU. Such a good read and so necessary today. P.s. We’re in our THIRTIES. P.s.s. Thank you so much for the link love. I will be sure to continue on the savory train, just for you and for club 30. I feel so honored, one to be mentioned by YOU and two to be in such great company. P.s.s.s. (can I even do that) I’m still OOooing and AAHHhing over those panna cottas.

    1. Our THIRTIES. Ugh. Although it’s kind of less ugh than I ever expected — do you feel that way? But still a little ugh nonetheless. And yes, lady, BRING ON THE SAVORY. All the time. And maybe once in a blue moon, I’ll hook up the sweet. 😉 Mehbeh. No promises.

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