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Happy Friday, loves! The haps, the haps, what’s the haps. Let’s seeeeeeee…

I’m pretty sure I’m in labor at least once every five minutes. We oxy cleaned our sheets last night, and it’s not like they look any different, but I feel like they must be so, sooooo clean, because Billy Mays wouldn’t do me wrong, you know? I want to eat everything ever made with potatoes, melted cheese or pastrami. (The latter two drove my desire for this ridic Reuben Mac, which I have eaten for breakfast thrice this week.) We installed a carseat and I only hyperventilate a little every time I see it in the rearview mirror. I ripped through the entire season of Bloodline in maybe four days. I only kinda half liked it until the middle when I kinda sorta more liked it and then the last two episodes I was full on Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose sucked in. Coach Taylor 4Ever+Always. We bought like a zillion cloth diapers and in addition to being the cutest things I’ve ever seen, they also make me wanna poop myself with nerves, so I’m thinking adult cloth diapers are probably where all the big maternity money is hiding. Oh yeah, and I’m pretty sure I’m in labor at least once every five minutes. Oh wait…

Friday links!


  • The Lilly Pulitzer collection for Target is happening this weekend, and I’m more or less obsessed with the whole lot of it. If I’m not delivering a child, you can bet I’ll be throwing ‘bows (bellies?) with the best of ’em, particularly over this jumpsuit.
  • Pretty sure these tips for capturing kiddos with your phone will come in handy any day now…
  • A med-rare ribeye is mosdef on my short list of things to devour post-preg, but I’m not sure I could subsist solely on the stuff. Like, forever.
  • California’s drought captured in five pictures of Half Dome.
  • No matter how potatoey his head gets, Tom Hanks will always be one of my faves. Here, his entire movie career in a single take. Just…wow.


Playing catch-up? Here’s what you might have missed these past few weeks on the P&Q:

Ok, folks, go getchur weekend on! ♥

p.s. Header pic is a Hwy 1 snap from our staycation last summer. 🙂

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OH! before you go…

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6 Comments on “friday links 04.17.15”

  1. Seeing the car seat back there is unreal at first! It’s like, are they really going to let me take responsibility of this baby human? Side note, do you have one of those mirrors that attaches to the back seat? They are awesome for people (weirdos) like me who are paranoid and want to check on their babies at all times.
    Also, THANK YOU for sharing that ice cream. It’s so worth the zingy feelings.

  2. Thank you SO MUCH for the link love, Em. I am so excited for you. Better recharge your ‘battery’ until it’s beyond full before entering the phrase of ‘why aren’t you sleeping, my little one?’


  3. EM! Hurry up and have our baby (yes I said our, I’m gonna love the shit out of her). And thank you so much for the link love! I’m still dreaming of your mochiko tacos and need to make them happen ASAP!! P.s. positive your sheets are a million times cleaner!! (cause I trust billy)

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