lana james

lana james
Hi big world, meet little Lana James. She popped into our lives just over a week ago — all 6lbs 2oz — and Chris and I can hardly believe she’s ours to keep. Our hearts are achingly full (as are our bellies, thanks to good friends with excellent taste in takeout and the impressive freezer stash that, so far, has not led us astray) — and though our eyes are a bit heavier with every morning light, it’s impossible not to want to be absolutely present for every moment of her being. In just the past few days, I can already see her transforming from the slippery, wrinkled womb nugget that was first laid on my chest into a plump little dumpling ready to live up to the piglet nickname that was bestowed upon her so long ago. She is, without a doubt, our single greatest accomplishment. And now I’m crying. Again.

In the weeks to come, I’ve got the loveliest assortment of guest posts headed your way from some of my closest friends — all of which I know are some of your favorite bloggers, too — so don’t fear that this space will be dormant for too long. Meanwhile, Chris and I are taking advantage of every available moment to stroke these baby cheeks, snack on these baby toes and squeeze all the cuddles possible out of our little goober before she’s suddenly all hair flips and “whatever, moms” and breaking all the hearts ever (ours included, I’m sure, because at some point that’s what girls do).

Back in good time, friends.

lana james


OH! before you go…

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46 Comments on “lana james”

  1. Oh Emily! She’s so beautiful! Those lips! So perfect. Love her name too! So happy for you and Chris, enjoy every second of this special time and all those yummy freezer meals! 😉 xoxo

    1. Thanks Grace! Would you believe it’s kind of challenging naming a kiddo? It definitely took us a while — like, until an hour before we left the hospital. 😉 We’re sucking up as much of this time as we possibly can knowing that the weeks are just going to keep whizzing by at an insane rate. I fear there’s nothing that moves quite at the speed of parenting! And the freezer meals have been an absolutely lifesaver. I kind of feel like my domestic prowess is finally paying off. And it only took a few…decades?…to kick in! 🙂 xoxo.

    1. GINA MARIE! Come meet her tomorrow. Seriously, get your butt over here. Or maybe I’ll take the long route to the fam’s house and spring a piglet pitstop on you guys. You better have ALL the poke waiting for me. (Um…not kidding.) Love you, girl. <3

    1. Oh good. I can only imagine the waterworks when your little one makes his/her arrival. We can’t wait. (And we can’t wait for you to meet her!)

  2. Amazing! So many congratulations. Those first days are so incredibly heart-filling…it’s like you never knew it could hold so much love. And, somehow it just continues to be more fun (and more cute…how?!) everyday!

    1. You’re so right, Cindy. I am an absolute whirlwind of emotions, but the overwhelming sensation is just: wow. We’re already looking forward to seeing how her little personality develops. And it happens so fast! I can only imagine how quickly the past few months have passed for you — time REALLY flies with a little one!

  3. Oh Emily…She is a beauty! My heart swells just looking at her pics. Enjoy every moment. She will be, by far, the most amazing thing in your life…for always! Sending lots of love!

    1. Thank you so much, Kim. We feel so blessed and just spend too much time staring at her and pretending every little (unintentional) smile is just for us. We can’t wait to make our way down the coast to pay you a visit! Hopefully some time this summer. Until then…! <3

  4. So beautiful!! The biggest of congratulations to you guys. This sweet little post just made me tear up a little. Looking forward to your guest posts and I hope you have the greatest time off from the blog with your new little piglet. Eeeee congrats!!!!

    1. Eeeeee, thanks Sara! We’re eating up all the time we can get with her. Already the past week (almost TWO now, what!?) have FLOWN by in the blink of an eye. I can only imagine how fast the next 18 years will go. (OH MY GOD, can we not talk about how old I’LL be at the end of those years? Yikes!)

  5. She is perfection. This post was beautifully written. Can’t wait to see more of her. Ugh babies….why they gotta be so cute and make me crave one even though I know I don’t want to go there?! Lol
    Enjoy this time, Em!

    1. Oh come on…you wanna go therrrrrrre, just a little bit, maybe? Baby fever is most DEFINITELY contagious. 🙂 Thank you, thank you!

    1. Yes, those widdle hands! And would you believe there are 10 widdle toes to match? I can’t even get over it. 🙂 Thanks, Stephanie!

  6. Emily, so happy for you … Babies are a gift from God and such a beautifully written post .. And now I’m crying.. Being a mother is the best thing ever and I am so happy for you! Sounds like you have lots of love, family, friends and a great support system around you .. Be sure and take the time you need to get rest when you can … Again, so happy for you! Your life will never be the same again. Only better.

    1. Awh, thanks Alice. (And should I take your crying to mean that it’s just a mom thing and it’s not necessarily going to go away when my hormones get back in check?) We do have such a generous support system around us — it makes all the difference. And having such a warm community of fellow blog friends (and seasoned parents) like YOU behind us just makes it all the more special, so thank you again! <3

  7. Oh the little piglet is just perfect, Em! Congrats, congrats!!! So happy to hear about all of the joy and love filling your life (and your freezer!) xx

  8. She is just gorgeous! Enjoy your time with the wee one. Time moves at warp speed after we have children but everyday is fun and exciting.

  9. So so SO SO SO HAPPY for you, Emily!!!! She is perfection, her name could not be more beautiful, and I am filled with all sorts of emotions reading this and looking at her precious face. All the congrats in the world to you and Chris, and all the cuddles to Lana. YAY!!

  10. She is SO SWEET! I am so so excited for you and can’t wait to see more pictures of her on instagrams:) She’s also named after one of my very bestest friends so I think she’s awesome already!

  11. Ah she is perfection! Biggest Congrats!!
    I love your words here mama ~ hey, you’re a mom!! 🙂
    You’ll want to get pinched many many times to see if she is really in your life.
    So happy for your beautiful family!
    ps. Love her name too!

  12. She is the cutest little piglet princess with the cutest name in all the land. I am so so so so happy for you and also cannot wait to meet her. Big, big, HUGE hugs to you and Chris.

  13. She is PERFECT in every way possible. I am SO HAPPY for you, Em, and I can’t wait to ‘see’ her through you blog.

    Sending you huge hugs to ease your lack of sleep, and waiting for your next post patiently. xoxo

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  16. Oh my God she’s such a precious little womb nugget!!! Gah you must be in baby bliss land, what a beautiful creation you’ve made. Yes, engulf every moment, that pure innocence doesn’t last long.

    1. Thank you, Chantelle! We are wholly in love. Not sure about pure innocence (her spit-up phase has our washing machine working overtime, haha), but it’s hard to hold it against her when she’s just about the cuddliest thing ever made. <3

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