friday links 01.02.15 – and happy new year!

It’s a nyooo year you guyssssss!!! We celebrated with too much good food, puh-lenty of bubbly (ginger brew for me, cuz I’m super ‘sponsible), and a giggly midnight kiss on the drive home. I blow-dried my hair, Chris donned a sweater, and it was made all the better by a deliciously ordinary, long, lazy morning that had us in our jammies past noon. Oh, 2015. You’re looking rather dapper, already. 😉

Friday links!


  • Might be from last year, but I feel like this classically-written (read: touching, entertaining, enlightening and frank) Momastery piece on asking the right questions is applicable to all relationships, (impending) kiddos or not.
  • As of yesterday, California’s Prop 2 is officially in effect — a small but significant step forward, to be sure. Chicken emoji + egg emoji + more room to spread their wings emoji!
  • Have you been bitten by the “Serial” bug yet? I’ve been completely sucked in by The Intercept’s interview series with key witness Jay Wilds (parts 2 and 3 here and here). Thoughts?
  • Um, hai, I’m pretty excited that 2015 TV premieres are upon us. Parenthood party at my place? 😉
  • White Castle is introducing veggie sliders!!! Carls Jr. is serving grass-fed beef!!! Twenty-fifteen might just be the year I say hello, again, to fast-food burgers and I’m not sad about it!!!


And in case you missed recent haps in the piggiesphere, I baked yooos some Spicy Cheese Crisps and drowned some Mini Persimmon Spice Cakes in eggnog. (Because, it’s still eggnog season until at least, like, MLK Day, right? Right.)

HAPPY FRIDAY — and happy 2015!! — my friends!

p.s. — Header pic was snapped at Insight Coffee Roasters in Sacramento the day after xmas — complete with Low-Key Corduroy Hipster and Bike Commuter Hipster. Yay, Sac! (For those of you reading on email, you can always click through to the blog to see all images in their glory.)


OH! before you go…

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five spice + curried sweet corn soup
(party-perfect!) deviled cheese crisps + farewell 2014

9 Comments on “friday links 01.02.15 – and happy new year!”

    1. Awh, so glad to hear it, Pang! Can’t wait to give those gorgeous little pastries of yours a go. I just love foods with nooks that cradle more foods! 😉

  1. Omgosh lady thanks for the super sweet shout out!!! <3333 You're hilarious–I'm totally also in the stalking-Molly boat (uhh…sorry Molls) and DIED over her wedding. All the adorable-ness, ever. And I haven't been bit by the Serial bug yet, but I really want to start! Should I? Will all my productivity go down the drain if I do so?!

    1. 1) Yeah, sorry Molls. 🙂 (Mental note: ask Molls if we on a half-of-first-name-basis yet? She may think NO. I think FERSURE. Feel free to call me Ems.) 2) You probably should (re: the whole Serial thing). And yeah, your productivity might dwindle a tad — but it’s an NPR podcast, so it’s like good-for-you junk food. Like hummus or raisins or pretty much anything you can dunk into tomato soup to vegify. So basically the grilled cheese of healthy brain foods. Is this making any sense? It might be faster for you to just leave this page — and my rambling — immediately and START LISTENING. 🙂

  2. Okay, yeah. Molly’s blog is gorgeous! Love it! And Serial is totally awesome!

    Also, yay for babymoon! <3

    1. Yay to the third degree! Also, how weird would it be for me to show up on Molly’s farm with a sign reading “be my frand, mermaid-haired maiden”? Too much?

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