friday links 01.30.15

friday links 01.30.15

Shut up, it’s the thirtieth of January. A whole dang twelfth of the new year is (almost) gone! What the shit. When did that happen. I feel like I snoozed right through it.

(Also, I spelled twelfth like twelf and stared at it for at least a minute before deciding it didn’t quite look right. Who writes out that word ever? No one, that’s who. And me.)

Happenings in the piggy household this week consisted primarily of registering for gobs of baby crap I never knew existed (look at this George Jetson swingaling! I don’t want it, but I so want it.); eating all the enchilada hummus in preparation for StoopidBowl Sunday (i.e. National Get Fat on Chips Day, a completely apt description of my annual experience); and spending lots of time practicing my labor relaxation techniques a la Dr. Bradley. This includes learning how much the Pandora “relaxation” stations suck butt. So…please consider this my formal plea for relaxing music suggestions. 🙂

Ok, on with the show…

Friday links!



Oh yeah, and in case that crazy tasty hummus I mentioned earlier isn’t floating your gameday boat, there’s always these Fried Hot Dog + Egg Sammies!!!


P.S. Super emo header image is the black sand (black pebble?) beach at Wai’anapanapa State Park on the Road to Hana in Maui. Seriously stunning — and great for sunning!

friday links 01.30.15

quinoa + chickpea tabbouleh (gf + vegan)
toasted walnut enchilada hummus with cilantro + lime

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  1. We’re glad you’ve found CoSchedule! Adding color was a definitely plus to our workflow too, so its great that you’re benefiting too! Thanks for the mention.

    1. For serious! I can only imagine how much faster it’ll pick up once things thaw out (ok, using that term loosely here in CA…) and we bump right along into spring. Time — what a crazy goose! 🙂

    1. Oh, but Marissa it’s so true! And the saddest part is, the marketing is so damn good, I’m now convinced I require approximately ALL of it or death will become my child. Or me. Or my sanity. It makes me think I went into the wrong industry, because those folks are cleaning up!

  2. Aww I’m so jelly that you made it out to Hana. I didn’t this trip :(. Also, the Disney princess hair thing is amazing. The lipgloss hair thing happens more often than I’d like. So does the bedhead, frizz head, and heck, all the others.

    1. We did, and it was so amazing, Alana! Actually, the drive around the South side of the island on the way back was even more breathtaking and nowhere near as treacherous as rental car agencies make it sound. You’re from some pretttttty country, lady! <3

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