Pumpkin Polenta w/ Browned Butter & Sage (guest posting at SLHO)

Pumpkin Polenta w/ Browned Butter & Sage | the pig & quillSup purties! Is everyone super jazzed for Humpday? If not, I’m putting the pump in pumpkin with a little guest post over at So…Let’s Hang Out (SLHO) today, and it promises to be a smashing good time. (Pretty sure there was potential for a 90’s rock reference in there somewhere, but whatevs. I know you know I was thinking it, and that’s all that matters, yeah?)

So. Do you guys know Gina, yet? If not, I urrrrrge you to check her out — and try not to judge her too harshly for letting my kooky arse crash her pretty little blog. If you can follow along with my madness (and seriously, bless your hearts), you’re in excellent shape to take in the hilarity that is Gina’s world of polar buddies, crispy chicken legs and Whitney Houston. You might even giggle audibly in your cubicle, which is a heck of a lot better than other…audible…cubicle…noises, so I’m gonna go ahead and give Gina mad props right now.

Today’s guest post is all about gettin’ yer fall on in a big way with a super simple side dish that’s got comfort food written all over it: Pumpkin Polenta with Browned Butter & Sage. This is the stuff that dreams are made of — smooth pumpkin, brown sugar and crispy-fried herbs, nutty browned butter and sharp, salty parm — and it’s all but 20 minutes away once you’ve gathered ye groceries. Not a bad way to go if you’re in a hurry to get your holiday spread on the table. And with some sauteed shiitakes or crumbled bacon generously scattered over the top, you might even have a nice lunch on your hands . Double score.

But I digress. Head on over to So…Let’s Hang out to grab the full recipe, and be sure to look around while you’re there. I think you’ll find yourself right at home.

See ya soon!

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