Mango Creamsicle Smoothie Bowls

Mango Creamsicle Smoothie Bowls recipe (via #glutenfree #breakfast #nothersdaybrunch

Mango Creamsicle Smoothie Bowls — sweet and sunshiny mango, bananas and oranges swirled with honeyed vanilla yogurt and topped with fresh fruit and plenty of crunch. The perfect breakfast. Oh heeyoooo friends. Just a quick pop-in today to direct you over to Kelly’s site for my latest #TeamNosh recipe: these Mango Creamsicle Smoothie Bowls, which would be perfect for any breakfast-in-bed’ing you’ve for planned for this Mother’s Day weekend. If you’ve ever had an acai bowl, imagine this Mango Creamsicle Smoothie Bowl as its less Brazilian but no less suntanned cousin. Totally beachy in vibe, and arguably even more tropical … Read More

The Lillet Spritz

Honey-Lime Watermelon Floats Gingered Mint Tea Sparkler Brown Sugar Blueberry Pie Shakes The Lillet Spritz   Print Prep time 5 mins Total time 5 mins   Light, refreshing and effortless, The Lillet Spritz is an instant, not-too-boozy classic for outdoor entertaining and springtime brunches. By: Emily Stoffel Makes: 1 serving Ingredients 3 parts Lillet Blanc or Lillet Rosé 3 parts tonic water, club soda or sparkling wine Instructions Build over 3-4 ice cubes and garnish with sliced cucumbers and strawberries. Enjoy! 3.4.3177 ————————————————– OH! before you go… Like whatcha see here — or have a question, feedback, or recipe hack … Read More

Gluten-Free Fattoush Salad with Za’atar Chickpea Crisps

Gluten-Free Fattoush Salad with Za'atar Chickpea Crisps recipe (via #vegetarian #greeksalad #mealplanning

Gluten-Free Fattoush Salad with Za’atar Chickpea Crisps — a hearty, vegetarian salad featuring crunchy gluten-free chickpea crackers and a lemon oregano dressing. Hi guys! We took a bit of a belated spring break last week to spend a few days skiing in the 70-degree sunshine, hot tubbing to our pruney toes’ content and bingeing reruns of Sex and the City (and, if we’re being honest, Naked and Afraid) like one can only do in the dim, guiltless light of a hotel room. The first two nights of our trip, Lana stayed with our parents, so we also embarked on a … Read More

10 Tips to Get Kids to Love Veggies

10 Tips to Get Kids to Love Veggies (via #mealideas #kidfood

10 Tips to Get Kids to Love Veggies – a short list of ideas for helping your kids to appreciate veggies — without any gimmicks or sneaky purees. We’ve all read the tips about how to trick your kiddos into eating their veggies. Processing them into smoothies or soups, hiding them in mac n’ “cheese” (Lana probably ate her weight in butternut squash “cheese” sauce in her first 18 months), slipping purees into muffins and, if it really comes down to it, succumbing to fruit + veggie juice blends. And it works for a reason: your kids don’t know they’re … Read More

My 3-Minute Working Lunch

My 3-Minute Working Lunch (via #desklunch #harvestbowl

This post is sponsored by Bonduelle Heat & Eat Harvest Bowl™. Find Bonduelle Harvest Bowls in the produce section of your local Safeway, and save with the Safeway Mobile App. Confession time: even though I do the majority of my work from home — and the majority of that said work revolves around fresh, homemade food — I still struggle with feeding myself properly on workdays. It’s not for lack of skill or desire (I clearly enjoy cooking, and I, like, really really enjoy eating). It’s for lack of time. Lana is currently in school for about 4 hours a … Read More