Gnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce (Vegan-Optional)

Gnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce — a super quick, weeknight meal that comes together in minutes thanks to store-bought gnocchi and a 5-minute romesco sauce made super savory with white miso and rice vinegar.

Gnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce (Vegan-Optional) via #lunchboxidea #mealplan #dinner
Hey guys! I’m in Sonoma this weekend, clinking glasses with high school friends as we celebrate one of our finest getting married. Bachelorette parties as a true blue adult, it turns out, can be quite posh — full of fancy picnic fixins, fine dining and nary a weiner in sight. Perfect.

In the meantime, the recipe for this Gnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce is new over on Kelly’s blog — my latest #TeamNosh contribution — and friends: it couldn’t be simpler or more delicious. This Gnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce is perfect for the back-to-school season because it comes together as a weeknight meal in maaaaaybe 15 minutes and it reheats like a dream for lunch the next day. Inexpensive, store-bought gnocchi (we used plain potato gnocchi, but sweet potato gnocchi would be awesome here, too) is bathed in a quick blender sauce of jarred roasted peppers, toasted almonds, smoked paprika, olive oil, garlic and parsley — with a hit of bright rice vinegar and mild, savory miso, because, well, it’s tasty as frick. Blend up the romesco sauce in 5 minutes flat while the pillowy dumplings get their Jacuzzi on in a pot ‘o watta and be amazed when they collide in creamy, vegan harmony. Not vegan, you say? Then I highly recommend a scattering of pecorino romano over the top. (A little fresh parm wouldn’t kill ya, either — just please none of the stuff in the green canister.)

Gnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce (Vegan-Optional) via #lunchboxidea #mealplan #dinner
We even whirled up a double batch of this romesco sauce and reserved half of it as a dip for crudites at the aforementioned fancy bachelorette picnic and it was a mega hit. (We also made up a version of Sarah’s gluten-free Hazelnut Dark Chocolate Brownies, accented with a cheesecake swirl, that were beyond tasty.)

Check out the full recipe over on Nosh & Nourish.
Happy weekend!

Gnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce (Vegan-Optional) via #lunchboxidea #mealplan #dinnerGnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce (Vegan-Optional) via #lunchboxidea #mealplan #dinnerGnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce (Vegan-Optional) via #lunchboxidea #mealplan #dinner

Like the sound of this Gnocchi with Easy Romesco Sauce?

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