In the Pigpen No. 3: Thirty Days of Thanks (continued, part 1)

Hmm, wondering now if I should have started a whole new Pigpen for this post. In the Pigpen No. 4? Or maybe 3.5? Oh well, we started in No. 3, we’ll continue in No. 3. And here we go.

30 Days of Thanks (Part 2 of 3, maybe?)

I am thankful for:

  • November 15: My grandparents. It didn’t dawn on me until recently that not everyone is as blessed as I’ve been when it comes to knowing one’s grandparents. I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing all my grandparents, both blood and step. Some have passed, although I can say with all honesty that I am reminded of them in one way or another several times a day. Some — thanks no doubt to plenty of red wine and fresh mountain air — seem to be aging in reverse, Benjamin Button style. All have been a big part of my life.
  • November 16: Good health. I’m fighting a cold this week, and despite my whining and wheezing, I’m thankful for the fact that that’s all I’m fighting. Knock on wood.
  • November 17: Tobin James wineGranted, my obsession is probably part nostalgia and part blatant CWP (California Wine Pride), but Tobin James honestly puts out some of the best big reds you can find. Anything with their James Gang (wine club) Reserve label is phenomenal and their Primitivo is the best we’ve tried, but even their Ballistic Zin is a delicious weekday wine at only $12.99 (available at NorCal Costco locations). And their tasting room in Paso Robles is just downright fun. Tastings are complimentary, the folks pouring are spirited and chatty and there’s usually some kind of country being churned out of the stereo. I feel privileged to live near Napa and Sonoma, but you can’t match the liveliness of Tobin James.
  • November 18: My passion for food. It’s genetic, no doubt, and it keeps me well fed and well-connected to everyone that is dear to me. Quite literally, food is love.
  • November 19: PinterestOk, really, I’m torn on this one, because it’s both a fountain of creativity and a huge time suck that consumes productivity like it’s brown-sugared bacon. On the one hand, a quick browse of my friends’ boards proves to me that, yes, I am completely behind when it comes to fashion, baking and crafting. Because apparently everyone and their brother just has loads of time to write cute things on chalkboards or make cute crap with grosgrain ribbon all while wearing cute shorts with high heels. On the other hand, I know that my future child will be born into a world rich with glittery nails, Mason jar everything and Oreo-crusted chicken wings. So I say it’s a win.
  • November 20: Quaker Instant Grits. More specifically, the Flavor Variety pack. Original, butter, cheddar cheese and bacon. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it. (Thanks Mom!)
  • November 21: My little car. Yes, in a perfect world, my car would run on renewable fuels. Or electricity. Or I wouldn’t have a car at all. (Can you say Vespa? I knew you could.) But I can’t deny how utterly reliable my little guy has been despite what I’ve put him through. Two cross-country moves, a fender bender and one nasty fight with a concrete parking lot block? He’s been such a good sport.
  • November 22: Trader Joe’s. Nearly all of my posts mention good ol’ TJ’s in one form or another. If you’re looking for more detailed product reviews — especially lots of seasonal items — check out What’s Good at Trader Joe’s or Club Trader Joe’s, two blogs that review and rate Trader Joe’s products using a 1-10 point system. The wine reviews on the latter haven’t steered me wrong, yet. And it’s always nice to know that TJ’s Cultured Coconut milk is more like a grey, metallic tasting jelly than a yogurt before really going for it. Bullet dodged.
  • November 23: Buddies. Together we eat, shop, laugh, cry, whine, swear, scream and squeal. We talk about poop. We recklessly judge strangers. And you enjoy (shuddup, yes you do) my puns. Thank you.
  • November 24: Mucinex. Also, lotiony Kleenex. (See November 16.)
  • November 25: South Park, Family Guy, the Chive and Tosh.0. If you know Chris, you know how hard it is to make him crack a serious smile. I swear, these little nuggets of idiocy are what keep that overloaded engineering brain of his in balance and are therefore creditable, at least in part, for the health of our home life. Niiiice.

So, how is your November going? Anyone else tracking Days of Thanks?

Season's greetings from The Pig & Quill!
Braised Pork Belly Tacos (my first Pigsgiving!)

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