(Almost Vegan) Caramelized Onion White Bean Dip

I had such good intentions for how I was going to spend today. With Chris off traipsing around with one of his two-wheeled concubines, my Saturday was slated to begin with an early morning run (thanks again to that birthday gift we discussed), a jaunt to the market, several late-morning hours of intensive literary study via young adult romance, and an afternoon in the kitchen working on this week’s recipes for you guys. And then something deliciously derailing happened. I slept in. (If you didn’t gather, this is a rare weekend occurrence likened only to something as epic as the … Read More

Smoky Dukkah Pesto – aka the ultimate umamdiment

Have we talked TV in a while? No? Let’s do.  *Flips hair and hunkers down Indian Style* Kay, so do you guys watch Smash? I’m getting caught up. I feel we have a little bit of a Love/Hate relationship, me and Smash. I just can’t tell if I love to hate it or hate that I love it. My point is this: Katherine McPhee is pretty phenomenal. Her voice is bananas. O-R-A-N-G-E-S. And she’s got this yogi bod that she looks so comfortable in. Oh, and JHuds? It’s like Idol minus the shimmery lipgloss and prescription-drugged judges. My only complaint … Read More

In the Pigpen No. 3: Thirty Days of Thanks (continued, part 1)

Hmm, wondering now if I should have started a whole new Pigpen for this post. In the Pigpen No. 4? Or maybe 3.5? Oh well, we started in No. 3, we’ll continue in No. 3. And here we go. 30 Days of Thanks (Part 2 of 3, maybe?) I am thankful for: November 15: My grandparents. It didn’t dawn on me until recently that not everyone is as blessed as I’ve been when it comes to knowing one’s grandparents. I’ve had the great pleasure of knowing all my grandparents, both blood and step. Some have passed, although I can say with … Read More

In the Pigpen No. 3: Thirty Days of Thanks (off to a slow start…)

A little different Pig Pen this round since I’m fresh off my Momma Weekend, and I’m feeling pretty good. So good, in fact, that I think I’ll join the 30 Days of Thanks bandwagon and give a quick rundown of what I’m especially appreciative of right up through this, the 14th day of November. I do this with two caveats: I’m hungry. And therefore distracted. Quality is questionable. I don’t promise that I’ll ever get to days 15 through 30. Without further ado. 30 Days of Thanks (Part 1 of…?) I am thankful for: November 1: My hubs. He’s top … Read More

Drowning in broth: ramen habit takes girl off deep end

Have we ever chatted about my complete obsession with ramen? Let’s do. I am thoroughly convinced that ramen might just be the perfect food. A complete, one-bowl meal that satisfies both belly and soul with its abundant but carefully curated inclusions: savory, glistening broth; toothsome, bouncy noodles; meltingly tender pork; fresh veggies; and in instances of pure ramen bliss — one perfectly soft-cooked egg. While I can’t begin to tell you how the ideal ramen egg comes into being, I could devote almost an entire post to my joy at consuming one. But I’ll leave that for another time. Here … Read More