The P&Q’s Cinco Cinco – and a Foodie App update

the p&q's Cinco Cinco - a quickie roundup of favorite Cinco de Mayo recipes // the pig & quillIt’s been decidedly lovely here lately, which has been a real treat for my farmer’s tan but balls bad for the Cinco roundup I was hoping to have posted earlier this week. Whoops. But I’ve enjoyed such a nice couple of days. Yesterday I strapped on my YOLO hat (I picture it as more of a slouchy beanie, really) and cruised North on Highway 1 to meet a couple of lady friends at Stinson Beach, where (I shit you not) a warm breeze kept us in nearly tropical company for the better part of a day, interrupted only by a few frigid dips into the Pacific and drippy cones of Straus Creamery mint chip. It was such a welcomed reason to leave the comfort of my couch. And Dawson, who — spoiler alert, or nostalgic reminder — makes it all the way to season FIVE with parted hair.

My days. And the ways I spend them.
Le sigh.

So, is it too late to talk Cinco since it’s already, uh, Dos? Let’s pretend not. Let’s pretend you’re playing things as fast and loose as I am and have nary a plan for your Cincobration, as of yet. To which I say, why not try one of: the Cinco Cinco?

1) The Best Tomato Salsa You Will Ever Eat. Classic.
the best tomato salsa you will ever eat (really!) and other Cinco de Mayo faves // the pig & quill2) Roasted Cauliflower Street Tacos. For veggers, meat-eaters, the whole gang.

roasted cauliflower street tacos and other Cinco de Mayo faves // the pig & quill3) Spicy Soyrizo & Black Bean Empanadas. Hand food is happy food.

spicy black bean and soyrizo empanadas and other Cinco de Mayo faves // the pig & quill4) Weeknight Homestyle Bison (or Beef) Enchiladas. Based on the mom-in-law’s heirloom recipe. Simple.

weeknight homestyle bison enchiladas and other Cinco de Mayo faves // the pig & quill5) Crispy Carnitas-Style Pork Belly & Spanish Rice. I mean, really.

crispy carnitas-style pork belly & spanish rice and other Cinco de Mayo faves // the pig & quill

Of course, you’ll be wanting to wash all of that down with something along the lines of the Jalapeño Watermelon Agua Fresca we talked about a few days ago. I’ve been chugging this stuff nonstop, and it’s stupid tasty. It’d probably be stupid tastier with a little shot of sum’n sum’n, too, if you’re feeling sassypants.

jalapeño watermelon agua fresca and other Cinco de Mayo faves // the pig & quill

So yeah, the Cinco Cinco. And with three days to spare, no less.
Maracas at the ready!!! Happy Cinco!

P.S. Some fun news! The latest edition of the Foodie iPhone/iPad app, Meatless Meals, is now available in the App Store. Download Foodie for FREE (or, if you’ve already got it, be sure to push the update) to browse these 40 new plant-based recipes from some of your favorite bloggers, including a couple of familiar P&Q faves. Yay!

the Foodie recipe app for iPhone and iPad - new recipe collections from popular bloggers published monthly -- FREE in the App Store // the pig & quill

UPDATE: This contest is now closed. Thanks to all who entered! P.P.S. Today is the LAST DAY to enter to win a Breakfast in Bed set from Q Squared NYC in our Luv Yo Momma Giveaway. Contest closes today (5/2/14) at 11:59pm Pacific. Enter here! Good luuuck!!!

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Jalapeño Watermelon Agua Fresca - a drinko for Cinco

2 Comments on “The P&Q’s Cinco Cinco – and a Foodie App update”

  1. Thanks for the round-up. I adore Mexican food, so maybe Cinco de Mayo is my favorite time of year (my favorite foodie holiday?!?) That salsa looks fab! And I’m really intrigued by that smoked olive oil; I have some smoked salt, but no smoked oil. Those cauliflower tacos look so good (and I love that they are veggie!); such pretty colors! Bwa ha ha, “hand food is happy food”! Love it! Another great veggie option. My husband would love those enchiladas & carnitas. Thanks so much for the round-up! MMMMMM,

    1. Happy to be of help, Debi. We’ve probably made those cauliflower tacos four times this month. They are ridiculously simple and so, SO satisfying. Even the meat-adoring hubs love them. (Of course, he also loves the carnitas…) And if you don’t have smoked olive oil, you could absolutely use smoked salt (though I might use plain instead of pickled jalapenos in that case, might end up too salty otherwise) — or even the teensiest dash of liquid smoke + a drizzle of good olive oil would probably get it done. Happy Cinco!

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