spicy pineapple + parsley salad with avocado + chilies

spicy pineapple salad with avocado and chilies | the pig & quill

spicy pineapple salad with avocado and chilies | the pig & quill
Greetings from Boston, friends! I just flew in from California and BOY are my arms tired.

Is that still a thing?

Seriously though, I’m but five hours off the plane and I can already admit to suffering from some serious jetlag. Except, it’s the kind of jetlag that hits you before you swap time zones. Before you boarded the plane. Alrite alrite, before you even checked for the third time that, yes, you packed your charger and yes, the garage door is closed – and wait, should I bring a scarf for the plane? you know how cold I get — aaaaand it’s time to get to the airport already.

So basically not at all jetlag and all the way a case of chronic distraction that somehow allowed me to completely space the fact that the internet is abuzz with witches’ brews and finger-shaped treats (sidebar: ew) and peeled grapey things that can only mean it’s Halloween week.

So while I should probably be posting Halloweeny (heh, weenie) treats to quell those sweet teeth of yours, instead I give you salad. Cue the violins… 

But thassokaaayyyouguyssssss! I have a feeling you’ll forgive me.
Because pretty.
*eyelash-batting emoji*

spicy pineapple salad with avocado and chilies | the pig & quill

See see see????

spicy pineapple salad with avocado and chilies | the pig & quill
See how prettaay??

I knew we’d be friends again.

Just when you thought everything was coming up squash (oh, just you wait — have I got squash for you), here I am with a salad that’ll have you convinced it’s Christmas in July. Or July in Christmas. Or July in Halloween.

Can you even be in Christmas and/or Halloween?
Cue the stripper name joke.

Oh shit, wait, we already cued the violins. Does someone have to tell those guys to stop?
(Seriously, it’s cool here now, dudes. We’re not sad anymore. Off you go to join the rest of your kind on Renee Zellweger’s eyelids’ doorstep.)
(They’ve had a rough go of it lately.)

Where were we? Ah, yes, July in the middle of whenever-this-is, because while at first this salad screams summah-summah-summahtime (summahtime), it’s actually chock full of lots of groovy goodies that are still popping up at my farmer’s market! Like basket upon basket of super sweet berries, buttery avos and big leafy herbs.

And can we talk about how festive this little lady would look on one of your holiday tables?
Suuuuuuurrrrr fuuuuurrrrrrsttttiiive.

So, see – it’s deceiving. A summer-esque salad that’s as seasonally appropriate now as it was then. I know, I’m pretty much a maker of magic. Unless, of course, you live in the brrrrrrrrr states. Then you should read the note in the recipe where I offer some tipsies for cold-weather swaps.

Ok, so I’ma go have myself a wicked good time exploring The Town (do you see what I’m doing here?) while you go off and make merry with this recipe.

Oh yes, and just in case my lack of ‘Ween spirit is bringing you down, here are some frands who clearly have their isht together:

  • Graham brought back Butterfinger BB’s and they’re only 3 ingredients! Cowabunga.
  • Steph is probably breaking the internet with her Totoro creations this week, including these little black sesame buggers.
  • This granola has fall written all over it, thank you very much Alana.
  • Apple cider creme fraiche caramels and husky batman voice over at Cynthia’s place!

I fink that’s it for now, doodsies. Happy Salad-ween, everyone!


p.s. If you’re reading this as an email subscriber, there’s a good chance you missed last week’s recipe for these Parmesan-Ricotta Spaghetti Squash Fritters (technical difficulties, sorry!). Check ‘em out!

p.p.s. I’d love any last-minute foodie recs for Boston, if you’ve got them!

Ok, bye for real now…

spicy pineapple salad with avocado and chilies | the pig & quill

spicy pineapple salad with avocado and chilies | the pig & quill
spicy pineapple salad with avocado and chilies | the pig & quill

spicy pineapple + parsley salad with avocado + chilies
Prep time
Total time
Makes: 4-6 servings
  • 1 pineapple (peeled, quartered, cored and thinly sliced)
  • small bunch flat-leaf parsley, stems removed, leaves roughly torn (several handfuls)
  • 1 pint (or so) strawberries, hulled and quartered
  • 1 pint (or so) raspberries
  • 2 avocados, cut into about ½” chunks
  • ¼ cup (4 T) good extra virgin olive oil
  • juice of 2 limes
  • crushed red chili flakes, to taste
  • coarse or flaked sea salt, to taste
  • freshly cracked black pepper, to taste
  1. Combine pineapple, strawberries, parsley, crushed red chili flakes (to taste — I begin with about ¼ tsp), olive oil and lime juice in a large bowl and toss thoroughly.
  2. Gently add in avocado and raspberries.
  3. Plate to shallow bowls. Just before serving, top with coarse or flaked sea salt, black pepper and additional chilies to taste. Enjoy!
This salad is a year-round stunner. Here in California, we’re spoiled by luscious avocados and fresh berries all 52 weeks — but in cooler climates, you can swap in more readily available citrus segments (navel oranges!), pomegranate seeds and chunks of English cucumber for a wintry treat that’s decidedly more mediterranean but equally eye-catching. Just consider scaling back the lime juice accordingly to account for the added citrus.
spicy pineapple salad with avocado and chilies | the pig & quill

 Oh hey, before you go…

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  1. i lol’d so many times in this post that i’m a little breathless right now 😀

    1. that salad!!! i want it NOW. screw ALL the pumpkin spice.
    2. jealous you live in california where you hoard the fresh stuff.
    3. i feel like we’ve met in real life and are totally blog bffs. when are you gonna invite me to staaaaaay?!?!!?

    1. Steph, do I even have to say that my door is always open? Because my door is always open. And even if it wasn’t, I’d most likely (most definitely) take it off its hinges to prevent any miscommunication re: how welcomed you are if ever you’re in the hood! Visit soon and we’ll eat all the in-season/out-of-season fruits and thangs! 🙂

    1. Thanks Alice! You know what they say about eating with your eyes first! Though who ‘they’ are, I have no idea… 😉

  2. So, first of all, I’m in love with this salad. It’s like you read my mind then created something from all the bits and pieces of my favorite things. So I’m going to go ahead and think that you made this for me. Also worth noting, I came from a place where it’s summer year round, so this salad didn’t even cross my mind as being a summer kinda thing. It’s just a wonderful, needs to be in my mouth, kinda thing.

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  5. I’m a new reader to your blog – found you through I Am a Food Blog and man, what a post to do it in. How I’ve food blogged for 3 years and not found your blog, well, shame on me and my little slice of the interwebs that I was self absorbed in because you, my new friend (I attach whether welcomed or not), are awesome! I actually LOL’ed throughout your post, which isn’t easy because I’m one of those people with a silent laugh most of the time, like I barely made any noise, but I gave a pretty hearty “HAHAHA” at one point and really bothered my cat, who’s sleeping (was sleeping) peacefully besides me.

    Oh, and your salad? Yeah, I would’ve stuck around just for that. Excited to read more and comment like a maniac!

    1. Hi Jennifer! So nice to ‘meet’ you — and so glad that you wandered this way! I’ve gotta give Steph BIG thanks for the ups last (and this!) week. She’s the bestest. (I like pretending we know each other in real life…) Silent laughers LingOL and disturbing their felines is maybe the biggest compliment ever. Can’t wait to see ya around. 🙂

  6. As a spoiled Californian with these yummy fruits within reach, I had to take full advantage of this recipe. Needless to say my mouth is satisfyingly torn up after devouring more than the lion’s share of this perfectly tart, earthy, nutty, acidy, sweet and spicy dream. I love CA and I don’t care who knows it!

    1. The mouth-hurting, ugh. But so worth it. Hells yeah for spoiled Californians! *highfives* Also, how much, exactly, is a lion’s share?

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