No-post Sunday – or – TJ’s Bacon Ends & Pieces

Wow, what happened to my lazy Sunday? I was all scheduled to have a recipe posted today, but between brunch in Sac with the in-laws, the drive home, errands, spontaneous fridge-freezer rearranging (I can’t lie; I LOVE reorganizing stuff) and watching Thor on Netflix, here I am. With no post. Or more accurately, a post but no edited-for-the-blog-world pictures. So basically, no post. Whaaa.

In lieu of the intended post, please enjoy this picture of Trader Joe’s Uncured Bacon Ends and Pieces, borrowed from The Food Yenta, which I strongly believe are one of the best bargains in the market and a sure favorite of omnivorous taste buds all around. More on my obsession later, but The Food Yenta uses these tender vittles for what sounds like sweet sin braised in beer…and served on a steamed bun with the holiest of Asian condiments, Hoisin sauce. Oooohhmami. How I am still spending time on this blog entry when bacon this tasty exists in the world is a mystery to me.

But the real topic at hand: how will these guys meet their end here at The Pig & Quill? Or, to put it another way:

Are these Ends and Pieces part of the belated recipe post aforementioned? Will you love them as much as the Yenta and I do? Or will Boris and Natasha finally catch Moose & Squirrel in unsuspecting circumstances?

Stay tuned next time to find out!

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10 Comments on “No-post Sunday – or – TJ’s Bacon Ends & Pieces”

    1. Meredith! It’s like the goddess of Bacon has found me. Seriously, aren’t these things amazing? I must say, your treatment is way, waaaay more swoon worthy than the recipe I’ll be posting later, where the bacon is not as lustrously starred, but these are still excellent eats!

      1. 🙂 Your making me blush. ha! I just love anything bacon, really I do. These are like little pieces of heaven. I can’t get enough of them. Looking forward to some cool crisp days so I can slow cook and come up with some more crazy bacon recipes.

    1. You must be referring to your soon-to-be award-winning chili. 😉 Love a little pig and beans. You’ll have to send me the recipe once you’ve won Gold!

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