Salted Pumpkin Caramel Cinnamon Toast Crunchies

Salted Pumpkin Caramel Cinnamon Toast Crunchies (via #dessert #fallbaking #sweets #virtualpumpkinparty

Hello hello! Quick one, today. In fact, I’m going to take exactly 30 seconds to tell you, via one extraordinarily long (though mostly grammatically correct) sentence, that tomorrow is the anniversary of my breast cancer diagnosis and that, if you asked me six months ago whether I’d give two shits about pumpkin treats come fall, I would have answered with a resounding “I’d give anything to give two shits about anything…” before retreating somberly back to bed — so I’m feeling particularly amp’d to report the biggest issues I faced this week concerned 1) ripping through The Handmaid’s Tale too quickly and 2) a toddler who refuses to wear shoes at the park. Grateful doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface. And now we can talk about pumpkin. Earlier this year, at Lana’s birthday party, I made the executive decision to set out rice krispie treats in lieu of cake. And then to swap said rice krispies out for cinnamon toast crunch — and I haven’t look back since. Why this idea never crossed my mind before, I’ll never know. It’s no big secret that CTC is the most favorable dry-snacking cereal ever (ok, super closely tied with PB Crunch, … Read More

pumpkin pie milkshakes with pumpkin spice caramel and maple whip (df)

Let me first address the obvious here, because I bet someone out there is just itching to say it: a milkshake without dairy is not a true milkshake. I know this is the popular opinion, and even in my own heart, I know it to be true. But there’s something to be said for getting really, really, really close. And then taking some titular liberties. Ha. Titular. If you’ve been around this blog for any part of the autumn season before, you know it becomes kind of a squash and pumpkin show. I mean, I wouldn’t say I’m the biggest pumpkin (or even pumpkin spice) fiend out there, but when the leaves do their thing and the air crisps up and Trader Joe’s starts cramming pumpkin into damn near everything and only succeeding at about half the things but still suckering you into buying pretty much all.of.them.hello.pumpkin.bagels.yes., you can’t help but become at least a little bit of a bandwagon fan. If only for the fact that pumpkin season is really just the first gastronomic clue that turkey-pie-and-cookie season is ever near. And I’m really keen on turkey-pie-and-cookie season. We’re reading that as three things, right? Because while I do love me some … Read More

Iced Pumpkin Spice Lattes (vegan & gluten-free)

Ohhhhh look, we’re back to Pumpkin Hoarding 101. Today’s lesson: put a straw in it! I’m not even going to pretend that there’s anything original about this recipe for Pumpkin Spice Lattes. Uuuurbody knows that, come October, Starbeezy’s put’s the ol’ “It’s baaaaack!” sandwich board out on the sidewalk and the ‘Bucksnuts start raging. It’s become a downright frenzy. There are websites that count down the days to holiday beverage season. And let’s just be frank about it, people. The marketer in me is pumpkin with envy. But instead of dissecting the marketing genius that is the Pumpkin Spice Latte (I mean seriously, can you imagine the mils some fool is raking in offa that shi?), let’s just cut right to the chase and dissect the latte, itself, okie dokes? So much easier. Way less nerdy. And since this rendition is so freekin’ simple, we can deliver the punchline (that’s the part where you get to sippin’), like, yesterday. Let’s take this bad boy apart! 1) You got your unsweetened vanilla almond milk. Dairy-free makes lactards smile. Yay! Make your own and be an even bigger rockstar. 2) Cinnamon. (Spice. Duh.) 3) Maple syrup. Just a bit, because it’s so earthy, … Read More

Simple Pumpkin Spice Dip

Did I mention I’ve been hoarding pumpkin like it’s the apocalypse? Or maybe Armageddon? If it is Armageddon, I really hope Chris knows to do the whole animal-cookies-on-the-tummy act before we become fiery stardust. I’d be so smitten. Anyway, I’ve been hoarding pumpkin. Like, I maybe made a small scale model of Hearst Castle out of pumpkin cans in my living room. I might be sitting in said castle right this minute, wondering exactly what I can use to duplicate the gold leaf in the swimming pool. The swimming pool may or may not be a Pyrex baking dish. The Hearsts were really more into wading, anyway. Where was I? Yes, hoarding. But even when you’ve got a habit like mine, you find yourself with a stray cup of pumpkin here and there. Maybe you’ve just made a wicked pot of pumpkin polenta and you’ve got half a can’s worth sitting in the fridge, daring you to make the world’s smallest pie. Fortunately, this quick dip isn’t all that far off. And it’s embarrassingly easy, you guys. Like, three (ok, four) ingredients, one pan, maaaaaaaybe 10 mins. With fresh apples or salty pretzel sticks or little fondue-style cubes of cheesecake, it’s … Read More