five spice + curried sweet corn soup

A warm and cozy winter soup with a hint of spring. #Glutenfree with #vegan mods. Find the full recipe at

Two years ago I gave up soda and factory farmed fast-food for the New Year, and they both stuck. Aside from hippie, home-brewed ginger beer and the like, nary a pop has crossed these lips. Nor a Double Double (thank god for In n’ Out’s grilled cheese is all I have to say about that…). Or a chicken nugget. Okokok, there may have been a little c-nug situation this one time at the Denver Airport because cravings and short layovers and crippled self-control, but I sweaaaars to you, that was it. I also swear I’m not (nor was I ever) … Read More

Weeknight Homestyle Bison (or Beef) Enchiladas

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? (Can you believe how many posts I’ve probably kicked off with “can you believe it’s {Insert Time Frame Here}?” It’s hard to be original. Hurts my bwain.) As we really tuck into this ‘ere eleventh month in 2013, I thought now might be a decent time to start recounting the foodie resolutions I made way back in January. You know, back before middle aging, bi-coastal smorgasbording and pumpkin hoarding became the norm. In that rare moment of calm and restraint when I used the word “totes,” like, maybe once every other post. Or, … Read More

New Year’s Resolutions: Am I really taking a bacation?

So yesterday I kind of hinted at something. Or maybe admission of not having bacon in my refrigerator is more than a hint. The hubs and I are going healthy. Ish. Nothing drastic, people, don’t worry. No one is sick or dying or pregnant. We just want to challenge ourselves to put higher-nutrition content into our bodies, and maybe detox a little from the onslaught of rich and delicious feasting we took part in over the holidays. The sauces, the desserts, the roasts — it was seventh heaven, minus Jessica Biel. Her bod, by the way. My goodness. To provide a little … Read More