New Year’s Resolutions: Am I really taking a bacation?

So yesterday I kind of hinted at something. Or maybe admission of not having bacon in my refrigerator is more than a hint.

The hubs and I are going healthy. Ish.

Nothing drastic, people, don’t worry. No one is sick or dying or pregnant. We just want to challenge ourselves to put higher-nutrition content into our bodies, and maybe detox a little from the onslaught of rich and delicious feasting we took part in over the holidays. The sauces, the desserts, the roasts — it was seventh heaven, minus Jessica Biel. Her bod, by the way. My goodness.

CleanTo provide a little background, for the past two years, shortly after the New Year, Chris and I have participated in The Clean Program. It’s basically a whole foods-based, super nutrient-rich, three-week-long diet that’s free of caffeine, gluten, dairy, soy and even some plant-based foods that can be hard on the human body, like nightshades (tomatoes, peppers, eggplants) and certain citrus fruits. It’s a great program in that you can choose to purchase the pricey shake supplement and vitamins from the website — or you can follow the recommendations of the book and prepare almost everything at home with ingredients purchased at the grocery store, plus a few added items from Whole Foods or a natural foods grocer. It’s not inexpensive — you’re buying lots of organic produce; lean and organic meats (or game meats); nutrient-rich nuts, seeds and fruits; and dairy alternatives that are more often than not a little more expensive than dairy. It’s a commitment to be sure. But it drives out toxins, resets your innards and helps the body remember “how to heal itself.”

It’s also kind of a kick in the pants, if I’m being honest. On the cleanse, breakfast and dinner are essentially liquid meals. A soup, a smoothie, a juice. It’s all in the book. Which leaves lunch as your true blue “meal” of the day — and the recipes are honestly awesome. Totally friggin’ delicious. The problem? That’s just not enough chewing for me. The act of eating probably satiates me far more than the food, so when it comes to that part, The Clean Program has me completely challenged. The first year we did it, I experienced nightmares that had me sobbing uncontrollably, and by Day 3 or 4, the headaches and cravings had me and Chris almost coming to blows. We. Were. MOODY. At one point in the cleanse, I became so surly while trying to give my friend Jake driving directions that he looked me square in the eye and demanded, “OH MY GOD, EAT SOMETHING.”

So this year, even though The Clean Program does, indeed, do what it claims to do (holy jeebus, the first year Chris lost 20 lbs. He does not have 20 lbs to lose!), we’re going to do something slightly less severe and just attempt to alter our diet for the better year-round.

I suppose, in resolution terms, this means the following…

2013 Resolutions (Food & Diet):

  • Consume fewer refined sugars/carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, caffeinated beverages and conventionally farmed meats
  • Consume more whole grains, organic produce, wild and sustainably harvested seafood, humanely raised meats and all that good stuff
  • Drink more water!!

Now, does this mean I won’t be stuffing my face with cakes, pork buns, noodle soups, Rockstar and KFC? No. But I’ll be trying to take that whole “all things in moderation” saying that I drop into conversation so frequently a little more seriously. And I’ll be more choosy when it comes to what is, and is not, worth the splurge. We did just get a Nespresso machine, so…

And! You’ll be happy to know (or care not) that my 2013 Resolutions don’t stop there! I’ve also put together a small list of non food-related ambitions that I hope to stick with, such as…

2013 Resolutions (Bring on the Happiness!):

  • Run 10 miles.
  • Improve my food photography (i.e. actually use the DSLR).
  • Play a more active role in the blogging community. There are so many brilliant and entertaining folks out there to learn from! No more sitting back and watching…
  • Read everything on the Forever Young Adult Best of 2012 List. Plus all the books (yes, mostly young adult but some grown up stuff, too) that I meant to read in 2012. Judge all you like. The ladies at FYA are charming as sh*t and can write circles around all that book club crap. I trust them completely.

So that’s what’s on my ticker — and what’s not going down the hatch assuming any portion of this healthy eating kick sticks around. Will bacon make a comeback? Definitely, and most certainly within the next week. This is, after all, The Pig & Quill…

What are your resolutions for 2013?

(SIDEBAR: If any of the above made you interested in The Clean Program, there’s a great online manual that gives you the jist here. Just keep in mind that this manual refers to the shake powders and nutritional supplements sold through the website, but you can also do Clean using mostly grocery items found in the recipes within the book.)

Recipe: Curried carrot soup w/ Greek yogurt & toasted walnuts
Recipe: Black bean, kale & farro soup with smoked olive oil (no bacon! whaaaat?)

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    1. Atta girl! Trying to take it to the next level (although I’m still only strict on weekdays with a little slacking allowed on weekends. Like for the Scotchmallow I’m chowing on now…)

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