Power Pie Smoothie (aka Jetpack in a Glass, kah-blammo!)

Earlier this summer I turned 30. I think we talked about it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I promised you at least a post or two recapping all the celebrating (read: championship face-stuffing) we did in New York. This. IsNotOneOfThosePosts. No, sadly for you, this post is a little whinier. Don’t act surprised. Or maybe do act surprised. (Whining, who me?) The bottom line is this: I am now the glorious age of 30, and for my thirtieth birthday — and with my own crazy-lady blessing — I have been gifted with… …a half-marathon. W-T-F you G-U-Ys. How did I … Read More

Squat Party Misnomers and Loving Thyself

Wanna know how I’m feeling today? Oof. That’s how. Yesterday one of my work buddies (we’ll call her Kat, as that’s her name and she’s likely to make an appearance here from time to time) and I attended a “Squat Party” — or at least that’s what the Nike Training app calls the 30-minute workout that we attempted. Let me tell you something, Nike. If you’re going to call something a party, there had damn well better be cocktails and petit fours. Or at least PBR and little hot dogs on sticks. Calling what most people would refer to as … Read More

Ruining, running and weekends gone awry

Sometimes things just don’t work out. You have the best of intentions, you really do, but things just get detoured or ruined. Or cancelled. Down the crapper. It happens. And that was my weekend last weekend. Ok, that makes it sound perhaps a bit more dramatic than necessary. In truth, my “weekend awry” was just a couple of, what some would call, typical “hashtag-first-world-problems,” to be sure. No one died. The house is still standing. It’s not like I scorched the crap out of an entire pound of perfectly good bacon. Except for that last one, which I totally did. … Read More

My running story

Hi friends. This Sunday, having completed one of the longest (if not the fastest) runs in my short career as a wannabe jogger, I thought I’d take a break from food for a moment to talk about something that is so closely associated with food, sad as it may be: fitness. More specifically, I know there are thousands of foodies out there (granted, they probably don’t read The Pig & Quill!) who swear just as much by their fitness regimen as they do their vast culinary prowess — and the thing is, I am not one of them. Or at least … Read More

In the Pigpen No.1: Bacos, badonkadonks & bomb-diggity bread

Happy Friday, world! Lots in the hopper here at the P&Q and no real rhyme or reason (yet) as to how I will manage the queue. Fellow bloggers, please tell me: how do you do it? Enter my attempted solution, the Pigpen: a mini-roundup of the promised miscellany that’s been bouncing around in the ol’ cabesa but hasn’t quite achieved solo-post status. We’ll see how far we get with this… 1) My random nostalgic love of: Bacos. Why is it that foodies almost always have a nostalgic obsession with packaged foodstuffs that attempt to closely approximate meat? For my husband, it’s … Read More