grain-free mini persimmon spice cakes (+ eggnog parfaits)

Two recipes in one! Perfect little giftable cakes and festive parfaits perfect for the holidays. Full recipe at #grainfree #holidays #recipe #baking #christmas #newyears #eggnog

It’s Christmas Eve! Around here, that means prepping for the in-laws’ annual tamale feast and perhaps the most competitive pirate’s gift exchange that ever was. Our particular version features plenty of red wine and tequila and a particularly obscene vase that makes a comeback every year. It’s a raucous good time and one of those small things I know we’ll enjoy savoring in its current glory before things like an unfortunate floral receptacle that seriously resembles a vagina and nothing else takes a backseat to our inevitably lovely little piglet. How well do you feel like you know my family right know? I’m … Read More

Holiday Gift List and Friday Links 12.05.14

My fave giftables (foodie and otherwise!) for Holiday 2014 -- Links and descriptions at #holiday #giftguide #christmas #gifts

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s having a lovely Friday. With Christmas just around the bendarino, I thought I’d sneak in a quickie post today to highlight some of my fave giftables this season. Some of them are foodie; some of them are just things I want ever so badly (or currently use with great enthusiasm). Also, Chris is bro’ing out tonight, so I’m eating Oh!s for dinner and watching Nicholas Sparks movies and attempting to pass both of those things off as working by doing uh, this. I’m pretty much killing it dead. ONE. Color block everything! I fell in love with a … Read More

Veggie Joe Sliders (totally vegan-able!)

It’s been a while. I don’t even know where to begin. Should we start with the whole I’ve been sick excuse? I already pulled that one a few months back? Oh. Damn. How about these holidays be craycray? More relevant? Phew. Now we can get onto the good stuff. Have you guys finished your Christmas shopping? Have you baked, like, a smack-ton of cookies all stacked pretty-like in cellophane bags and tied up with variegated twine? Have you totally out-Elf-Shelf’d the crap out of your neighbors yet? (I swear, about 93% of any enthusiasm I have for being a parent … Read More

Merry Christmas & Happy Fooding!

(Update: Now posting 1 day late due to interruption by even more food. Ah, the life of a professional glutton…) Happy Christmas, blog buddies! As I am staring down a breakfast of tasty Christmas Eve leftovers, I will keep this swift but certainly wanted to express my extreme joy and gratitude for all the love and support The Pig & Quill has received from family and friends this year. It’s been an incredibly rewarding challenge bringing a little slice of our foodie adventures to the world, so big thanks to my loving family, my good-sport friends and my new little … Read More

Season’s greetings from The Pig & Quill!

Who’s ready for another post about Ohio! I think I heard about three of you say “Maybe,” so I’ma roll with it. This one will be short. With the Thanksgiving holiday officially behind us — and having already heard my favorite song of the season not once but thrice, it’s very nearly fair game to declare that Christmas is upon us. Oy. Where the frick did 2012 go? But as some would say, it’s here, spread the cheer (get used to it?). So in celebration of things, let me be the very first to wish you a Merry Christmas via the … Read More