Holiday Gift List and Friday Links 12.05.14

My fave giftables (foodie and otherwise!) for Holiday 2014 -- Links and descriptions at #holiday #giftguide #christmas #gifts

Hey guys! Hope everyone’s having a lovely Friday. With Christmas just around the bendarino, I thought I’d sneak in a quickie post today to highlight some of my fave giftables this season. Some of them are foodie; some of them are just things I want ever so badly (or currently use with great enthusiasm). Also, Chris is bro’ing out tonight, so I’m eating Oh!s for dinner and watching Nicholas Sparks movies and attempting to pass both of those things off as working by doing uh, this. I’m pretty much killing it dead.

My fave giftables (foodie and otherwise!) for Holiday 2014  -- Links and descriptions at #holiday #giftguide #christmas #gifts
ONE. Color block everything! I fell in love with a similar coat (on a woman’s body) when we were in Spain and didn’t have the guts (or the Catalan-Spanglish skills) to ask about it. // TWO. Super similar to a couple of vintage pieces I lucked out and inherited from my grandpa (via my mom). Love that heirloomy-looking wood handle. // THREE. We use these double-walled glasses on the daily to keep our fancy, home-brewed coffee drinks hotter ‘an hot. // FOUR. Everyday earrings with just enough dazzle — and they’re a steal! // FIVE. For literally everyone you know who even remotely likes to cook. // SIX. Because I’m, like, 4 years old. And because yes, that $10 bottle of wine totally counts as a hostess gift if it’s dressed for the occasion. // SEVEN. I mean, if the wine gets a scarf… (also: holiday plaid makes me happy!!) // EIGHT. Completely obsessed with all things winter-slash-pine-scented — and bonus: the cute fluted bowl can be reused for trinkets and jewelry. // NINE. Story of my life. P.S. How hip is the way I’m numbering this list? // TEN. You can take the girl out of Ohio…a.k.a. the best artisan ice cream you will ever eat, ever. // ELEVEN. I can’t resist a dude in a vest. This one is functional and fashiony and ever-so-slightly retro without being overly hip or furry or any of that silly stuff.

Friday links!

Since I’ve also used my solo evening to give the interwebs a good scour, now seems like a good a time to throw in a few Friday Links. Maybe I’ll even make a regular habit of it! But probably not. 😉


  • Painting doll faces to look more like Katniss. (This one took me waaaaay down the rabbit hole.)
  • Get the sitter ready, I know what I’m doing on June 12th!! (Yes, I’m posting it AGAIN.)
  • I shared Jayden’s post about why she lets her kids eat junk food on FB a while back with varied reactions. Your thoughts?
  • Not sure which I love more: Jimmy Fallon’s holiday take on pop songs, or the dress Rashida Jones is wearing to back him up.
  • Just a little obsessed with stalking Emily’s pregnancy style — and, likely, ripping off a budget version of it for myself down the road!


  • Not sure how I, The Ramen-Obsessed, missed this one, but MY GOD, TIEGHAN.  I’ll take all the bowls.
  • Alana is banging out 12 Days of (gorgeous) Cookies!!! So far, these peanutty bad boys have my vote.
  • This korean beef + rice + kimchi’d pickly things = all I want for Christmas.
  • I am obsessed with Steph and Steph is obsessed with grilled cheese (yay, roundup!) and all is right with the world.
  • I dare you to find something more holiday-hip than these ridiculously adorable gingerbread terrariums. <3
  • Fried oysters should probably be on every single salad.
  • Love this roundup of recipes to use up leftover cream. Oh haaaaaay, homemade ricotta.


p.s. — The header pic is San Sebastian being crazy beautiful in the fall. Yay, Spain!


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two-potato latkes with smoky eggplant relish, spiced persimmon-apple sauce + sour cream
duck fat-roasted potato + wilted kale salad with miso-mustard dressing (gluten-free)

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    1. Whoa, I had not seen that, Christi! Part of me feels like that’s kind of just ridiculous for the sake of ridiculous — and of course part of me feels a distinct urge to get one in my belly!

  1. oh hai!!!!!! thanks for the link love, love! and for including easy gourmet *blush*

    i’m really loving the pants or nah tank….hahahahah a very serious question, most days 😉

    hope you’re doing well!!!

    1. No prob Bob Steph! And I wasn’t joking when I said story of my life on that Pants or Nah top. It’s not even a matter of real pants versus jammy these pants, these days — but more of a “pants at all?” predicament. Real life. It’s a doozy!! 🙂

  2. EM! Thank you for the link love and I LOVED the weekly round up, which I totally think should become a regular thing! And YAY for Steph’s book–it should be on every gift giving guide because it’s that awesome. Also, thanks for sharing that Jimmy/Rashida skit. DYING.

    1. No YOU’RE the best. I mean, I love YOU more. I mean, YOU hang up. Ok, I’m hanging up. Hello? Were you ever there? (Sorry…) <3 <3

    1. Of course, of course (I think that’s supposed to be preceded by something involving a horse), Molly! Maybe I should get the coat, and you already have the pan, and we can do a shared custody situation where we swapsies every few weeks? Sisterhood of the traveling…pans? 😉 Nyuck.

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