Hoisin-Grilled Eggplant + Avocado Bánh Mì

Hoisin-Grilled Eggplant + Avocado Bánh Mì (via thepigandquill.com) #vegetarian

First off, a moment of gratitude for your unwavering acceptance of my unconventional post yesterday. In a world that keeps insisting it’s reached its quota of hope, you make me happy to be human. Ok, on with the show.

Hoisin-Grilled Eggplant + Avocado Bánh Mì (via thepigandquill.com) #vegetarian
I’m just going to start this off by saying how disappointed I am that the eggplant emoji has taken the dirtiest of turns. Seriously, all I wanted to do the whole time I was teasing this post on social media was string together about a billion heart and hearty-eye emojis with the eggplant emoji, backwards and forwards and backwards again. But I can’t do that, now can I? Not without the whole world thinking I’m in love with getting diddled every which way. So thanks, wang lovers, for mucking that up for me. What a bag of dix.

get it?

Let’s talk about this bánh mì.

Hoisin-Grilled Eggplant + Avocado Bánh Mì (via thepigandquill.com) #vegetarianIt’s simple. It’s summery. Salty and sweet. Crunchy and creamy. Warm and cool. A veritable juxtaposition of all the typical food adjectives that are, uh, juxtaposable. And the eggplant. The Eggplant. I know there are some of you out there who have completely written off eggplant as a bland, or maybe even itchy (more on that here), nightshade of questionable character. And I won’t promise I can persuade you differently with but one not-even-that-original recipe. But try these two words on for size:


Oh shit. Feels nice, right?
Sticky-sweet, saucy and smokin’ hot?
Maybe it’s time for that eggplant emoji after all. 😉

You can find the recipe for these most-summery sammies (and even more eggplant musings!) in my contribution to Hither & Thither’s In Season column today.
Happy Tuesday, kiddos.


ps – Oh snap, I’m finally snapping! Behind the scenes stuffs, naptime confessions, sneak peeks of rad GIFs like thatta one down thurrrr ↓, yay! Check me out: @thepigandquill.

Hoisin-Grilled Eggplant + Avocado Bánh Mì (via thepigandquill.com) #vegetarian

Hoisin-Grilled Eggplant + Avocado Bánh Mì (via thepigandquill.com) #vegetarian

Oh, um, you’re still here. Hi. I know this is where the recipe usually goes, but today’s it’s over on Hither + Thither. See ya there!


OH! before you go…

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18 Comments on “Hoisin-Grilled Eggplant + Avocado Bánh Mì”

  1. oh, the emoji strug. i’m working on something eggplant-related this week and started thinking about social media, and was like crap, guess i can’t use the eggplant emoji. sigh. though if we did use it, we might get a new/different audience looking at it lol

    1. I know, there’s a dinky part of me that wants to use it just to appeal to said crowd. But then…schlongs. Mehbeh not.

  2. We’ve gotta take the eggplant emoji back! And hey, frisky people get hungry too, right? Probably more than the rest of us, too 😉 haha, I feel a little dirty now. But it’s been years (!!) since I’ve had hoisin anything. I need to change this immediately.

    1. I thought you were going to say it’s been years (!!) since you’ve had…eggplant. 😉 But yes, bring that hoisin hiatus to a halt, STAT!

  3. Wait – I had no idea the eggplant emoji was such a slut! You are so much more hip than I. Especially because you have these freakin’ sandos – I want more of this eggplant in my life plz.

  4. HAHAHA!! I’m dying because Gina actually made a similar reference, when I posted a photo of one of my Japanese eggplants and over-used the corresponding emoji! But I’m with you on loving that particular kind of eggplant more than the seedier, larger versions. But hey, everyone’s different! I’m sure others prefer seedier, larger types. …. I’m seriously digressing here! 😉

    1. OH THAT GINA. I could have told you she’d call you out on that. And it’s not our fault it’s gotten so dirty! There are SO MANY OTHER EMOJIS. Like the banana. Or the rocketship. Or even the little flexing arm. C’mon, guys. And I’m sure others DO prefer seedier, larger types — and to those people I say, whatever floats yer boat! 😉

  5. Hahaha I know it’s the worst, we can never ever use the eggplant emoji. And your banh mi version looks amazing, I love the sound of hoisin glazed eggplant next to creamy avocado – in baguette, because fresh toasty bread makes everything better, right?! Lovely post and feel free to post as many unconventional posts as you like – the world needs unconventional people 🙂 x

    1. Absolutely, fresh toasty bread — with just the hoisin sauce and the mayo? I could call that a sandwich. But with the eggplant and avo it’s extra good. And THANK YOU. We oddballs keep things interesting. 🙂

  6. The the first story link to hitherandthither.com is broken.

    Otherwise FANTASTIC! recipe, very vibrant….being addicted to Bahn Mi sandwiches, I’ll definitely make it.

    1. Hi hi, thank you for the heads up! I edited the link. 🙂 And I hope you do make it. We’ve been eating them on repeat around here!

  7. Okay okay I’m late to the party but HOLY EFF these sound incredible. Showed to the bf and we’re both dying to try it out. Going to definitely make the pickled veg and put it on allllll the things.

    1. Yay! Yes, the pickled veggies are so simple. Would be really tasty with traditional daikon, too! 🙂 Enjoy, guys!

  8. Baked me up some fresh baguettes and made the recipe two ways (toasted, then untoasted with thinly sliced jalapeno). I confess that toasted was tastier but i like the added punch of the jalapeno. The meal made my day :). Working on Vietnamese recipes now and then will work on char siu bao and homemade noodles. keep writing.

    1. Hey, no one likes an overachiever! Kidding, of course. The added jalapeno sounds awesome. I usually love them on my banh mi, too. Good going, yo!

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