fried hot dog + egg sammies with sriracha + shoyu mayo

a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl

a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl
I don’t think I’ve expressed it here before, but I love hot dogs. And it’s not even the Weirdo Preggers Em talking. Just Weirdo Normal Em. (*waves*) We (me and hot dogs) should totally sit in a tree and make out super hard.

I <3 them in macaroni + cheese. On top of instant ramen. Smashed into a sandwich with a slice of melting American cheese, or dressed up for the street in bacon, mayo and fajita veggies. Shit is legit tasty.

I like ’em best with a snappy skin. (Detour: the Weiner Circle in Chicago boasts the snappiest dogs and even snappier staff and only kinda sounds like it was named after a fraternity hazing ritual. GO THERE.) At home, in its simplest form, I like my dog sliced in little circles and tumbled over a bowl of rice or tucked whole into a softened white bun with ketchup only. Because mustard is mustarded.

During football season, which packs very little thrill for someone as apathetic about, um, ball sports as yours truly, hot dogs are the equivalent of the Chair Outside the Dressing Room. Like, I don’t really want to go watch the game and pretend I knew that the yellow line doesn’t actually exist, but I’m gonna humor the idea. And at least they’ll probably have Hot Dogs. Also: dips. Dips can be very convincing. But that’s another post.

a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl
These hot dog sammies have been bouncing around in my head for at least six months, but I only recently broke down and bought a pack (or three) of nitrate-free doggies so I could indulge my fantasy despite my current state. And you guys. They are so worth the splurge. So, so very satisfying. So everything I love about hot dogs combined with everything I love about…everything else.

For the seven people that looked at this post and immediately thought “YES!” — I’m pretty sure I love you. You dandy, kindred spirits understand that very little explanation is required to convey the clear as day deliciousness of these cracked out stacks. Hawaiian bread, good. Hot dogs, good. Eggs, duh. Mayo-eee dressing dribbled over a tangle of super finely shredded lettuce? Super duper good. (Yay veggies!!)

The rest of you will just have to trust me.  😉

a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl
I’m nearly certain that the only way this could perhaps be improved upon is with the addition (and/or substitution) of SPAM, which might just trump hot diggities as my processed meat product of preference. I’d have checked that box myself, in fact, but nitrates are kind of a bitch. So, skip.

In either case, I’m prepared to guarantee that these goofy little guys are about a schmillion times more interesting than typical game day offerings — and they make pretty exceptional brunch or lunch fare, too.
Also breakfast.
Also dinner.
Also any time a hot dog sounds even remotely good.
Which is all the time.


a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl

a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl

a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl

a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl

fried hot dog + egg sammies with sriracha + shoyu mayo
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Makes: 2 open-faced sandwiches
  • 4 nitrate-free hot dogs (we love these guys)
  • 2 slices Hawaiian bread
  • 2 large eggs
  • ¼ cup good mayo
  • 2 tsp low-sodium soy sauce
  • 2 tsp water
  • 2 handfuls finely shredded romaine
  • butter
  • sesame oil
  • sriracha + furikake, for serving
  1. Combine mayo, soy sauce and water in a small bowl. Set aside.
  2. Heat a griddle over medium flame. Lightly butter Hawaiian bread and griddle until lightly marked. Reserve to plates. Top with lettuce and a drizzle of mayo mixture.
  3. Add a little sesame oil to the pan. Split hot dogs lengthwise and fry, cut-side down, until crisp. Flip 'em and crisp up the second side. (A bacon press helps prevent them from curling up!) Allow to cool slightly before layering over lettuce, two per serving.
  4. In the same pan, fry eggs to your liking. I like using a fork to lightly scramble the remaining hot-doggyness from the pan into the whites, but maybe that's weird?
  5. Top sammies with fried eggs, another drizzle of mayo, and sriracha and furikake to taste. Enjoy!
a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl


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30 Comments on “fried hot dog + egg sammies with sriracha + shoyu mayo”

  1. When I was a kid, i’d stick a hot dog in pancake batter (aunt jemima, add water only kind) and deep fry golden brown and delicious.
    Hotdogs and eggs are perfect together, this is a good looking sandwich, will probably make it this weekend!

    1. I love that idea, June! Like a pig-in-a-blanket meets corndog, which sounds pretty darn spectacular. I might just have to give that a try, myself, some time soon!

  2. This looks so wonderfully decadent. I feel like you could pretty much sub in any processed pork product you want for the hot dog, but I’m thinking that ham specifically would be really good.

    1. Totally, Brian — any pork product goes. Bacon. Ham. FRIED BOLOGNA. Whatever leftovers you might have laying around. It’s a beautiful thing! 🙂

  3. This post is everything! I can’t believe you through a Weiner Circle reference out there! I loooooooved that place during my Chicago years. When I went back for my bachelorette, my gang and I ended up there at 3AM chowing down on some cheese fries (my personal favorite). Love!

    1. Oh man, the Weiner Circle is where it’s at, Whit! I couldn’t let a hot dog post slip by without at least a small mention. Those snappy little dogs — and the feisty ladies that work the window — it’s all such an experience. I love that you partied there post-bachelorette. Sounds the perfect nightcap! (Cheese fries — yes please!!)

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  5. I am SO glad that someone out there shares my affinity for hot dogs. I mean, really, HOT DOGS. I get excited just thinking about these ground up meat parts from God knows what part of the animal. THRILLING. We have a hot dog restaurant here in Tampa that’s a staple, serving up the best Chicago hot dog south of, well, Chicago. That snap, that poppy seed bun, I die and go to heaven every time.

    Very much looking forward to making this sammie. Think it’ll be my breakfast tomorrow morning. Because starting your day with a hot dog is genius.

    1. I share it, Jennifer — it’s MEEEE! (*Raises hand wildly*) I’m not the biggest fan of the mystery element, but there are so many tasty options available now that are decidedly less questionably processed — though it’s still totally log-shaped meat, so there’s no pretending it’s natural. That Tampa dog sounds the best. Sadly, I think I’ve got to wait until I’m post-pregs to get the full satisfaction of the snap (haven’t yet found a snappy nitrate-free version), but I’m very much making do. Hope your breakie was all you imagined! <3

  6. I thought I already loved your fun blog and that was the most I could give, but I thought wrong!!!! I LOVE everything about this dog AND I can totally love your blog even MORE!!!!


    1. Awh, you are too sweet, Pang. I’m so glad my affection (our mutual affection?) for hot dogs was able to bring us that much closer!

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  10. Shoyu sugar hot dogs are my thing. Rice, furikake, and those bad boys make me a very happy lady. Throw an egg on it and, well, I don’t know but that just makes them next level. I LOVE this hot dog egg sammy you’ve got going. Also, hot dogs on all things forever and ever!!

    1. Yes to shoyu-sugar hot dogs! Pretty much the spam treatment but with hot dogs…perfection. I feel like we should definitely be eating together more often…

    1. And a middleish-aged pregnant lady, it seems! Though in all reality, this is absolutely something I would have devoured pre- (and I’m sure will devour post-) pregnancy! Thanks Ross. 🙂

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    1. Yay, love turning people on to weird hot dog goodness! It’s seriously so tasty, Aida — your man will dig it. And of course it’d be awesome with a coupla slabs of fried spam, too!

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