Berry Tropical Sunrise Smoothie (guest starring: carrots!)

Berry Tropical Sunrise Smoothie (w/ carrots!) | the pig & quillI smell Chinese food. No, not like the dead people thing. Like I am currently smelling Chinese food, and it’s driving me insane. One, because Chris is sitting across from me wolfing down white corn tortilla chips, which in no way can or should smell like Chinese food. And two, because I’m fairly certain I’ll begin gnawing on the Pottery Barn catalog if a platter of black bean chow fun does not find its way into my face in the next 60 seconds.

Perhaps I’m being just a touch dramatic.
And now I’m hardly sure where to go from here.

Berry Tropical Sunrise Smoothie (w/ carrots!) | the pig & quill

In case you’re a completely normal human being and your morning routine has very little to do with indulgently thick ribbons of Asian noodles (or tortilla chips, for that matter), this smoothie is a tad more…conventional, shall we say? If you’ve got a wickedly powerful blender, like a Vitamix (we’re obsessed) or a Blendtec or whatever they’re demoing at Costco these days, this smoothie whirls into refreshingly sweet, smooth and almost sorbet-like perfection in seconds — even with the couple of cups of frozen fruit. But really, that $29 blender from the college dorm days should get the job done, too. Just kill the motor, remove the lid and stir stuff around with a spoon every now and then to keep everything happily blending into oblivion.

Oh, and before we get into the (really sort of embarrassingly simple) recipe, I feel I should explain the “Sunrise” part of the name. Ready for it? It’s deep.

It’s because of the O.J. So creative, I know. But so tasty and quintessentially morning-like.
And the vivid hue.
Oh yeah, and the carrots. Which actually have nothing to do with the name but just seem really hip. Cuz clean eating is kind of the cat’s pajamas, and adding carrots to a smoothie seems pretty clean, and therefore extra pajama-y.

Yep, pajama-y. Which (coming full circle now) seems pretty darn relevant to morning food.


Berry Tropical Sunrise Smoothie (w/ carrots!) | the pig & quill

Berry Tropical Sunrise Smoothie
By Emily Stoffel
Prep time: 5 mins | Serves 2

Note: Frozen fruit produces a thicker, icier smoothie, more along the lines of something you’d find at everyone’s favorite smoothie chain (hint: rhymes with Yamba Yoose). If you’re using seasonal, fresh fruit — and why wouldn’t you, if it’s available — add a handful of ice cubes to ensure the smoothie ends up just as brain-freezingly chilled.


  • 1 cup frozen strawberries
  • 1 cup frozen mango
  • 1/2 cup frozen pineapple
  • 1/2 cup fresh carrots, washed and chunked
  • 1.5 cups good orange juice (not from concentrate, por favor)

Add all ingredients to blender and process until smooth. Done and done.

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