Whine-with-me-Wednesday + salsa suggestions open call

Whhhhhednesday. Do you ever have those weeks where, before you know it, Friday is upon you though you swear it was Tuesday only yesterday? This is not one of those weeks. Today is Wednesday. Today feels like Wednesday. And every evening, daylight slips away a tad earlier, little shrinking sands boogying their way ever faster through the hourglass, until we’ll have nothing at the end of the day but a brisk walk across a darkening parking lot, keys deftly woven between each finger a la Self Defense for Women Walking Through Parking Lots 101.

Wow, that went dark quickly.

Anyway, the great thing about being on the cusp of a seasonal depression is that the little things still hinting at the continued existence of summer can just turn a gal’s mood right around. Like the lovely little bounty at left from last week’s CSA harvest.

Check these little guys out! It’s like a homegrown Awkward Family Photo (BTW, best AFP ever). Ok, maybe I took these photos on Sunday, but my end o’ summer bummer is still waning just looking at them.

So now that we’re all smiles — and three days post-photoshoot — I’ve gotta get these fruits and veggies off my counter, onto a chip and into my belly. STAT.

Let the sending of salsa recipes begin!

Recipe: Garlic chicken with plums
Recipe: Soy glazed bacon noodles with baby broccoli & wax beans

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  1. Nothing fancy schmancy with my salsa — I love simple: salsa fresca! Tomatoes (diced), onions (diced), jalapenos (minced), garlic (minced), lime juice, and cilantro.

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