An exciting new venture — and…tamales!

I hope you’ve got your maracas handy, because you know what today is? Big Reveal Sunday! Fortunately, Big Reveal Sunday also coincides with Cinco de Mayo, which is incredibly handy since the two are actually a bit related. How boggled is your mind right now? I’ve alluded a couple of times on this blog (and on Facebook. And Twitter — what? I’m excited!) that I’ve been working on a fun foodie project on the side, and today I’m positively giddy to reveal that I’ve joined the team over at as one of their food hosts!  Joyus is an online … Read More

Montell Jordan, baby face-stuffing and pre-weekend ramblings

Hey guys! It’s Friday! And you know what that means? “Thiiiiiiiiiis is how we dooooo iiiiiit…” Ok, that is how we’d do it if it were Friday night, and it’s Friday day — but you know what? Ain’t no thing. The little Montell Jordan radio station inside my head knows no time zone, people. In fact, I’ll confess right here and now that just about any time I hear the word Friday — no matter if it’s a Tuesday evening or a Sunday morning (easy like) — I’m pretty much having a This Is How We Do It dance party … Read More