Montell Jordan, baby face-stuffing and pre-weekend ramblings

Hey guys! It’s Friday! And you know what that means?

“Thiiiiiiiiiis is how we dooooo iiiiiit…”

Ok, that is how we’d do it if it were Friday night, and it’s Friday day — but you know what? Ain’t no thing. The little Montell Jordan radio station inside my head knows no time zone, people. In fact, I’ll confess right here and now that just about any time I hear the word Friday — no matter if it’s a Tuesday evening or a Sunday morning (easy like) — I’m pretty much having a This Is How We Do It dance party inside my head.

So now you know.

You DO know, don’t you? You DON’T know?!! Are you, like, 19 years old and wondering what exactly it is that we’re doing? Well, allow me:

Riiiiiiiiight? Yeah….

Ok, now that we’re all on the same page, let’s start over.

If you were from where I’m from, then you would know, I haven’t been cooking much this week, which means I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel here for content. You don’t say…

Fortunately, I’ve got this wickedly exciting new foodie gig happening (which I’ll be announcing later this weekend, HooYah! — and did you click the hyperlinked text back there? Cuz it’s kiiiiiiind of a hint of sorts…) and in preparation for it, my mom sent me a boatload of baby pics of…

…me eating food. Big surprise! (By the way, if this is making no sense to you, don’t worry — I’m kind of barely keeping the wheels on here. ANYWAY.)

So as a little filler between recipe posts, I thought I’d share one of these pictures simply because it’s so damn representative of, well, ME. Heck, maybe I’ll even make this a random series, because Lord knows my mom has about two-dozen more where this came from.

Babies Eat RibsYes, that is me, as a lowercase “g,”  with a beef rib. And some of the chubbiest tan legs I have ever seen. Like little Soy Sauce Chicken drummies, aren’t they?

But, come on. A baby. Eating a rib.
I mean, do I even have teeth in this photo?

On that note, I’ll leave you all to finish out your Fridays in more coherent style than I started mine. Get out thurr and soak up the sunshine, tip up your cup and throw your head back and just do the damn thang.


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