Cheesy Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes w/ Crispy Chorizo & Maple Cream (gluten-free, veggie variation)

First, big thanks to everyone who entered last week’s giveaway of “The Paleo Foodie”! I was happily blown away by your collective passion for leading (or learning more about) a paleo lifestyle. Any diet that gives lamb chops and butter a fatty thumbs up is A-OK with me. (Confession: I might be a little emoji dependent. I might be a little sad I can’t pictorally A-OK this biznit. *Emoji tearface*) And, bigger congrats to our randomly selected winner, Heidi K. I know you’ll love checking out Arsy’s arsynal — nyuck nyuck— of nummers paleo recipes. 🙂 So let’s quickly talk ‘taters. Should … Read More

Pear & Fennel Salad with Blue Cheese & Balsamic

It’s a big day here at the Pig & Quill. And not just because October walloped my unsuspecting self like the Kraken taking down a ship adrift. Ok, well that’s part of it. Because wasn’t it June, like, 48 hours ago? NOPE. Try again. It wasn’t even June 48 days ago. Man, feeling like a sucka…sucks. But back to getting pumped. Today, my pretty friends, The Pig & Quill kitchen is being featured on none other than: The Kitchn! (In case you didn’t catch that, here’s the link.) I’m tempted to feel like a pretty big frickin’ deal, but it’s really … Read More

Earth Day Roundup: A Week of Meatless Eats

Oh hey dudes and dudettes — Happy Earth Day! If you’re anything like me, Earth Day seems a little underplayed considering the fact that — as cliché as it sounds — we should probably treat every day as Earth Day, but from the glass-half-full (errr, icecap-half-frozen) perspective, one day is better than none. And if one day is better than none, five days are better than one! I know, I’m one clever hen. But I’m going somewhere with this: This year, why not stretch Earth Day into Earth Week and celebrate with 5 days dedicated to eating sustainable, lower-carbon, meat-free meals? C’mon guys, given … Read More