Earth Day Roundup: A Week of Meatless Eats

EarthDayLogo_2013Oh hey dudes and dudettes — Happy Earth Day! If you’re anything like me, Earth Day seems a little underplayed considering the fact that — as cliché as it sounds — we should probably treat every day as Earth Day, but from the glass-half-full (errr, icecap-half-frozen) perspective, one day is better than none.

And if one day is better than none, five days are better than one! I know, I’m one clever hen. But I’m going somewhere with this:

This year, why not stretch Earth Day into Earth Week and celebrate with 5 days dedicated to eating sustainable, lower-carbon, meat-free meals?

C’mon guys, given that this blog draws its name, in part, from the beloved swine, I feel completely justified in saying: if I can do it, you can too.

Here’s a roundup of some of the P&Q’s most popular veggie-friendly recipes to get you started:

Vegan Tofu Salad - Earth Day Roundup | the pig & quillVegan Curried Tofu & Chickpea Salad
As close as you can get to classic egg or tuna salad. The trick? A textural double-whammy of creamy, whirled chickpeas and firm, crumbled tofu. Savory curry powder and crunchy almonds keep things interesting. Make a big batch tonight and you can look forward to lunchtime polar bear hugs all week long.
Huevos con Soyrizo - Earth Day Roundup | the pig & quillHuevos con Soyrizo with Two-Potato Hash
The first time I ever had soy-chorizo (“soyrizo”) was at Orphan in Sacramento, which serves up incredible breakfasts and brunches without all the d-baggery often found in some of the city’s hip new eateries. You’ll be surprised by how closely it mirrors the flavor and texture of the real deal, particularly when scrambled with eggs.
Tofu Banh Mi - Earth Day Roundup | the pig & quillBaked Tofu Banh Mi with Basil Lime Aioli
An instant favorite if you love a classic Vietnamese sandwich, and here’s why: three types of pickled veggies (carrots, cukes and onion), a zippy basil-lime aioli, crunchy fried onions, the distinctive freshness of cilantro and a hearty slab of tofu so ensconced in sesame-soy flavor you’ll hardly miss the pork. Ok, yeah – if you’re a diehard, you’ll miss the pork, but all the key flavors of the grooviest banh mi are rep’d in this little sammy. You won’t be disappointed.
Eggplant Involtini - Earth Day Roundup | the pig & quillSimple Sicilian Eggplant Involtini
I love eggplant — particularly when it’s indulgently fried, which brings out its tender, silky texture. For that reason, alone, I’m a teensy bit of an Eggplant Parm addict. In this EP alternative, the eggplant is paired with zucchini, simply grilled and then stuffed with creamy ricotta. And that lovely bed of marinara? It’s perfect for dipping the crusty bread you’ll no doubt want to eat alongside.
Brussie Salad - Earth Day Roundup | the pig & quillCoconut Pecan Brussie Salad
This is the salad that will prove how much Brussels sprouts don’t suck. Lots of credit goes to the tangy, fruity vinaigrette (if you haven’t checked out the variety of fruit-infused vinegars available, give ’em a shot. Enfuso just released a mango version that would seriously rock here). Then there’s the unexpected sweetness from coconut, the subtle crunch of pecans, a little black sesame just to keep things tres exotic. You’ll forget brussies are even involved.

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2 Comments on “Earth Day Roundup: A Week of Meatless Eats”

  1. As a weekday vegetarian (ok, maybe Mondays & Tuesdays). If I’m not in Seattle. I really love the whole soyrizo idea. Crank the flavor of your meatlessness people! Is there a store brand you recommend?

    1. Big surprise here: my favorite, so far (and I haven’t tried all that many, to be honest) is Trader Joe’s Soy Chorizo. Surprisingly, it’s a little hotter than you’d expect, which I like — and it’s $1.99 for 12 oz. Can’t beat that.

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