friday links 12.19.14

My fave macarons (from Pistacia Vera in CBUS) and plenty of Friday Links - yay!

Between Chris’ birthday, long evenings of gift wrapping and about a billion last-minute holiday errands that I swore I wouldn’t put off until, well, now, the week has absolutely flown by. We even checked off the biggie 20(ish)-week ultrasound appointment and have a tiny envelope tucked among the branches of our Frasier Fir, the gender of our little he or she concealed within. First we thought we’d open it on Wednesday, over dinner. And then we said we’d wait until tonight after stockings. But honestly, there’s a teensy part of me that wants to hold off altogether until the big day actually arrives. We’ll see how long that lasts. (If all the sideways glances I’ve been casting at the tree are any indication, not very…) 😉

Friday links!



  • Brooke’s zeppole (say it like Giada, now…) — and their whiskey crème anglaise — have me positively salivating. Just add espresso.
  • Speaking of whiskey-topped sweets, I could probably drink a gallon of the frosting that tops these dreamy eggnog + browned butter buns from Beth.
  • Gawdness grawcious, Amanda, you had me at “wreath of fried sweet pasta dough balls slathered in hot honey and almonds.” I mean, JESUS.
  • Linzer cookies are raging everywhere! I was most smitten with Cynthia’s rosemary + salted caramel version (psst: lessbeneighbors?) but then Erika did spiced pecan so now I dooonnnt knoooooow…ugh.
  • Whew, that was a lot of sugar. Detoxing with Grace’s lentil salad — topped with all the beautiful, seasonal things — sounds just about perf.
  • Or maybe these simple little citrusy endive spears from Deb? Yep, probably a good idea. (It’s cool to eat, like, 19, right? Still healthy?)
  • What’s a week of links without ramen? I’d totally give up my dream of hanging with Mystic Falls’ finest for a bowl of Mandy’s garlicky “Vamp Slayer” goodness.

Oh yeah, and in case ya missed it, I pan-seared some homemade turkey + bacon breakie sausages for Chris earlier this week (basted in their own pan drippings, yes preeze…) — and big thanks to Yahoo! Food for picking up my latkes, wheeee!


p.s. — Header pic is of my fave macarons (oh, hai, Christmas come early) from Pistacia Vera in Columbus. Just about the sweetest sweet shop you ever did see! (For those of you reading on email, you can always click through to the blog to see all images in their glory.)

p.p.s. — Don’t forget that Q Squared NYC is still offering 20% off sitewide when you shop using the code PIGANDQUILL at checkout. It might be a bit too late for holiday shopping, but there’s always an opportunity to treat yo’self.


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My fave macarons (from Pistacia Vera in CBUS) and plenty of Friday Links - yay!


grain-free mini persimmon spice cakes (+ eggnog parfaits)
fennel-spiced turkey + bacon breakfast sausage with crispy parmesan home fries

10 Comments on “friday links 12.19.14”

  1. Thanks for the link love, lady! And also, I didn’t know you were packin a bun! How exciting. I’m with you…I’d want so badly to hold out as long as I could on the sex, but it would be realllly hard. Like the same level of difficulty of walking by a tray of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies and saying “nah, I’ll pass” (i.e., damn near impossible).

    And if you turn into Cynthia’s newest neighbor, can I join you?? I’ve been eyeing those beautiful cookies for the last week. Actually, it would be seriously wonderful if all of us food bloggers were in the same neighborhood and could just swap leftovers every day! I’d probably gain a thousand pounds, but, you know, it would be for the good of the blogging community so I’d make the sacrifice… 😉

    Happiest of holidays to you, Emily!

    1. Oh, pretty please could we all be neighbors? It might end up being more like a food blogging commune, though, which could get a bit weird. And obese. Oh well, it’ll just have to be somewhere cold so we all appreciate the extra padding! And that cookie analogy — perfect. If only my sweet tooth (baby tooth?) weren’t so fired up this time of year. 😉

  2. Oh my gosh! Those ring bowls! I do Christmas ornaments with Sculpey… (and am terribly behind this year) but those ring bowls are so pretty and elegant! May need to set aside a little time to make those!

    How fun that you’re far enough along you can know whether the baby’s a he or she! Exciting! 🙂

    1. Ah, Scupley projects! I haven’t played with that stuff in FOREVER — so fun, Alice! Might I request that if these bowls do make it to your holiday project list that I get a peek? Would love to see how they turn out!

  3. I pretty much just latched onto the line that read: “I’ve never wanted to visit/eat my way through LA more.” So, I’ll see you in a few weeks, right?

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