Fashionable Eats: Catering “Rowe on the Road”

rowe logoA couple months ago, I was chatting with Emily-Who’s-The-Mom (aka Emily-With-The-Baby or Emily-Who’s-In-Fashion) about a trunk show she’d be co-hosting featuring superbly-curated fashions from Rowe boutique in Columbus, OH. Long story short, Emily and I lived in OH at the same time when our husbands both held jobs with the same company out there. Now our husbands both have jobs with a different same company out here and we live a mile apart. And we have the same name. I know, it’s totally Twilight Zone.

Anywhaaaaaay, Em used to buy for and manage Rowe, and because she’s uber close friends with the boutique’s owner, Maren, she was able to bring a bit of the boutique’s fab fashions right here to Cali via Rowe on the Road. As you can imagine, it was a total smash, complete with looks from plenty of contemporary designers like LNA, Parker, Mother denim, Lauren Moffatt, some sweet Frawnchy brand Iro and others. It was an exercise in restraint, to be sure. I mean, just look at that dyed denim…

Rowe Boutique Trunk Show - Jeans

…and this supah chic tunic. No wonder Em is admiring it! Global prints are raging, yo!

Rowe Boutique Trunk Show - Jeans

And can we talk about this clutch clutch? Perforated leather and pinky-tangerine together might be one of my fave things ever.

Rowe Boutique Trunk Show - Clutch

Rowe Boutique Trunk Show - Rack

Tried as I might(ed?), I couldn’t resist this two-tone raglan sleeve sweater from LNA:

LNA Raglan Sleeve Sweater (2-Tone White)

Or this bold, silky Madison Marcus tank that I know I’ll be layering into outfit after outfit well into the fall:

Madison Marcus Global Print Tank

Excitingly, Stacey — who graciously hosted the trunk show at her spectacular home in Atherton — is also a stella & dot stylist and had more than half of the current jewelry and accessories line on display for perusal. My stella & dot experience has been limited to-date, but I’ll admit I was a bit titillated (hehe) by the broad range of styles and the weighty quality of each piece. As far as costume jewelry goes (and, honestly, aside from my wedding rings, what else is there??), the stella line is undeniably fashionable and accessible.stella logo

Super fail on my part: I allowed the Nikon battery to die before I snapped a few pics of Stacey’s super well-merchandised stella display, so I’ll encourage you to check out Emily’s pal Kathleen’s incredibly charming fashion blog You Fancy Huh? for the rest of the fashion and accessories lowdown. (Actually, you should check it out regardless. She’s stupid stylish and cute, to boot.)

In the meantime, I’ll just brag a bit about a couple of pieces I couldn’t leave without, like these completely wearable tiny gold drop earrings

Stella & Dot Demi Earrings.

…and this super stackable threaded gold link bracelet.

Stella & Dot Nina BraceletAnd then, of course, there was the food, which I’m so honored to announce was catered by none other than yuuuuuuuuuuuurs truly, The Pig & Quill. Huge thanks to Emily, Maren and Stacey for inviting me to participate in such a fun and well-attended event.

Rowe Trunk Show Catering - Tofu Banh Mi

Knowing the event would span several hours with ladies coming and going as their schedules allowed, we decided on a menu of simple nibbles that would hold up well through the afternoon.

As such, we stuck with a vegetarian line-up, starting with these Baked Tofu Banh Mi Sandwiches with Basil Lime Aioli…

Rowe Trunk Show Catering - Tofu Banh Mi

(dadgum that little broken piece of tofu!!)Rowe Trunk Show Catering - Tofu Banh Mi

…an easily assembled and robustly flavored Roasted Garlic White Bean Dip with Olive Oil & Herbs (and plenty of crostini for dipping!)… Rowe Trunk Show Catering - Garlic Dip

…a deliciously retro Ancient Grain Salad with Raspberry VinaigretteRowe Trunk Show Catering - Ancient Grains

…and these wittle baybeh Pineapple Corn Cakes with Lemon Icing. We all know I’m not the greatest baker, but even I can’t ruin these fluffy pucks of delicately sweet perfection.Rowe Trunk Show Catering - Pineapple Corn Cakes

(Recipes are on the way, so keep your eyes peeled in the week to come!)

All in all, Rowe on the Road was a lovely excuse to shop, nosh and mingle — a true trifectal antidote for the midweek blues, if you ask me. Thanks again to Emily & Maren for curating such a charming show, to Stacey for hosting — and to all the lovely ladies who took time out of their busy schedules to enjoy a few hours of shopping and indulgence with the trunk show crew. As the saying goes, it’s a tough job…

Same time next year? 😉

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    1. Thanks Stacy! Just intimate events for now, but it’s been fun. And it is a little nerve wracking — but it’s a great excuse for plenty of taste-testing in advance!

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