Garlicky Curried Noodle Soup (gf w/ vegan option)

Garlicky Curried Noodle Soup recipe (gluten-free w/ vegan option) // via #spicy #curry #vegetarian

When I posted this guy on Instagram the other day, I had the forethought to actually add a squidge of sriracha to the egg. And it looked bangarang, you guys. Bang. Uh. Rang. And then I sat down to edit the pics for this post and realized that, amidst all the excitement of pulling out the big ol’ Nikon and strapping it to the tripod and F-stopping like whoa, I never actually took a real-deal pic of the sauce’d egg. What the eff. I blame #yolkporn. Gets me every time. So this soup: sriracha drizzle or not, it’s kinda fine, … Read More

Presideezy in tha Heezy Weekend

I’ve been posting a lot of on the food front lately, so while I take a quick time out to snap some pics of the dishes I’ve got lined up for later this week, I thought I’d instead give you a super quick glimpse at my weekend. It was full of lovely people, lovely meals and lots of recuperative-yet-productive time, which I cherish through and through. (Productive time is recuperative time, to me. It’s kind of sick and pleasing all at once.) We celebrated our dear Emily’s birthday. I ran a lot. Like, more than 10 miles over the course of … Read More

Drowning in broth: ramen habit takes girl off deep end

Have we ever chatted about my complete obsession with ramen? Let’s do. I am thoroughly convinced that ramen might just be the perfect food. A complete, one-bowl meal that satisfies both belly and soul with its abundant but carefully curated inclusions: savory, glistening broth; toothsome, bouncy noodles; meltingly tender pork; fresh veggies; and in instances of pure ramen bliss — one perfectly soft-cooked egg. While I can’t begin to tell you how the ideal ramen egg comes into being, I could devote almost an entire post to my joy at consuming one. But I’ll leave that for another time. Here … Read More