Spinach & Quinoa Cake with Curried Avocado Cream (gluten-free)

We have friends in town this weekend. And you know what friends in town means. Swiffering the hair off the bathroom floor. And also: brunch! Now that we’ve awkwardly linked hair and food and I’ve lost a good number of readers, let’s the rest of us delve a little more into the brunch thing. From my (clearly very chaotic) point of view, brunch is the king of mealtimes for a numbers of reasons. A) It’s a hybrid word. Maybe the first ever. In fact, yes, I’m pretty sure linguistic anthropologists would tell you that back in the day, like when … Read More

Sunday Supper: Lamb Loin Chops & Minted Quinoa

You guys. I know you know I watch a lot of TV, but you guyssssssss, Vampire Diaries is getting off the heezy fo sheezy. That show is like a leather-clad stew of attractiveness. And I want seconds. Same goes for these classy chops. Yes, believe it or not, every now and then I make something that doesn’t come together in a Dutch oven in less than 30 minutes. Sometimes there’s even a sauce, oh my. A rich, buttery, boozy pan sauce. Or a tapenade with chewy sundried tomatoes, salty olives and verdant herbs. Or both. This, my friends, is Sunday … Read More

The Bombest. Quinoa. Recipe. Ever…plus a little voting thingy

Yes, you read that correctly! There I was traipsing around in my jam-jams a couple of weekends ago with no intention of whipping up anything spectacular when, whoops, I did. I made something awesome. So awesome that, despite the super huge queue of recipes that I really need to get to posting, I’m bumping this one to the top. Well maybe not the top top, because I’m not quite done here. Speaking of those other recipes I’ve yet to post, I thought I’d do a little polling to see what ye olde readers are yearning for these days. (In case the … Read More

Recipe: Southwestern stuffed bell peppers

Greetings from gorgeous Central America! Hope all is well back home in the Yooessofeigh. In an attempt to avoid Pig & Quill slackery during this little jaunt, I recently put a call out for guest post contributions from my network of fellow eaters, and wouldn’t you know a couple of pretty ladies actually took me up on it! Do they rock, or what? Today’s guest post comes to you from the lovely Jessica. (Check pic below. See? Lovely.) Jessica and I were classmates in high school, and these days (confirmed by a bit of Facebook stalking), we seem to be … Read More

Recipe: Mesquite-spiced quinoa with sausage & black beans

I actually whipped together this recipe last weekend, so this post is long overdue. Turns out I’m still playing a bit of catch up from being on the road for business this past week — and with another stint away from home coming up shortly, I better get my feet under me right quick. Any and all avoidance of a Pig Faceplant is a good thing… So, this meal came about while browsing my total fave grocery spot in the whole world — Trader Joe’s, no doi —  for meal ideas that I could make for Chris in advance of … Read More