The Big Apple Eats n’ Deets: Part 2

My MacBook just attacked me. As in, it just skinned the shkit out of the back of my knuckle. And no, I didn’t just skin my knuckle on the MacBook. The MacBook skinned me. Also, I’m fairly certain I cracked a rib while paddling a group raft on the Rogue River this past weekend. Or coughing up what’s left of this STUPID CHEST COLD that won’t quit. Or maybe the yoga I did at work yesterday is coming back to get me. Either way, I feel like someone kicked me in the side with a steel-toed boot. I think it was … Read More

The Big Apple Eats n’ Deets: Part 1

(WARNING: Soooo much Rain-Head-Hair in these photos, baaaaaaaarrrrrrf.) In June, Chris and I visited NYC to celebrate the ol’ Dirtay Thirtay. (Sorry.) And for some time, I’ve been promising you a post about all the noteworthy food we ate while we were there. The great news? I’m not sure I can put it off much longer. Like, I’m feeling truly anxious about getting behind. Like, really, really anxious. Like, I’m not even allowing recipes to enter the queue until I push this post out like the big, whiney, forearms-with-fatrolls word-baby that it is. The bad news? I just said like, like, … Read More

Jalapeno-Cheddar Chicken Melts

Do you ever wish blogging could be like a Choose Your Own Adventure Book? I sure do. Particularly on days like this when I’m just not sure what trivial detail of my personal life I feel like rambling on about before I awkwardly somersault my way into a recipe for open-faced melty goodness. I could tell you about the four servings of salt and pepper potato chips I just hoovered before realizing that a “portion” is NINE FREAKING CHIPS. Or I could mention that we’re going to New York this coming week for the first time both A) together and … Read More

In the Pigpen No.4: Random Friday Ramblings (and our Contest Winner!)

TGIF! I’m a scotch underwater with lots on the plate in both the work and play worlds this coming week (note new biz cards above, whAt whAt), so I’ll take a quick sec to ask for forgiveness if things slow down here for a bit. Seems we’re long overdue for a completely schizo Pigpen roundup, so before I go: 1) Wanderlust. Yep, that quirky movie with Paul Rudd at his awkward best and Jen Aniston. Have you seen it? No? Let me tell you: do it. Well, ok, don’t do it if you’re sensitive to language or raunch. Clearly I’m affected … Read More