Obsession: Cray for J. Crew + GDL love

Holy Sale, Batman! J. Crew is having a promo where all redline items are an additional 30% off (through Friday, Sept. 7). It’s not like this is the first time J. Crew has had a sale, or even a sale of this nature — but, this is the first time I’ve actually committed to purchasing the boatload of loot I added to my online shopping bag. You see, it started with browsing new button-downs…and falling in love with a shrunken blazer in a cracked-out plaid. And then I saw that the Tippi sweater was part of the sale, too. And the wheels. Completely. Fell off.

Let me explain. The Tippi sweater is the best friend of my best friend, Giada DeLaurentiis. (Clarifications: 1. only in my literal dreams; 2. she doesn’t know; 3. please don’t tell her.) Ok, maybe Giada doesn’t befriend knitwear, but the sweater was heavily recommended as one of her favorite things several GDL email newsletters ago, and being the bosom buddies that we are, I had to have it. How else could we be Tippi Twins at the next Food & Wine fest? Duh.

Fast-forward 45 minutes, and I had checked out with NINE — aiyah! — new garments in my shopping bag:


(Top-Bottom, Left-Right: TippiTwinsGiadaLoveSweater; Minnie Pants; Perfect Shirt #1;
Camp Shirt; Jackie Sweater; CrackPlaidBlazer; Perfect Shirt #2; Perfect Shirt #3; Cafe Capri)

So, needless to say, the Back-to-School shopping trip that I’ve treated myself to every year since college graduation is not happening this year in lieu of my Cray Crew spending spree. (Which — did I mention? — was 100% husband-endorsed. Hey-o!) But that’s ok. I’m feeling really good about how all of these pieces will mix into my teensy tiny wardrobe, and the bargain shopper in me is totally titillated.


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  1. I just got J. Crew’s French Hen sweater & LOVE it! Can’t wait to wear it when I hit the streets of Paris/Marseille/Aix-en-Provence!

    1. If buying a kitschy sweater means I can go to France, I believe there is a kitschy sweater (or three!) in my future. Take me with you!

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