My 3-Minute Working Lunch

My 3-Minute Working Lunch (via #desklunch #harvestbowl

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Let’s be real. We could all stand to eat better while we’re working. And a month or so ago, you asked for more lifestyle content, so even though this is still food-related, I wanted to share a product I’ve been enjoying that I figured might improve your daily routine, too. Yes, this is sponsored, but you know I pull no punches. Hope you enjoy!

Confession time: even though I do the majority of my work from home — and the majority of that said work revolves around fresh, homemade food — I still struggle with feeding myself properly on workdays. It’s not for lack of skill or desire (I clearly enjoy cooking, and I, like, really really enjoy eating). It’s for lack of time.

Lana is currently in school for about 4 hours a week, and we have a sitter that helps free up another 5 hours a week, which leaves me with a whopping 9 hours a week to create the content that you see here (and even less time to pursue the mathematics career you’re all certain I’m destined for after that fine example).

My 3-Minute Working Lunch

So, on days when lunch needs to take literally 3 mins to get into my face, Bonduelle Heat & Eat Harvest Bowls™ are the perfect solution. Do I still eat my fair share of apple-and-peanut butter lunches? You bet I do. Leftover pizza enjoyed cold from the fridge while I forage for hidden dark chocolate? YEP.

But when I want a warm lunch, these Harvest Bowls are about as close as it gets to something I would make for myself, from scratch, if I had the time. Fresh veggies, whole grains, flavorful sauces and legitimate proteins, all in a convenient microwaveable bowl that is ready to mix, heat and eat.

Or, more specifically: rip off the cover, flip over the toppings, heat everything together, and eat it right out of the bowl.

Guys, it’s easy, and it only takes 3 minutes.

Globally-Inspired Harvest Bowls

The flavor profile of each bowl has been pretty thoughtfully designed, too. A sweet and spicy gochujang sauce accompanies the Korean Inspired Beef Bowl (can we just take a minute to acknowledge how cool it is that gochujang is becoming such a widely appreciated condiment!). Poblano peppers, black beans + corn are reminiscent of my favorite quick-service restaurant in the aptly named Chipotle Chicken Bowl. The Moroccan Inspired Chicken bowl boasts farro, Khorasan wheat and freekah for freekah’s sake! I wish I had it in me to cook off three grains per meal.

But, you know, 9 hours and all…

Happy lunchtime, pals!



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