Hooky, housekeeping…and a haiku

Bishop's Peak, San Luis Obispo ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillFull disclosure here.
I just wanted three “H” things.
Super misleading.

(Or was it?)

I took this past week off to play hooky. Mountains on Monday, touring around the city on Tuesday, and then three fuhnomenal days cruising the Central Coast, which I’m fairly certain is one of the most beautiful places on God’s green earth. Literally — green earth. For you East Coasters, that might be NBD, but here in drought-ridden California, a little rolling-green-hills action makes my insides feel like gummy bears dancing around in tiny party sombreros holding tiny drinks with even tinier drink umbrellas. In their skivvies. With the latest Netflix release of Mad Men looping in the background.

It was the best kind of therapy imaginable. Not that I needed therapy.
(I totally needed therapy.)

Brunch Acai Bowls ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillBrunching at home. In the sunshine. With no agenda.

Brunch eggs at The Grove, Hayes Valley ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillCity brunching.

Bishop's Peak, San Luis Obispo ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillBishop’s Peak, San Luis Obispo
Doesn’t this picture look really small and stupid here? BE MORE EPIC, PHOTO.

Bishop's Peak, San Luis Obispo ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillYeah, I don’t do yoga.

Woodstock's Pizza, San Luis Obispo ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillOh look, you can see me in the parm. And the pepper flakes. And the sunglasses. And the pepperoni grease.

Hearst Castle, San Simeon ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillHearsty Hearst Hearst. Sorry.

Elephant Seals, San Simeon ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillYep, you.

Drippy farm eggs and avocado on garlic-rosemary crostini ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quill#yolkporn #localeverything (‘cept the ‘nanas) #wineforbreakie

Artichokes in Castroville ("Hooky, Housekeeping...and a haiku") // the pig & quillToo many ‘choke puns. System overloading.

Photo montage attack!!!! Didn’t see it coming, did you? THAT. Wassomefineasshooky.

Now that I’m back, I’m ready to get into the kitchen and tackle spring like it’s {insert some football tackling reference here}.

But first I need to dig through the latest CSA box.
Do a little grocery shopping.
And switch my normal-sized party sombrero for something resembling a thinking cap and good lord I can only hope it has a propeller with a little jelly bean looking thing up top.

So I’munna go check some boxes. But before I go:

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Thanks for sticking around through this past week of relative silence, friends. Until next time: enter, shop, and get those gummy bears dancin’, yo.



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7 Comments on “Hooky, housekeeping…and a haiku”

  1. I’m on the paleo diet (hope im commenting in the right place!) 🙂
    thanks for the chance to win!

    1. Thanks, Cynthia! Well-deserved, ehhhhh maybe. 😉 But much needed for the sanity of all occupants of this tiny house? Yeah. Chris definitely deserves an Emcation every now and then!

  2. I started the Paleo lifestyle in January this year, initially I started to see if my elementary aged kids would benefit since they have ADD/ADHD, we saw such a tremendous difference however it was hard for them….they lasted a month. I have stayed Paleo because I saw such amazing changes in myself. I still cook breakfast and dinner’s paleo for the kids and just let them have healthy lunches….for the first time ever we all were flu/cold free this entire winter season….I’d love to own a copy of The Paleo Foodie, the recipes look so delicious in there.

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