Hitting the road & Hot Beef Sundaes (and a Full Circle guest post!)

Roadtrip(Thanks for the rad image, Etsy.)

Just a quickie today as I’m literally running out the door, Mom in tow, and headed for the great state of Tennessee, where we’re kicking off our Birthday Road Trip of Southern Eats with three days in Music City. Can you say Grand Ole Opry? Of course you can. I never really understood that phrase.

For the next 10 days, we’ll be eating our way from Nashville to Savannah, with stops in Chattanooga, Asheville, Charlotte and Charleston — plus we’re doing a handful of other fun day trips along the way. I’m expecting to eat at least half my weight in skillet fried chicken and hot, buttered biscuits — with a detour, of course, to a seafood-centric menu as we skim the Southeasts’s beautiful beaches. I’ve always wanted to do the whole crayab boll thing, you know? — with the bib and the claw-cracker-openers and the Old Bay and the corn. Lordy I love me some corn. And don’t they sometimes add a few hunks of sausage to those there boils, just for good measure? I mean, one can only hope. Because crab boiled in sausage water sounds like a beautiful, beautiful thing.

Road WarriorsTravel buds. Here we go!

I’m going to try my best to stick to the usual schedule of Tuesday and Saturday posts while we’re on the road because, well, frankly, the wheels could just completely fall off if I stray too far from my self-imposed structure. BUT! I’m also extra stoked to share some pretty nummers stuff I’ve crammed all up in the queue, so I’m just saying (hint hint…) you might want to prepare yourselves (…meatballs!).

Until then, be sure to hold down the fort for me with LOTS of recommendations — read: comments — for things to eat/do/see in any of the cities mentioned above.

Oh, and pop on over to Full Circle today where I’m guest blogging about summer’s Best and Worst Fair Foods. We’re talking Hot Beef Sundaes, people, and they’re almost as dirty as they sound.

Talk to you from the road, friends, and be sure to follow along on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter for the full play-by-play of mo-do (yes, mother-daughter and no, I’m not even a little bit sorry) shenanigans.


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7 Comments on “Hitting the road & Hot Beef Sundaes (and a Full Circle guest post!)”

  1. What a fun road trip! I am envious but excited to see your food pics & posts. I totally want a plate of biscuits and gravy now!

    1. Here’s hoping I’m better about posting pictures from this trip than I’ve been with my last adventures. 🙂 Pretty sure I owe you guys a Part 2 on NYC still, but shhhhhh…..

  2. Wow! Have fun on your birthday feast trip! Please report back to Our Growing Edge if you try anything of note (I’m sure you will). I’ve never been to the U.S. but I’ve always wanted to partake in a crab feast too. Crab isn’t very popular in my country so I find I often have to skip the country if I want a crab fix.

    1. Thanks! It’ll be hard not to enjoy ourselves when there’s so much good food in the near future. And I highly recommend getting out of town (or the country) if it means seeking out a true crab feast. Sounds like a valid excuse to travel if ever I’ve heard one.

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