Foodie Father’s Day Gift Guide (a Full Circle post) – & it’s my berfday!

EFS Second BirthdayMe, 28 years ago. Does my mom make one badass strawberry shortcake or what?

Today’s my birthday, and it’s kind of a biggie, so I’m going to step out of the kitchen and instead park myself in front of a Weeds marathon and a bowl of noodles and compulsively compile my belly list for the NYC birthday trip that is now not only on my doorstep but toeing the threshold in a rather threatening manner that has me wondering if I should be worried about its sanguineous diet.

Don’t let me mislead you; I’m pretty much falling-out-of-my-chair-excited to go, but for someone who is accustomed to being overly prepared for just about everything, I’m feeling a little…unpolished. Ruffled? Hot-messifed.

And I just found out this morning that it’s supposed to rain while we’re there. So byebyebye oversized Mary-Kate shades, hello dorky corporate rain jacket from two jobs ago. Sigh.

On the bright side (and who are we kidding? Rain or no rain, my next week is looking pretty sunny!), I’ve managed to keep things somewhat dialed in Bliggity-Blig-Blog-World, and that includes pulling together five of my ab-fab food faves for Father’s Day in a short guest piece for Full Circle.

Vosges Mash Bill Truffles - Father's Day Gift GuideSpoiler alert: boozy chocolates featuring Rogue Chocolate Stout make an appearance. As does one of the most thoughtful cookbooks I’ve seen in the past decade, the last garlic gadget you’ll ever need, a classic kitchen staple no Dad should have to cook without…And spreadable bacon.

Yup. Spreadable. Bacon.

So…head on over to Full Circles’s The Good Food Life blog for all the neatso-deetsos, and let me know what you think. Oh, and if you’re wondering what to get me for my birthday? Discovered while hunting for Father’s Day gifts, one of these would be just fine, please and thank you:

Vosges Steamer Trunk

Uh-huh, that’s a steamer trunk o’ chocolate.

Anyway, new giveaway — and one of the best recipes I’ve pulled together in a loooong while — coming up in Saturday’s post! Until then…

Xo, Em

PS. I know this looks like a Vosges chocolate love fest. No, I’m not being compensated; in fact, I’m almost sure Vosges has no idea who I am or how obsessed I am with their products. Ok, well maybe one guy there in customer service who I last ordered products from. I really gave him an earful via email. But really. I just really, really, REALLY dig their chocolate. And am maybe considering requesting that I be buried in that steamer trunk.

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5 Comments on “Foodie Father’s Day Gift Guide (a Full Circle post) – & it’s my berfday!”

  1. The “spreadable bacon” is from Skillet in Seattle (you probably knew that). One of the first (and seriously great, if not the best) food trucks in Seattle. They now have a diner, too, on Capital Hill and a counter at the Armory in Seattle. If you’re ever in Seattle, find them. The poutine on the food truck is awesome, the beet salad from the diner is not to be missed (a personal favorite!), and while I haven’t eaten at the counter I’m sure it’s just as good as the diner. If you haven’t had the Skillet Bacon Jam – try it! Seriously good. I’ve used it on sourdough grilled cheese w/ green chiles, burgers, and in breakfast burritos & sandwiches. Happy Birthday! (I only know this because I’m native to Seattle and miss it. My husband and I learned about Skillet when he started working for and they would park near his office. I always found a way to be visiting at lunch time on those days 😉 )

    1. I’ve heard such fantastic things about Skillet, Ann — I’ve just not made my way to Seattle in a loooong time. (The last time, I’m sure I was more obsessed with checking my pager than the local food scene.) But you’re right: the bacon jam is stellar and honestly good on everything from savory to sweet. Can’t wait to try all the goodies you recommended for myself when I finally get up there!

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