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Happy Friday, loves! The haps, the haps, what’s the haps. Let’s seeeeeeee… I’m pretty sure I’m in labor at least once every five minutes. We oxy cleaned our sheets last night, and it’s not like they look any different, but I feel like they must be so, sooooo clean, because Billy Mays wouldn’t do me wrong, you know? I want to eat everything ever made with potatoes, melted cheese or pastrami. (The latter two drove my desire for this ridic Reuben Mac, which I have eaten for breakfast thrice this week.) We installed a carseat and I only hyperventilate a little every time I see it in the rearview mirror. I ripped through the entire season of Bloodline in maybe four days. I only kinda half liked it until the middle when I kinda sorta more liked it and then the last two episodes I was full on Clear Eyes Full Hearts Can’t Lose sucked in. Coach Taylor 4Ever+Always. We bought like a zillion cloth diapers and in addition to being the cutest things I’ve ever seen, they also make me wanna poop myself with nerves, so I’m thinking adult cloth diapers are probably where all the big maternity money is hiding. Oh yeah, … Read More

spicy pastrami reuben mac n’ cheese


spicy pastrami reuben mac n' cheese | via

Just a quick one today because it’s too beautiful outside not to get the to-do list tuh-dun so the behbes and I can take a walk in the sunshine. I’m strongly contemplating taking along the stroller (we got one! this one! with these wheels!), just to see how it rolls, but then I’d just be that crazy pregnant lady walking her phantom child attempting to talk-text via Siri instead of just that crazy pregnant lady attempting to talk-text via Siri because that’s more normal. But seriously, walking and texting — like finger-slash-thumb-texting — is kinda dangerous in a neighborhood of slim-to-no sidewalks, so crazy is maybe sane in this instance. Eh, ehhhhhhh? Just saying. Also, I’m 97% sure speaking things aloud like “Siri, text Chris: going for a walk period maybe it’ll make me poop exclamation mark” is totallllly socially acceptable. WHO ARE YOU LOOKING AT, LADY WALKING YOUR CAT. I’m with child. What’s your story? I don’t blame you if you’ve stopped reading at this point. This reuben mac n’ cheese, guys, is so, SOOOOOO good. It’s even Chris-approved — and he’s ordinarily a Blue Box Traditionalist, so that’s saying a lot. It’s got everything there is to love about … Read More

mochiko chicken tacos with tangy umeboshi mayo


Mochiko Chicken Tacos with Tangy Umeboshi Mayo (via

The diapers have been ordered. The hospital bag has been packed (and repacked). The freezer, as you well know by now, is at capacity. Dare I say we’re ready? It’s incredible, really, the things you can find to pass the time when it seems any moment could be the last moment that you’re this exact person. You know, before you become that person — that next iteration of yourself that is somehow you and yet not at all you because suddenly there exists a tiny little bugaboo of a human that only knows this new you and nothing else. Rambling incoherently to a questionable quantity of virtual friends eats up about three and a half minutes of that time, if you’re wondering. Like I said: incredible. The only thing I’ve left until what could possibly be the very last minute (ok, let’s not get overly dramatic, we’re only at 38 weeks…breathebreathebreathebreathebreathe) is this taco post, which I’ve been sitting on for almost two weeks now because my day job has unofficially become breaker-downer-of-all-the-cardboard-boxes-probably-ever-created-in-all-the-land-ever. And when I’m not breaking down stroller boxes and carseat boxes and baby swing boxes and more boxes of breasty things than I knew existed, I’m also moonlighting as sterilizer-of-all-things-ever-created-in-all-the-land-ever. And then sometimes, … Read More

post-baby freezer fest! (part 1)


How-To: Baby Prep Freezer Meal Plan via

Too long ago (weeks, it may have been…) I made reference to doing all the freezer cooking ever in anticipation of all the cooking I’ll never want to do when a tiny pretty baby is pooping in my lap. I’m pretty sure it went exactly like that. Or maybe I colored things up a bit in today’s version. I’m sure I at least referenced the pooping part before. Or maybe the freezer part. Definitely the pretty baby. (Lord, I hope I think she’s pretty. I’m still not to that ‘all babies are the cutest thing’ part of pregnancy, and I’m kinda running out of time. In fact, I still think most babies are sort of fugmonkey for the first few days. And then, honestly, some babies just stay fugmonkey. Is that normal? When does the switch flip that ensures I find my own fugmonkey to be adorable?) Point is, I cooked a lot of shit for the freezer, guys. And I intended to tell you about it earlier this week, but then the interwebs made my feet do the happy dance (and my eyes cry. and my pregnant bladder pee a little…) when it threw me the sweetest virtual surprise shower, … Read More

buttered miso-tomato soup with roasted garlic + togarashi (gf)


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Do you guys know Sylvie from Gourmande in the Kitchen? I’m so honored to be pinch-hitting for her today so she can get some well-deserved R&R on the sunny beaches of Maui. I’m more than a little envious. It’s hardly been three months since we babymooned on that very island and I already miss the jungly black sand beaches. The unmarred white sand beaches. The mochiko chicken. YOU GUYS. The mochiko chicken. Happily, I’ve got something comin’ round the bend that’ll hopefully take the edge offa that craving, but we’ll save that for another post. Today, we’re talking about scratching a different itch — one that originated after I slurped some of the most unique ramen I’ve ever sampled: tender, toothsome noodles swimming in a buttery miso broth infused with, of all things, bright tomatoes, garlic and parm. Yup, like, the cheese parm. And get this: it was suuuuuuurrrrr guuuuurrrrrrd. So this soup pays, in at least a smallish way, homage to that super decadent, velvety marriage of tomatoes and miso, rounded out with lots of sweet, nutty garlic. It’s even finished with a pat of Kerrygold, because apparently I take things like buttery broth pretty literally. (Also: buttah makes everything bettah.) Oh … Read More

tuesday links — #emspigletparty edition!


Tuesday Links + Dukkah Deviled Duck Eggs via The Bojon Gourmet // #EmsPigletParty

You’re so confused. I can already sense it. I usually do Friday Links, and that’s using the word usually pretty loosely since I apparently suffer from some calendar scheduling incapability that’s probably a close cousin of procrastination. But this week, well, THIS week is some kind of special, because yesterday I awoke to a barrage of phone notifications alerting me to the fact that the interwebs were throwing me a surprise virtual baby shower (#EmsPigletParty) for our little piglet. A surprise. Virtual. Baby shower. Because that’s a thing. WHAT! ♥♥♥ And also: awesome sauce collection! (That’s like your Great Uncle Marty’s collection of hot sauces. Minus all the ass-burning puns. Plus lots more awesomeness.) Honestly, waking up to discover that friends like Gina (So…Let’s Hang Out) and Sherrie (With Food + Love) have rounded up the internet’s sweetest, most talented food bloggers to celebrate your impending arrival is kind of an unbeatable way to start the day. (If you’re on the fence about getting knocked up, the incentive of a virtual baby shower is definitely a reason to pass GO, collect your $twohunny and be on your merry, preggy way.) My heart is so completely warmed, my tastebuds so completely tantalized, by this collection of crazy delicious posts … Read More

creamed spinach toasts with fried eggs + fennel


creamed spinach toasts with fried eggs + fennel (via

Easter eggs. Can we call these that? Is that just too easy, too obvious, when I tell you that this brunchy feast is the exact thing you’ll want to dive your face into come Easter Sunday? Maybe so, but I never promised to be a clever one. And freaking Easter eggs – c’mon! It’s kinda cute. Cyuuuuuuute. Kyoooote. I’m getting soft. Ok, but before we talk about eggs real quick, can we just address THE JINX? Have you guys watched it? We were completely sucked in and polished off the whole mini-series in, like, three days. (I’m a liar. Two days.) And then went totally down the rabbit hole reading everything The New York Times has ever written on that squirrelly little muther. It’s only six eppies, you guys. Go watch it right now. And then watch Mad Men, because the first half of Season 7 is finally on Netflix and I ripped through that, too. I can’t tell if I’m liking Peggy or hating Peggy or liking Don or hating Don but I think I’m liking Don and still on the fence about Peggy and probably all men should look as dashing with silver hair as Roger Sterling. Thoughts thoughts thoughts?? It’s … Read More

glazed pineapple-banana loaf cake with walnuts + cherries


glazed pineapple-banana loaf cake with walnuts + cherries (via

The past couple of weeks have been such a whirlwind. I know I allude to something of that nature every few posts or so, but I’m not sure I’ve ever experienced time moving at quite this rate of speed before. Isn’t there some convention that pregnancy flies by until you hit the last month or so and then everything suddenly stills while you wait…and wait…and wait…? I can tell you, I’m closing in on that last month, and I’m not sure there will ever be enough days between today and the day to tick all the boxes on all the lists. Waaah. One of the lists I’ve almost-barely-but-not-really managed to get under control is the meal prep and planning ‘majiggy I put together for our first few weeks back at home with the wee one. I’m thinking I’ll give you guys the quickie rundown either this week or next, but the main idea is to stock the freezer and pantry with a variety of meals that can come together with next to zero effort when we’re fighting the battles of cloth diapers and fatigue. Variety, I’m figuring, is key — so we’ve got a couple of casseroleish things and a couple of egg dishes. … Read More

greek sweet potato fries with curried tzatziki


greek sweet potato fries with curried tzatziki (via

Just a shortie today because I’ve got roughly three weeks of freezer meals calling out to be labeled and organized and tetris’d into a spot that was previously occupied by six frozen ‘naners. Which have now become two ginormous loaves of pineapple-banana loaf cake, also headed for the freezer. Systems are failing. (PS – Do you guys have any interest in the whole freezer food game plan? Mehbeh I’ll do a little posty-post about how it’s all coming together and then a Part Deux when it all gets cooked up for countless post-baby dins and inevitably falls miserably apart. Is that completely, totally boring? Comtotesboringo? Snoresville? Lemme know.) This past weekend Chris and I had a small non-shower at the corner bar chock fulla beers and burgers and chicken strips and cuppycakes and exactly zero games and it was awesome. We’re so lucky to be surrounded by friends that have truly become our second family — and as only children, it’s so comforting to know that our little babes will grow up with more honorary aunties and uncles than she can count. (Well I mean, when she can count, she’ll be able to count them, but I’ma keep things low-presh…) In addition … Read More

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Oh hai, it’s Friday and I’m actually publishing a post. Been a while since that’s happened. Good thing I never committed to a schedule for this Friday links bidnit, right? Whoopsiepoopsie. Is it normal to be eating curried chicken salad straight from the mixing bowl for breakfast? How about using TJ’s Everything Crackers as a utensil — are we all on the same page there? Can we talk about the anxiety associated with prepping a grocery list for an approximate butt-ton of freezer meals meant to see us through the first few sleepless weeks of baby-on-the-outside-ness?? (P.S. I’m about the last person you should probably trust to do freezer meals, so I’m leaning pretty heavily on Jess’ experience for support…) I feel like red-sauced stuff is going to make a lot of appearances. Also meatballs. Probably taters. Is it problematic that I’m planning disproportionately heavy meals with no regard for the fact that it could be summer by the time we get around to eating them? Who doesn’t like a casserole in June? I bet you weren’t expecting this interrogation. Ok, but one more question. Have you nominated your fave food bloggies for Saveur’s Blog Awards yet? If not, it only takes a minute. … Read More