cantina laredo carne asada nachos


Crunchy baked chips, super addicting carne asada and all the fixins'! (via

Nothing like bouncing back from a vegan chili post with a few slabbies of medium rare bovine, amirite? It’s part of this whole living on the edge thing Chris and I have going on. Just a couple of real risk-takers alternating bites of bean curd and meat. Somebody get me a parachute. Actually, somebody get me a fresh thinking cap, because my brain has been particularly sputtery this past week and I’m a liiiittle afeared for you all. I even went so far as to look up Use Of Words Such As ‘Afeared’ in the symptoms index of my baby book, and scribbled over the original text was a crude drawing of a spherical woman holding a cow over her head, fangs bared, while her friends ran away. This is what I get for cheaping out and buying my references used on Amazon, you guys. The world is full of freaking weirdos, and I can only do so much to warn you away from them. Uh, are you…still…there? Better to just talk about deez nachos, den, I suppose. Look at all dem layers! Ok, but really, I’m done subbing th’s for d’s. Cuz dat’s annoying. Ha…rrrrro? For those of you … Read More

slow cooker vegan mole chili


Slow Cooker Vegan Mole Chili Recipe -- just 25 mins prep (via #vegan #recipe #glutenfree #chili #crockpot

Let me tell you what I did this weekend. I pushed around strollers for three hours and then ate a sandwich the size of my face. I mean, we also did the Valentine’s Day thing and all that jazz (panna cotta for all!), but sandwich the size of my face was pretty much the highlight. And in case you’re wondering, we are no closer to choosing a stroller than we were before. Namely because there’s apparently no such thing as chic and multipurpose and affordable and joggable and schlep-all-your-shittable without tipping over and knocking your newborn in the dome. I’m about THIS close to just poaching a cart from the Target parking lot and calling it a day. And now I’m done talking about baby stuffs. For this post, at least. Because I feel like there are maybe three reactions to these kinds of rants, and they’re either: Current Parents: Suck it up, porkchop. Hip Young Singles or Not-Yet-Even-Trying-To-Be-Parents: SNORE TIMES A MILLION. My Mom: Tell me everything. Since most of you probably aren’t my mom (hi mom! are you reading this on your new smart phone? proudsies!), I’ll try to rein it in. No promises, though, because babies babies everywhere and not … Read More

“his n’ hers” panna cotta (coconut cream w/ cinnamon-bourbon whip + strawberry-sesame w/ matcha whip)


Two easy, perfectly romantic panna cotta recipes - Coconut Cream + Cinnamon-Bourbon Whip and Strawberry Sesame + Matcha Whip. Just 20 mins prep + chilling. Full recipes at #recipe #sweets #valentinesday #dairyfree

Let’s talk about how I just spent almost half an hour trying to pinpoint the crackling sound coming from the freezer only to realize it’s coming from a wood-wick candle I left burning on the bathroom counter. And now my kitchen is littered with frozen food and I get to play my favorite-ever freezer game “hide the banana(s).” Except it’s not nearly as fun or dirty as it sounds and more like I really, really need to make banana bread some time in 2015. Yikes. A. Bee. Now (Bachelor spoiler) let’s talk about how Farmbeezy Chreezy almost totally redeemed himself this week by ditching not one but TWO girls in the Badlands and then flying away in a helicopter all double-oh-seveny!!! Those girls, though. Kelsey, though. How likely is it that she’s gonna pull a real life Gone Girl on some poor dude? I feel like VERY LIKELY is the only answer. She got that special kind of Calculated Crazy going on that you just don’t fuck around with. Super scary. Ok, now let’s talk about panna cotta. It might seem like kind of a goofy stretch to jump from The Bachelor to Valentine’s Day, but real life, Chris and I watch The Bachelor together every week, … Read More

quinoa + chickpea tabbouleh (gf + vegan)


Takes only 10-mins and is perfect for lunches or potlucks! Full recipe at #vegan #glutenfree #salad #recipe #quinoa

You guys. Parenthood is over. I just finished the Serial podcast. Vampire Diaries is getting a little off its game — even for Vampire Diaries. (But, attractive people…) And do we even want to talk about The Bachelor? This season is a freaking circus of crazies and the ring master is an unfortunately fauxhawk’d makeout slut with waaaaaay less facial hair than is necessary for the whole Iowa Farmer thing to be charming. (Also, that matte pink lipstick looks good on exactly none of you, so stop passing it around. JUSTSTOPIT. Jesus.) I think I need a detox from popular programming. Or maybe just a detox, in general. (I feel like here’s where I should put another picture of this salad thingyding. Isn’t it just the picture of health? Chickpeas! Quinoas! Green stuffs! It’s exactly what should be going into your tummy when limos of drunk girls are going into your eyeballs.) OMG, you kinda like the makeout slut, don’t you? DO YOU? But he’d be so much hotterrrrrr with a reeeeeal beeaarrrdddd…. Ugh. Let’s not even. So honestly, I think I’ve said that recipes are “stupid easy” a time or two, but this time I weeeealllly mean it. Step 1. Lemon juice, olive oil, … Read More

friday links 01.30.15


friday links 01.30.15

Shut up, it’s the thirtieth of January. A whole dang twelfth of the new year is (almost) gone! What the shit. When did that happen. I feel like I snoozed right through it. (Also, I spelled twelfth like twelf and stared at it for at least a minute before deciding it didn’t quite look right. Who writes out that word ever? No one, that’s who. And me.) Happenings in the piggy household this week consisted primarily of registering for gobs of baby crap I never knew existed (look at this George Jetson swingaling! I don’t want it, but I so want it.); eating all the enchilada hummus in preparation for StoopidBowl Sunday (i.e. National Get Fat on Chips Day, a completely apt description of my annual experience); and spending lots of time practicing my labor relaxation techniques a la Dr. Bradley. This includes learning how much the Pandora “relaxation” stations suck butt. So…please consider this my formal plea for relaxing music suggestions. Ok, on with the show… Friday links! Funstuffs: What bartenders really think of your order. (I wonder what my “club soda with lime. More lime. MORE LIME.” is saying…) This mashup of six nearly identical country songs has been going around, … Read More

toasted walnut enchilada hummus with cilantro + lime


Two recipes in one: toasty, nutty hummus drizzled with a fast and foolproof spicy sauce. Super addicting! Full recipe at #vegan #superbowl #snacks #recipe

Oh yay! You guys are still here. Meaning my affinity for hot dogs (and a decidedly Americasian interpretation, at that) didn’t scare you away. I knew you could hang. As your reward, this week we’re talking more Superbowl-ready eats that are borderline goofy (enchilada sauce on toppa hummus? she dun lost her shit!) but silly delicious all the same. You’ll see what I mean when we get into the nitty gritty later on. And really, is it even that weird? It’s clearly not bizarre enough to warrant the gibberish I keep slapping in between all these parentheses (like this crap — which is here solely for the purpose of example), but I feel a little insecure every time I post something that’s not, like, THE Trending Item on Pinterest. (Side note: until I dunk an Oreo in waffle batter and drizzle it with peanut butter, I’m not sure I’ll ever be That Trending Item.) (Side side note: I would so eat that.) You want to lob a boomerang at my head right now, don’t you? (It would be kind of poetic and all given its parenthesis-y shape…) I’m stopping. So, late last week, I went into the lab for glucose testing, which is … Read More

fried hot dog + egg sammies with sriracha + shoyu mayo


a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl

I don’t think I’ve expressed it here before, but I love hot dogs. And it’s not even the Weirdo Preggers Em talking. Just Weirdo Normal Em. (*waves*) We (me and hot dogs) should totally sit in a tree and make out super hard. I <3 them in macaroni + cheese. On top of instant ramen. Smashed into a sandwich with a slice of melting American cheese, or dressed up for the street in bacon, mayo and fajita veggies. Shit is legit tasty. I like ‘em best with a snappy skin. (Detour: the Weiner Circle in Chicago boasts the snappiest dogs and even snappier staff and only kinda sounds like it was named after a fraternity hazing ritual. GO THERE.) At home, in its simplest form, I like my dog sliced in little circles and tumbled over a bowl of rice or tucked whole into a softened white bun with ketchup only. Because mustard is mustarded. During football season, which packs very little thrill for someone as apathetic about, um, ball sports as yours truly, hot dogs are the equivalent of the Chair Outside the Dressing Room. Like, I don’t really want to go watch the game and pretend I knew that the yellow line doesn’t … Read More

friday links 01.16.15 — and we’re having a…


friday links 01.16.15 -- and we're having a...

GURRRRRRRL! I know. A little anti-climactic with the pink heading. I couldn’t help myself. We opened the envelope right around Christmas but wanted to take the past few weeks to privately revel in the fact that the little being pummeling my tums is, in fact, our daughter to be. ♥ Somehow, in just the transition from “it” to “her,” my substantially cloudy vision of the future has started to crystallize ever so slightly. Chris, who has envisioned a tiny piglita all along, is 1429% terrified. It’s pretty adorable. So now it’s on to names (we have a long list of no-way-in-hells and a very short list of maybes); nursery stuffs (!!!); and reading approximately all the books about exactly how much pain accompanies natural childbirth. I can’t wait! Friday links! Funstuffs: David Chang on The State of Ramen. I’m so torn on this one. As with many specialized cuisines, ramen is its own art form and, as such, derives much of its allure from constant innovation. But still: eat what you love; eat what tastes good. Right? NPR reviewed those White Castle Veggie Sliders I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I’m still down. Talk about an ironic last name. I’d love to … Read More

french lentil soup with kale + bacon and waffled scamorza “en carroza”


The perfect winter soup (gluten-free) + battered, grilled Hawaiian bread sammies stuffed with smoked mozz. Not sure it gets much better! Full recipe at #soup #sandwich #winter #recipe

Aloha from Maui! We’re babymooning this week (holy almost 26 weeks — where do the months go?) and falling quickly in love with everything the island has to offer. So while the rest of the country is contending with the plight of the season, we’re wallowing in the misery of cool ocean breezes and more shave ice than is probably healthy. I might just birth a walking sno-cone. Nobody act surprised. Also, to those of you facing said plight: I’m sorry. If it makes you feel at all better, I’ve seen plenty of your neighbors getting their serious burn on, and it doesn’t look like a fun time. (Mister Cincinnati Reds Hat, I’m looking at you.) So you know, you’re maybe better off. Because even a Bucks Championship (!!!) can’t take the sting out of sunburn. Should we get on with this soup dealio? I schmink so. Earthy, porky lentil soup is one of those things I could eat all year long for pretty much any/every meal. It’s hearty and savory without ever feeling overly heavy or indulgent. Ok, maybe when I eat two and then three bowls in a sitting, it starts to feel a little heavy. But I blame it on the bacon, you … Read More

five spice + curried sweet corn soup


A warm and cozy winter soup with a hint of spring. #Glutenfree with #vegan mods. Find the full recipe at

Two years ago I gave up soda and factory farmed fast-food for the New Year, and they both stuck. Aside from hippie, home-brewed ginger beer and the like, nary a pop has crossed these lips. Nor a Double Double (thank god for In n’ Out’s grilled cheese is all I have to say about that…). Or a chicken nugget. Okokok, there may have been a little c-nug situation this one time at the Denver Airport because cravings and short layovers and crippled self-control, but I sweaaaars to you, that was it. I also swear I’m not (nor was I ever) really much of a fast food junkie, but once it’s off the table, it suddenly seems so forbidden and risky and deliciously alluuuuuuuring. Thank god for In n’ Out’s grilled cheese is all I have to say about that. Since it seems unlikely that I’ll ever be able to stick to another resolution with that same discipline and finesse (except for that one time at the Denver airport. Thank god for In n’ Out’s grilled cheese is all I have to say about that!), I’m saying to hell with new resolutions and hello to my always faithful friend moderation. Ah, moderation. She’s a … Read More