friday links 01.30.15


friday links 01.30.15

Shut up, it’s the thirtieth of January. A whole dang twelfth of the new year is (almost) gone! What the shit. When did that happen. I feel like I snoozed right through it. (Also, I spelled twelfth like twelf and stared at it for at least a minute before deciding it didn’t quite look right. Who writes out that word ever? No one, that’s who. And me.) Happenings in the piggy household this week consisted primarily of registering for gobs of baby crap I never knew existed (look at this George Jetson swingaling! I don’t want it, but I so want it.); eating all the enchilada hummus in preparation for StoopidBowl Sunday (i.e. National Get Fat on Chips Day, a completely apt description of my annual experience); and spending lots of time practicing my labor relaxation techniques a la Dr. Bradley. This includes learning how much the Pandora “relaxation” stations suck butt. So…please consider this my formal plea for relaxing music suggestions. Ok, on with the show… Friday links! Funstuffs: What bartenders really think of your order. (I wonder what my “club soda with lime. More lime. MORE LIME.” is saying…) This mashup of six nearly identical country songs has been going around, … Read More

toasted walnut enchilada hummus with cilantro + lime


Two recipes in one: toasty, nutty hummus drizzled with a fast and foolproof spicy sauce. Super addicting! Full recipe at #vegan #superbowl #snacks #recipe

Oh yay! You guys are still here. Meaning my affinity for hot dogs (and a decidedly Americasian interpretation, at that) didn’t scare you away. I knew you could hang. As your reward, this week we’re talking more Superbowl-ready eats that are borderline goofy (enchilada sauce on toppa hummus? she dun lost her shit!) but silly delicious all the same. You’ll see what I mean when we get into the nitty gritty later on. And really, is it even that weird? It’s clearly not bizarre enough to warrant the gibberish I keep slapping in between all these parentheses (like this crap — which is here solely for the purpose of example), but I feel a little insecure every time I post something that’s not, like, THE Trending Item on Pinterest. (Side note: until I dunk an Oreo in waffle batter and drizzle it with peanut butter, I’m not sure I’ll ever be That Trending Item.) (Side side note: I would so eat that.) You want to lob a boomerang at my head right now, don’t you? (It would be kind of poetic and all given its parenthesis-y shape…) I’m stopping. So, late last week, I went into the lab for glucose testing, which is … Read More

fried hot dog + egg sammies with sriracha + shoyu mayo


a twist on the game day hot dog and perfectly crave-worthy. full recipe at #gameday #hotdog #nitratefree #recipe #superbowl

I don’t think I’ve expressed it here before, but I love hot dogs. And it’s not even the Weirdo Preggers Em talking. Just Weirdo Normal Em. (*waves*) We (me and hot dogs) should totally sit in a tree and make out super hard. I <3 them in macaroni + cheese. On top of instant ramen. Smashed into a sandwich with a slice of melting American cheese, or dressed up for the street in bacon, mayo and fajita veggies. Shit is legit tasty. I like ‘em best with a snappy skin. (Detour: the Weiner Circle in Chicago boasts the snappiest dogs and even snappier staff and only kinda sounds like it was named after a fraternity hazing ritual. GO THERE.) At home, in its simplest form, I like my dog sliced in little circles and tumbled over a bowl of rice or tucked whole into a softened white bun with ketchup only. Because mustard is mustarded. During football season, which packs very little thrill for someone as apathetic about, um, ball sports as yours truly, hot dogs are the equivalent of the Chair Outside the Dressing Room. Like, I don’t really want to go watch the game and pretend I knew that the yellow line doesn’t … Read More

friday links 01.16.15 — and we’re having a…


friday links 01.16.15 -- and we're having a...

GURRRRRRRL! I know. A little anti-climactic with the pink heading. I couldn’t help myself. We opened the envelope right around Christmas but wanted to take the past few weeks to privately revel in the fact that the little being pummeling my tums is, in fact, our daughter to be. ♥ Somehow, in just the transition from “it” to “her,” my substantially cloudy vision of the future has started to crystallize ever so slightly. Chris, who has envisioned a tiny piglita all along, is 1429% terrified. It’s pretty adorable. So now it’s on to names (we have a long list of no-way-in-hells and a very short list of maybes); nursery stuffs (!!!); and reading approximately all the books about exactly how much pain accompanies natural childbirth. I can’t wait! Friday links! Funstuffs: David Chang on The State of Ramen. I’m so torn on this one. As with many specialized cuisines, ramen is its own art form and, as such, derives much of its allure from constant innovation. But still: eat what you love; eat what tastes good. Right? NPR reviewed those White Castle Veggie Sliders I mentioned a couple weeks ago. I’m still down. Talk about an ironic last name. I’d love to … Read More

french lentil soup with kale + bacon and waffled scamorza “en carroza”


The perfect winter soup (gluten-free) + battered, grilled Hawaiian bread sammies stuffed with smoked mozz. Not sure it gets much better! Full recipe at #soup #sandwich #winter #recipe

Aloha from Maui! We’re babymooning this week (holy almost 26 weeks — where do the months go?) and falling quickly in love with everything the island has to offer. So while the rest of the country is contending with the plight of the season, we’re wallowing in the misery of cool ocean breezes and more shave ice than is probably healthy. I might just birth a walking sno-cone. Nobody act surprised. Also, to those of you facing said plight: I’m sorry. If it makes you feel at all better, I’ve seen plenty of your neighbors getting their serious burn on, and it doesn’t look like a fun time. (Mister Cincinnati Reds Hat, I’m looking at you.) So you know, you’re maybe better off. Because even a Bucks Championship (!!!) can’t take the sting out of sunburn. Should we get on with this soup dealio? I schmink so. Earthy, porky lentil soup is one of those things I could eat all year long for pretty much any/every meal. It’s hearty and savory without ever feeling overly heavy or indulgent. Ok, maybe when I eat two and then three bowls in a sitting, it starts to feel a little heavy. But I blame it on the bacon, you … Read More

five spice + curried sweet corn soup


A warm and cozy winter soup with a hint of spring. #Glutenfree with #vegan mods. Find the full recipe at

Two years ago I gave up soda and factory farmed fast-food for the New Year, and they both stuck. Aside from hippie, home-brewed ginger beer and the like, nary a pop has crossed these lips. Nor a Double Double (thank god for In n’ Out’s grilled cheese is all I have to say about that…). Or a chicken nugget. Okokok, there may have been a little c-nug situation this one time at the Denver Airport because cravings and short layovers and crippled self-control, but I sweaaaars to you, that was it. I also swear I’m not (nor was I ever) really much of a fast food junkie, but once it’s off the table, it suddenly seems so forbidden and risky and deliciously alluuuuuuuring. Thank god for In n’ Out’s grilled cheese is all I have to say about that. Since it seems unlikely that I’ll ever be able to stick to another resolution with that same discipline and finesse (except for that one time at the Denver airport. Thank god for In n’ Out’s grilled cheese is all I have to say about that!), I’m saying to hell with new resolutions and hello to my always faithful friend moderation. Ah, moderation. She’s a … Read More

friday links 01.02.15 – and happy new year!



It’s a nyooo year you guyssssss!!! We celebrated with too much good food, puh-lenty of bubbly (ginger brew for me, cuz I’m super ‘sponsible), and a giggly midnight kiss on the drive home. I blow-dried my hair, Chris donned a sweater, and it was made all the better by a deliciously ordinary, long, lazy morning that had us in our jammies past noon. Oh, 2015. You’re looking rather dapper, already. Friday links! Funstuffs: Might be from last year, but I feel like this classically-written (read: touching, entertaining, enlightening and frank) Momastery piece on asking the right questions is applicable to all relationships, (impending) kiddos or not. As of yesterday, California’s Prop 2 is officially in effect — a small but significant step forward, to be sure. Chicken emoji + egg emoji + more room to spread their wings emoji! Have you been bitten by the “Serial” bug yet? I’ve been completely sucked in by The Intercept’s interview series with key witness Jay Wilds (parts 2 and 3 here and here). Thoughts? Um, hai, I’m pretty excited that 2015 TV premieres are upon us. Parenthood party at my place? White Castle is introducing veggie sliders!!! Carls Jr. is serving grass-fed beef!!! Twenty-fifteen might just be the year I say … Read More

(party-perfect!) deviled cheese crisps + farewell 2014


Super simple cheese crisps made with crisped rice cereal!! Great for cheese plates or party trays. Full recipe at #partyfood #NYE #recipe #cheese #snacks

Crumbly. Spicy. Almost-shortbready-but-they’re-made-with-rice-crispies-whaaaaaaa…CHEESE CRISPS!!!!! Yes. But first. There’s but a single day left in 2014 (or two? do I count today?) and I’m trapped somewhere between having too many words to share and not a clue what to write. Which, if you blog or journal or have even ever tried to write a particularly clever email to your boss, is something you’ve all experienced. (Side note: that clever email thing = really hard to pull off. And not for lack of trying, trust me…) Generic as it may sound, 2014 was a year of substantial changes in our little abode. There was the work stuff — like how, at the tail end of 2013, Chris bade farewell to a job he loved (the job, in fact, that brought us back to California, for which we’ll always be grateful) and stepped into an exciting new role that has kept his bright and boundless engineering mind alight with happy challenges. And then this spring, I left my job in marketing — and the second family that went along with it — to explore more personal passions, both here on the blog with all of you (one of my sincerest joys!) and beyond. I never officially … Read More

grain-free mini persimmon spice cakes (+ eggnog parfaits)


Two recipes in one! Perfect little giftable cakes and festive parfaits perfect for the holidays. Full recipe at #grainfree #holidays #recipe #baking #christmas #newyears #eggnog

It’s Christmas Eve! Around here, that means prepping for the in-laws’ annual tamale feast and perhaps the most competitive pirate’s gift exchange that ever was. Our particular version features plenty of red wine and tequila and a particularly obscene vase that makes a comeback every year. It’s a raucous good time and one of those small things I know we’ll enjoy savoring in its current glory before things like an unfortunate floral receptacle that seriously resembles a vagina and nothing else takes a backseat to our inevitably lovely little piglet. How well do you feel like you know my family right know? I’m just going to jump right into persimmons. Is it persimmon season where you are? (Super graceful.) We’re getting to the end of it here, but for the last few years, without fail, I’ve come home from Thanksgiving at my grandparent’s house with at least one hulking sack of hazy, fiery-hued Fuyus. For those unfamiliar with the persimmon family tree, those are the little flat guys that can be eaten while crisp, like an apple. I prefer them drastically to the more teardrop-shaped Hachiya that are eaten once the flesh becomes soft and almost custardy. They sound intriguing and even quite … Read More

friday links 12.19.14


My fave macarons (from Pistacia Vera in CBUS) and plenty of Friday Links - yay!

Between Chris’ birthday, long evenings of gift wrapping and about a billion last-minute holiday errands that I swore I wouldn’t put off until, well, now, the week has absolutely flown by. We even checked off the biggie 20(ish)-week ultrasound appointment and have a tiny envelope tucked among the branches of our Frasier Fir, the gender of our little he or she concealed within. First we thought we’d open it on Wednesday, over dinner. And then we said we’d wait until tonight after stockings. But honestly, there’s a teensy part of me that wants to hold off altogether until the big day actually arrives. We’ll see how long that lasts. (If all the sideways glances I’ve been casting at the tree are any indication, not very…) Friday links! Funstuffs: Stolen from Gina’s Facebook page, the 2014 Hater’s Guide to the Williams Sonoma Catalog. I’m a huge sucker for pretty much everything WS and yet this had me almost peeing. (Or maybe that’s the baby.) The 2013 version is no slouch, either. Joy posted her top 20 bites of 2014 and I’ve never wanted to visit/eat my way through LA more. Those tiny corn cobs and the tofu banh mi, especially. Food … Read More