the ultimate spring pizza // shaved asparagus, roasted potato, smoked mozz + lemon

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The Ultimate Spring Pizza Recipe // Shaved Asparagus, Roasted Potato, Smoked Mozz + Lemon (via #lunch #brunch #vegetarian

First off, thank you so much for all your kind words on my last post. As you guys know, I like to treat this as a “no secrets” kinda space, even in my typical posts (you’re welcome/sorry), but it still felt a little different publishing a new brand of ramblings that didn’t culminate in a recipe. Your comments here and on the P&Q social spots were such a welcomed reminder of why I come back to this place over and over again. To shoot the breeze about the many things I like to put in my face, of course — and then why such phrases should probably come with a PG-13 disclaimer. But at the very root of things, it’s to share, indulge and connect with you. You guys get me. Or maybe you tolerate me. You know I’ll gladly take either. So, let’s talk about pizza. We are on a SERIOUS pizza making kick over here (complete with baby pizzas for baby babies!) and this, guys and gals, is the hot diggy that kicked it all off. With a base of smoked mozz and potatoes and a scattering of lemony asparagus and, uh, lemonier lemons, it’s both springy and comfy and bright and … Read More

Pigtales 01: Five Things I Learned as a New Mom


Oh hey, new series alert! Pigtales is a glimpse at the going-ons that take place (mostly) outside of the P&Q kitchen. Baby stuffs, things I love, general musings and other tales from my life as a momma, wife and semi-professional goofball. By choice, Chris and I brought Lana home to an empty house. Our parents, who were ear-to-the-door during Lana’s delivery, stayed around the hospital long enough to snuggle our little one and ensure we were well nourished and comfortable, and then they all piled back into the car for what I imagine was a very endorphin-fueled drive to Sacramento. And so it was that Chris and I spent our first night — and every night after for at least several weeks — on our own with our sweet, gentle bug. We were strong enough a team to bring her into the world, we figured; we’d be strong enough a team to show her its first wonders. And we were. That said, we accepted help where it was offered, and one of the most valuable forms of support I received was the ‘round the clock wisdom of my best friend since childhood, Whitney, who just happens to be a certified lactation … Read More

roasted fig + potato salad with asparagus, goat cheese + honey-orange balsamic vinaigrette


Roasted Fig + Potato Salad with Asparagus, Goat cheese + Honey-Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette recipe (via #vegetarian #spring #lunch #dinner

Hi, my name is Emily, and I love purging shit outta my house. So when I got an email from Phoebe a few weeks ago suggesting a pantry purge in the name of spring cleaning, I jumped right on it. Purging shit not only out of my house — but into my belly!? I can think of few things more satisfying. At first glance, this salad doesn’t necessarily scream PANTRY, I know. It’s fresh, light, green. It’s not bursting with nuts or legumes or any of the usual pantry-lurkers (Oriental Flavor ramen brick, I’m looking at you, ya little anti-PC creeper) — but then, that’s what makes this dish so good. Unexpected in composition — and unexpectedly delicious. Bingo bango. For a couple of months now, I’ve had a little carton of dried figs sitting right at eye level in my main pantry cupboard, just begging to be enjoyed. I bought them on a whim after sampling a few at the farmer’s market a while back — with grand notions of making my own Newtons to be sure — and proudly placed them on the shelf in a cadillac position where they’d be impossible to miss. Except I’ve now reached over and around said figgies … Read More

honeyed pistachio and balsamic-roasted strawberry (coconut) mousse


Honeyed Pistachio and Balsamic-Roasted Strawberry Coconut Mousse recipe (via #dairyfree #dessert #refinedsugarfree

You guys. First and foremost: can we get a hell yeah for Friday? I’ve got exactly nothing to complain about this week — the weather has been springtime perfection, Lana is going through some sort of growth spurt that has her nursing like a newborn and napping like a champ, and I learned that the thrift store down the street does 50% off Tuesdays! — but it doesn’t mean I don’t love me a weekend. And this weekend, two of my besties will be here to eat, shop and bug-snuggle to their hearts’ content. It’ll be just like our middle school sleepovers, minus repeatedly phoning in requests for Ginuwine to the local radio station. Oh yeah, and plus babies. So more or less the same. Second: can we peep that tiny honey bear? I schlepped a purseful home from a friend’s wedding last year and have been holding out for the perfect excuse to squeeze him into a shoot. Handsome little guy, isn’t he? Third (and last, because, to be honest, Chris is watching Pitch Perfect 2 and I can’t pry myself away): we’re making Lana a big sister!!! HA. April fools. Maybe one day, but definitely not today. Although exactly … Read More

citrus matcha lattés two ways



Hi hi hi hi hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii guyssssssssss! I’m so very excited to catch you up on all that’s happened over the past few weeks. In the Cliffs Notes version, we road-tripped to Pacific Grove and Mendocino; finally finished settling into our new digs (hey new dining room table, you shaxy fing, you…); planted a garden that I’ve been more or less banned from tending given my track record with living things (Lana is really lucky she’s made it this far); celebrated 11 years of good ol’ fashioned monogamy; and slept in. Yeah, SLEPT IN. Like, Chris woke up with the babe, I put her on my boob for a hot minute — and then I went back to sleep. It was bliss, you guys. I felt like one of those people in those really pretty bedding ads, just luxuriating in my fluffy duvet and artfully rumpled sheets with my gently tousled bedhead and my dewy Jergens-y skin. I mean, IRL I am one hundred percent certain it looked nothing like that, but it felt super glam. Even with my pasty white arms. Like, really, when did my arms get so pasty? And, like, shapeless? I thought for sure lugging a 20lb kiddo … Read More

vietnamese meatball bún with honey-aleppo nuoc cham


Vietnamese Meatball Bún with Honey-Aleppo Nuoc Cham recipe (via #dairyfree #glutenfree #dinner

We’re in it, you guys. The home stretch. The last couple of months before this artsy little nugget completes her first trip around the sun and all the excuses I’ve made for myself as a “new mom” come up on their expiration date. Am I supposed to have my shit together by now? My squad of mommy friends firmly established? Is it time to reintroduce my hair to the flat iron and the blow dryer? (Hell, even the hair brush is kind of estranged at this point…) If you feel like these questions are rhetorical, I ensure you: they are not. I have questions; I need answers. Particularly on that mommy squad thing. I for serious need some mom friends, you guys, so I can talk about things like nap schedules and convertible carseats and solid food menu planning without getting punched in the face. Plus, I feel like it’d be good for Lana to have some other big people around during the day, too, if only because spending day. after day. after daaaaay with just me is surely a shortcut to smartassville. SRSLY PLS HLP. Aside from having the incomparable privilege of witnessing our tiny, suckling babe morph into … Read More

no-bake mini vegan nutella cheesecakes


No-Bake Mini Vegan Nutella Cheesecakes recipe (via the #dessert #chocolate #valentinesday #dairyfree

I have no idea how it happened, but Valentine’s Day is upon us. Six months ago, I thought I’d be prepared. I’d take Lana to one of those under-frequented paint-your-own pottery spots, stamp her fat little hand print on a saucer for Chris, and call it a day. In the evening, per tradition, Chris and I would cuddle up with big bowls of Kraft mac n’ cheese, a tray of Scotchmallows and the Mad Men finale — or something equally decadent. And one night in the week that followed, we’d celebrate more formally, pulling up chairs to a tiny table at our favorite neighborhood restaurant and sipping a bold, jammy red from wine glasses blown as big as my head. But here we are, less than 48 hours from cupid’s big day, and I’m stunningly unprepared. No cutesy baby crafts up my sleeve. No Kraft mac in the pantry. And as someone who can sniff out that sweet, honeyed bon-bon from a mile away, I can tell you with absolute certainty there are no Scotchmallows to be found in this house. Date nights out have been few and far between. And, surprisingly, I’m kind of OK with that. Instead of jacking up expectations over one or two big … Read More

mini chili cheese dog pot pies


mini chili cheese dog pot pies recipe (via #superbowl

Whew. How are you guys? I’m, well, tired. We said a bittersweet goodbye to our little old house last week, packed up our tiny kitchen and lingered over many a box recounting the memories we made in one home and everything that awaits us in the next. And now we’ve got company coming tomorrow and a whole heap’a boxes to be unpacked in the guest room, so while I’ve got too much fun stuff to talk about today, I’ll keep things Speedy McGee. Here goes: 1) Kicking things off (wait for it…), oh heeeeeeeeeyyy Super Bowl Weekend — how’re you doin? We’re not a big football household, but we are a big events-that-inspire-smorgies household, and the Super Bowl is nothing if not an excuse to shovel your face full of chips, dips and dogs. The latter is probably my fave (because you know I’m just a big ol’ softie for hot dogs) with my only real qualm being that, so often, hot dog buns really leave something to be desired. In my heart of hearts, I want my bun to be soft, fluffy, pillowy white.* Ethereally light, almost melt-in-your-mouth, and mercilessly devoid of nutritional value. And yet every time we fire up … Read More

no-bake vegan mini pb+j cheesecakes


Mini PB+J No-Bake Cheesecakes with Gingersnap Crust recipe (via #dairyfree #vegan #glutenfree #cheesecake #dessert

Howdy all — happy 2016! I can hardly believe this is my first post of the year, but if cheesecake is at all indicative of the general direction this year is headed, you won’t hear me complaining. (Lies. You will. Just not about dessert.) (Probably about nap stuffs. Or lack-of-nap stuffs. Although today I actually got to close my eyes with the little one and we dozed together and it was The Freaking Sweetest.) (Also, I hope parentheses are still en vogue this year.) (AS IF THAT CAN STOP ME.) (Typical.) So about these cheesecakes: not sure if you’ve noticed, but the internet is kind of rockin’ out today with a Virtual Cheese Baby Shower in celebration of Sarah’s (aka Snixy Kitchen) forthcoming #cheesebabygirl, and I couldn’t be more excited. One because Sarah is probably one of the sweetest bloggers I’ve had the joy of meeting IRL (clearly anyone who nicknames their unborn kiddo Cheese is destined to be a fast friend) — and two because HAAAAIII CHEESECAKE WHATTUP. When Alana of The Bojon Gourmet and Todd of HonestlyYUM first reached out with the idea to throw Sarah a surprise #cheesebabyshower and gently encouraged participants to bring our sweetest and/or cheesiest game, I was … Read More

farewell 2015 // year in review + changes ahead


This morning while cleaning out my recipe notebook, which inevitably also happens to be my catchall for grocery lists, to-do’s and expired Bed Bath & Beyond coupons, I found the note cards we used to jot down dimensions when we were planning Lana’s nursery space. And I started crying. Happy tears, because I recall so clearly our joy and anticipation and the sheer excitement of the unknown as we detailed the perfect nook in which to raise and comfort our tiny unborn babe. And sad tears, too, for the tiny babe she no longer is and those early days that are already starting to fade away and, truth of all truths, for the parts of me I left behind when I became our sweet girl’s momma. It’s been 8 months since Lana has so completely changed our world for the better, and in all that time, I’ve taken maybe 15 collective minutes to fully realize how I’ve transformed as an individual — and, moreover, how I feel about that transformation. I’m both more me and less me than I’ve ever been, and in these rare moments when I stop to really connect with that realization, it’s confusing as hell. I … Read More