The city charms again, or A brief ladies weekend in SF

It’s been a lovely couple of days here in the SF Bay Area, and contrary what to is usually the case, the weather in San Francisco proper has been no exception.

On Friday evening, Emily and I crawled up 101 to the City for a ladies night of shopping, Thai food and glitzing about the town Say Yes to the Dress. It was joyfully girly and only a tad crippling to the pocketbook given that, Em’s (or Ems’ in this instance) fave boutique, Ambiance, never fails to be a treasure trove of both luxuries and bargains. I left the store with a bit of both and then quickly chased my post-spree anxiety away with an inexpensive glass of white wine at dinner. Hindsight? What hindsight? We’ve got five weddings on the ticker for 2013, so I felt utterly justified in picking up a couple of new frocks that will take me through the “I-Do” Season and beyond. (Whatcha think, momma?)

BCBGeneration Collar Cutout Dress

Frock it to Me: BCBGeneration Collar Cutout Dress

Eva Franco Belted Navy Dot Dress

Cute as Frock: Eva Franco Belted Navy Dot Dress

I may have also invested in a little asymmetrical black jacket.
A flouncy nude blouse.
Oh, and a fringy tulle skirt. Say what you want, dressing like a five-year-old-dressing-like-a-twenty-five-year-old is the new black.


Saturday morning we roused ourselves out of bed early enough for a jog down to the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market. It was an absolute joy, and I feel the way I do every time I visit the Ferry Building and mill about among the stalls: these are my people.

Our first stop was by Blue Bottle, of course, to get a bit of a buzz going before traipsing around the rest of the market. Delicious, per the usj, and they were sweet enough to split one iced coffee into two small cups, which is still more than enough caffeine for me.

Blue Bottle Ferry Building

Blue Bottle New Orleans-Style Iced Coffee. Ask for one split in two cups for a pint-sized pickmeup.

And then. My God. And then we stopped by the Roli Roti truck, which — HELLO — had ZERO line at 9am. Like, is spit-roasted pig rolled in pig not everyone’s favorite breakfast? WTF. I jumped right in there for their legendary porchetta sandwich…

“…With extra cracklins, please?”
“You hear that, man? The lady wants extra skin. Pile that on that on there!”

Roli Roti Porchetta Sandwich Ferry Building

Thanks to yelp! user Kayla V. for remembering to snap a picture since I didn’t. Fail.

Full disclosure, I munched on a few nubs of crackly skin and then stashed the sandwich for lunch, because the real highlight of our trip to the Ferry Building, our sole reason for having run 3.5 miles on empty stomachs, was to partake in this godly creation: the Chilaquiles from Primavera.

Primarvera Chilaquiles Ferry Building

Primavera chilaquiles. Whoever decided we should be eating stir-fried chips for breakfast: I love you.

If you don’t hear the melodic hum of angels singing while looking at this picture, you need to get your earballs checked, because crunchy-fried-chips-plus-fluffy-eggs-plus-creamy-refrieds-plus-cool-avocado-and-crema-and-queso-fresco-all-swimming-in-spicy-guajillo-chile-goodness…*deep-breath*…equals Heaven.

I failed miserably at taking pictures of most of the photo-worthy vendors that we spied (as if everything at the Ferry Building isn’t gloriously picturesque), but did manage to document a few other fun things before we went on our merry way, including these very small carrots:

Carrot Nubbins Ferry Building Farmers Market

Teensy wittle carrots no longer than the top of my thumb. Adorbs.

And the loveliest display of biscuits that I’ve ever laid eyes on from a newer vendor, Biscuit Bender. How sweet is this petite cart of biscuit-specific baked goods?

Biscuit Bender Ferry Building

Biscuit Bender. All biscuit themed bakery? All good with me.

Biscuit Bender Ferry Building

Left: Delectable Cheddar Cheese freebie biscuit. Right: Super cute biz card.

Big thanks to Sean (or Shawn?) for allowing me and Emily to put a misfit Cheddar Cheese biscuit out of its misery (i.e. into our mouths). I swear, this biscuit was everything Red Lobster wishes its Cheddar Bay biscuits could be: moist on the inside with a satisfying crunch on the outside, generously studded with lacy-edged nuggets of melted cheddar. Divine.

As if burning through all that scrilla (heyo early 2000’s!) at Ambiance the night before had no impact whatsoever, we still decided to take a spin through Union Square (additional 40% off sale at Gap this weekend = this recycled denim jacket for $30 in-store!) and the super hip shops in Hayes Valley before making our way home. Speaking of which, absorb, for a moment, the darlingness of this new shop that specializes solely in bread pudding. I’ve heard of the chain Schulzie’s Bread Pudding around the foodieverse, but this is the first one I’ve seen in the bread. (That was supposed to be like in the flesh. Did it work?)

Schulzies Bread Pudding Hayes Valley

Schulzies Bread Pudding in Hayes Valley.

It’s a bit like an ice cream parlor in that you choose your flavor of bread pudding, scoop size and toppings — except you expect to run into Paula Deen at every bite. I can think of very few things that seem more sinful than this when scooped into a cup (ok, really? I can think of plenty, but eiww), but I imagine they’re going to make a killing with this model. We tried the blueberry, but they also offered raspberry, salted caramel, banana and chocolate flavors — just to name a few — on the day we visited. Methinks “be still my beating heart” may be the most endearing and literal turn of phrase for this one. Gawh, I’m good. Perhaps I should suggest they coin it.

Emily Alamo Square

Random pic of Em in Alamo Square on our jaunt home. Isn’t she a classic beauty? “Boys don’t make passes at girls that wear glasses” my ass.

The sun was just beginning to duck out when we finally made it back to Em’s house and I pulled onto 280 for the short drive home, and I couldn’t help but think what fun we had made of the past 24 hours. More often than not, I keep my sass dangerously uncensored, but on days like this — unabashedly awash with fresh air and sunshine — sass seems downright unnecessary. There’s just too much to be charmed by.

Which brings me to this last pic: Saturday evening’s simple and elegant supper with its own charming touches. Pan-seared salmon with a citrus soy glaze. Black rice with more of that sultry smoked olive oil. Simply steamed broccoli with Australian pink salt.

Citrus-Soy Salmon on Black Rice

I know what you’re thinking and, yes, that is a huge piece of fish. What.

Brings a tear to this little pig’s half-Asian eye.

So let me ask you, friends: how were you charmed this weekend?

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  1. Charmed in Buenos Aires: Fantastic ice cream/gelato flavors for today’s cheat day included Chocolate Suizo, Mascarpone, and Chocolate Almendrado – all scooped into my face with those little see-through neon colored spoons!

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