My favorite SLOJam, aka The Longest Post Ever

And by SLOJam, of course, I mean jamming down the coast to what may be CA’s most alluring town, San Luis Obispo. It’s hands-down my favorite place to be when I’m not A) in my bed B) in my kitchen or C) in my family’s kitchen(s). As the city tourism board should be saying, When it comes to SLO, if you know, you know — and if you don’t, just go! (Coin it!) Since Chris and I moved back to CA a few years ago, we’ve made it an annual ritual to visit San Luis Obispo in February. There’s just … Read More

Recipe: SLO’s Firestone Grill tri-tip steak sandwich and grilled baby zucchini “fries”

Hello from snowy Lake Tahoe! Ok, not really, I’ve been back from Tahoe for a few hours now, but I had every intention of writing a post from the ski house, and then I ended up spending most of the weekend, umm, skiing. And eating. And snoozing. So. To begin again: hello from our slightly awkwardly rearranged-to-accommodate-le-Xmas-tree living room, from which I am not only writing this blog post but committing a majority of my attention span to yesterday’s Hulu’d Saturday Night Live episode. Martin Short and a sketch about the doctor that’s been selected to deliver the Royal heir? … Read More