Cinco de Mayo Roundup: Cray for ¡Olé!

Hola. (Also — Holla!) Ima keep this short. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal shoooooort. (Apparently not that short since I’m playing it pretty fast and loose with the emphasized vowel sounds.) Tomorrow is Cinco. I’m at the lake. Margs are calling. (Yes, I know it’s 8am…) I’d attempt to share one with you in the form of a recipe, but I might be the world’s worse bartender. So instead, hows about we do another quickie recipe roundup — Mexican edition — to make sure you have a full cushion before unwisely donning that boozy sombrero? Sweet. Lessdoeet. Have a festive and safe Cinco, everyone! xoxo, Gossip … Read More

Merry Christmas & Happy Fooding!

(Update: Now posting 1 day late due to interruption by even more food. Ah, the life of a professional glutton…) Happy Christmas, blog buddies! As I am staring down a breakfast of tasty Christmas Eve leftovers, I will keep this swift but certainly wanted to express my extreme joy and gratitude for all the love and support The Pig & Quill has received from family and friends this year. It’s been an incredibly rewarding challenge bringing a little slice of our foodie adventures to the world, so big thanks to my loving family, my good-sport friends and my new little … Read More