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Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

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started the week at the lake (rubicon! snow! boat things!) and came home in time for a peek of sunshine on the coast, epic jaunts for ramen and sandwiches and a decompressing evening of water coloring with the big kiddo. mom and dad could definitely use a nap (or three), but hearts are v full around here. ✨
Eleanor turned one last week (!!) and surprised absolutely no one with her enthusiasm for cake. 🥰 She’s the hammiest of hams, just like her sis, and has spoiled us silly with her infectious smile and chill disposition. (She also happens to give the *best* hugs.)
Solid first thanksgiving for the bebe. 💕 (Not so solid for the 🐑😏…) Much to be grateful for around these parts. Now off to eat more pie!
Posting cute pics of the babe because a) this mama actually made it into the photos (thanks @stoffelcleas!) and b) otherwise all I can think about is @thewatchernetflix (we binged it in two nights) and that fact that *it’s based on a true freaking story.* No. Thank. You. 🙅🏻‍♀️
Every October, I reflect a little on my experience with breast cancer. And this year, rather than focusing on what I lost to cancer, I can’t help but feel exceptionally grateful for what I retained.
Milk & Cookie Monday is back! Last year we made it a tradition to bake up a fresh batch of cookies as something to look forward to at the beginning of the school week, and it actually kinda worked! Even on days when I begrudgingly groaned “ohhhh dammmmn I still have to make the dang cookies!!!” 🤦🏻‍♀️😂 they always ended up worth the effort. We always keep ‘em simple, and this year since I’m nursing a dairy- and soy-sensitive babe, they’ve all been dairy-free, too. Most of our #milkandcookiemonday creations are saved to a Stories highlight, including the @loveandlemons thumbprint cookies from today that might just be my fave cookies, uhhh, ever. (Yep, said that!) Join us in the tradition, friends. It’s a fun one! ✌🏼❤️🍪
Sometimes I just feel real dang lucky that I get to dress up in big ol’ hiking pants or a fly jumpsuit that makes me look like a laced Christmas ham and get a little weird all in the name of work. ✌🏼❤️🤪
Finally got to shoot my fave kinda content a couple weeks ago, and it felt so, so good!
Skillet pizza, coast walks, crazy hair day, air fryer ravs in the lunchbox and six months (!!) with Miss Eleanor Jean. 💕Been a pretty dang OK first half of the long weekend! 👌🏼
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