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Short and Sweet Headlines are Best!

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Nsale selfies time. It takes a village, folks — my best friend accompanied me to shop the sale in-store, my mom came out to help entertain the kiddo and everyone pitched in to keep all parties fed while I toiled away late into the night. All in the name of sorting through 6k sale items to bring you the best, most wearable pieces for fall. It’s a strangely cathartic, slightly stressful, super exciting time to be part of @themomedit team, and everyone pulls out all the stops to make what has turned into a bit of a chaotic sale as fun and easy to shop as possible. Weird gig but wouldn’t trade it. Link to my post in profile. ✌🏼
More or less took off the month of June, and I have zero regrets. Hugged and hosted lots of my favorite people, read during daylight hours, bought all the snacks. TBD on whether this very uncharacteristic boomerang on the ol’ feed means I’ve completely thrown in the towel on the algorithm (and aesthetics), but I am giving fewer and fewer you know whats.
Hey folks! 👋🏼 Em here. (Duh?) Few new faces around here, so I thought I’d share a little about me.
Cheers to the weekend! 🥂🍓
Heading to bed dreaming that these Sweet Corn + Green Chile Waffles with Peach Pico will magically manifest themselves in the morning...and they kiiiiinda will since our freezer is almost never without them. 😎
One sheet pan, one pot, Easy Eggplant Parm Pasta coming in hot! Tender, silky eggplant, crunchy garlicky breadcrumbs, zero frying, 30 mins, optionally #vegan. Link in profile. Get your summer on. 😎
Still don’t know if it’s giff or jiff and I don’t really give a fiff.
Don’t mind if I dooooo... 🤏🏼
When you have nothing planned for dinner (what else is new...) and then realize you have everything you need for these Pantry-Friendly Zucchini Fritters! 🙌🏼 That’s a tiny Friday win, but I’ll take it, folks.
Emily Stoffel The Pig and Quill

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