Double PB&J S'mores (w/ Homemade Graham Crackers!)
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Makes: as many as you like!
  1. Cut jumbo marshmallows in half crosswise and roast to desired doneness. (If doing this inside, I like to skewer the mallows with wood chopsticks that have been soaked in water for an hour or so and roast them over a low gas flame.)
  2. Assemble! It's pretty obvious you can do this any way you like, but I prefer to top one graham cracker with half a roasted mallow; a pile of PB cup quarters; the second roasted mallow half, blackberry jam; peanut butter; plenty of sea salt and the second graham cracker. Enjoy!
Regarding the Homemade Graham Crackers:
1) I follow Christina's recipe exactly except I reduce the molasses by 1 tablespoon and increase the honey by 1 tablespoon.
2) Using a 2" square cutter (I actually have this exact set) and re-rolling the scraps, I can get about 30 cookies from each recipe.
3) And for some reason -- maybe because I just don't roll these quite thin enough -- these always take 22-25 mins in my oven.
4) Finally, of course you can use store-bought grahammies, too! I'll still be your frannnd.

Regarding the marshmallows: I love cutting these gigantic jumbo marshmallows in half -- for some reason I think they just toast up more evenly on my stove -- and sandwiching the chocolate in between the two layers, but you could absolutely do two standard mallows per s'more. :)
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