Rice Cooker “Tamagoyaki” Totoros

Rice Cooker Tamagoyaki Totoros (via thepigandquill.com) #breakfast #toddlereats #bakedeggs #totoroweek

A week that begins with pumpkin and ends with Totoro — must be October! Steph is hosting #totoroweek again this year — IMHO, the internet’s most undercelebrated food-party-slash-hashtag-thing — and in classic me style I’m coming in just under the deadline. But these little guys are worth the wait, and I’ma tell you why. They basically cook themselves. Ok, so not in the “one little Totoro stirs the pot while the other climbs in” sense, though that paints an adorably sick picture, but in the “chuck surprisingly few ingredients in a rice cooker and press the little lever thingy” kind of way that instantly doubles any snack’s appeal because shortcuts are delightful. If you’re unfamiliar with tamagoyaki, it’s a simply seasoned mixture of eggs, sugar, mirin and shoyu or dashi (or both) that’s cooked in a special little omelette pan and then rolled into a fat, spongy, eggy cigar that’s sliced into almost-juicy medallions. It’s a little sweet, a little salty, a lot squishy. Over rice with a side of pickled cukes or steamed veggies, it’s a meal. But more often than not, it’s tucked into Lana’s favorite yumbox as a go-anywhere snack. In this rendition, there’s no special omelette pan, … Read More