Creamy Hummus Soup with Crispy Soyrizo Gremolata (Vegan)

Creamy Hummus Soup with Crispy Soyrizo Gremolata (Vegan) (via

Like so many recipes that find their way to this space, this soup was a happy accident. A well-meaning attempt (and I do mean well-meaning, as not a corner was cut!) at Kenji Lopez-Alt’s intriguing Israeli hummus recipe — more on what makes it so intriguing later — watered down, quite literally, into a slurpable meal worthy of your soup spoon. Too many times I’ve daintily tucked pita into a creamy bowl of restaurant hummus while every fiber of my being screams good lord woman, eating it by the oversized spoonful is the clear winner of all ideas ever! And too many times, apparently, I’ve bump-on-a-logged it, afraid of what my dining companions, or — sin of all sins! — the doler-outter-of-pitas — might think. Because I will admit: when pita is good, it’s responsible for at least half the splendor. But when hummus is good. When hummus is this good. It needs not the company of pillowy fillers. Indeed, it’s a treat to behold all on its scoopable, spoonable own. As suggested, the basis for this recipe is Kenji Lopez-Alt’s Israeli hummus, which claims to turn out that super creamy, whippy-textured hummus available almost exclusively in restaurants or at scary New York deli counters but without all the … Read More

Cheesy Twice-Baked Sweet Potatoes w/ Crispy Chorizo & Maple Cream (gluten-free, veggie variation)

First, big thanks to everyone who entered last week’s giveaway of “The Paleo Foodie”! I was happily blown away by your collective passion for leading (or learning more about) a paleo lifestyle. Any diet that gives lamb chops and butter a fatty thumbs up is A-OK with me. (Confession: I might be a little emoji dependent. I might be a little sad I can’t pictorally A-OK this biznit. *Emoji tearface*) And, bigger congrats to our randomly selected winner, Heidi K. I know you’ll love checking out Arsy’s arsynal — nyuck nyuck— of nummers paleo recipes. 🙂 So let’s quickly talk ‘taters. Should we call them Easter ‘taters? Why not. We called these dudes Christmas Eggs and nobody gave a tiddlywink. Also, there’s a good chance I’ll be putting plenty of these ‘taters in my face this weekend, so it’s totally appropriate. These are some of the tastiest sweet potatoes I’ve ever eaten ever. And you might have noticed I eat kind of a lot of sweet potatoes. They’re so damn versatile, I put them in chili and waffles and gnocchi and burgers — but this is more of a spotlight situation. They’re sweet potatoes disguised as nothing more than themselves. Well, maybe a nip-tucked version of … Read More

Super Bowl Roundup: 20 P&Q Eats for the Big Game

Super Bowl Roundup: 20 Tasty Eats for the Big Game // the pig & quill

Do you remember your first Super Bowl? I do. My mom and I were living in an apartment off the river, in a little one-bedroom over the manager’s office. One of my favorite pastimes was fastening a paperclip to a string, knotting it clumsily around the end of a stick and dangling it over the balcony. Time and again it’d come back up with a small note attached — or, if I was really lucky, an individually-wrapped Starburst candy, the paperclip deftly pried open and speared through the waxy pink or yellow wrapper. The little things, right? “Hey kiddo,” my mom said, one day. “It’s the Super Bowl this weekend. We gotta go get some junk food.” I didn’t know what the Super Bowl meant (I mean, I only learned last year that the yellow line is virtual, whaaaaat?) — but give me a bag of Keebler Tata’ Skins and a crock of chili-cheese dip, and apparently it’s a memory in the making. Good one, Mom. 🙂 Since then, the Super Bowl has always been as much a celebration of snacking as it is sport, and I know I’m not alone in that tradition. Along those lines, I’ve gathered up a few … Read More

Spicy Soyrizo & Black Bean Empanadas (aka Hand Pies!)

There’s been some major crankypants happening in the pigpen lately. Maybe it has something to do with the post-vacation blues (kind of a real thing) or the post-vacation head-turned-chest cold (definitely a real thing), but I have been whhhhhyyyyyy-KNEE. Things like emptying bags of Trader Joe’s brand Funyuns into my face seem to be helping marginally, although I refuse to call them by their given name, Snack-O’s, which has got to be the most generic name for a generic snack food I have ever heard. If it weren’t that the snack is actually O-shaped, the lameness of this name might be enough to prevent me from buying them alltogether. I mean, helloooo, Fun-yOHs! OnYUMs! YUMyuns! Did none of these far more obvious yet superiorly radder names cross Hipster JoBro’s mind when ripping off the Funyun? I guess not. And now, even though I was originally just detouring through this whole tangent until I could find something valuable to talk about while you looked at pictures of hand pies, I’m actually kind of worked up about it. Kind of seriously worked up about it, actually. Totally, seriously, actually worked up about it, to tell you the truth. There’s very little escaping this thread … Read More

Mother’s Day Roundup: Brunch-Worthy Bomb-Noms

Yesterday was one of the downest days I’ve experienced in a while. One of those days that makes you crave the comfort of things like good girlfriends and sushi. And frozen yogurt. And beer. At one point I think I literally uttered the phrase “I want my mommy.” Fortunately, with this weekend being Mother’s Day, I can look forward to plenty of QT with both mommy and mommy-in-law, and I can already tell it promises to be just what the doctor ordered. Of course, a swimming pool of ramen and a hammock of Vic’s cappuccino chip ice cream couldn’t hurt either… To the moms in my life: if words could express how much your general thereness could lift a girl’s spirits, I’d be waxing poetic all over the damn place — but clearly (and based almost solely on the word thereness) I’m at a bit of a loss. Instead, here’s a fine roundup of all the brunch-worthy food I’d whip up for you if, well, if we didn’t already have legit brunch reservations. Love you guys. Happy Mother’s Day! The Ultimate Bacon & Egg Sandwich Figgy Brie & Roasted Pear Skillet Pizza Soyrizo Biscuit & Egg Sammies Minted Pineapple Salad … Read More

Cinco de Mayo Roundup: Cray for ¡Olé!

Hola. (Also — Holla!) Ima keep this short. Reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal shoooooort. (Apparently not that short since I’m playing it pretty fast and loose with the emphasized vowel sounds.) Tomorrow is Cinco. I’m at the lake. Margs are calling. (Yes, I know it’s 8am…) I’d attempt to share one with you in the form of a recipe, but I might be the world’s worse bartender. So instead, hows about we do another quickie recipe roundup — Mexican edition — to make sure you have a full cushion before unwisely donning that boozy sombrero? Sweet. Lessdoeet. Have a festive and safe Cinco, everyone! xoxo, Gossip Girl Em Easy Salted Mayan Chocolate Pots de Creme This guy, oh, what can I say. The recipe that kinda blew up the ol’ P&Q there for a while. (Pinterest has Holy powers, I’m telling you!) I love these Pots de Creme for so many reasons. One: they’re super easy. Two: they taste super fancy. Rich and silky with spicy warmth and that mouth-watering sea salt? Bomb. Three: No-bake ramekin food FTW. Huevos con Soyrizo with Two-Potato Hash You caught me. This one was in the Earth Day round up, too…but you gotta give it to me: it’s kind of a … Read More

Award-Winning Vegan Soyrizo & Sweet Potato Chili

Ready for a story guys? Here goes. Last week at work we had a chili cook-off. The First Annual for our little company, I’m guessing. We’re a team of about 30 people, with maybe two-thirds of us in the office on a “busy day.” So, because most of us like to eat — and a handful of us really like to cook — we had a chili cook-off. The word quaint should probably be in there somewhere. Requirements for the cook-off? None. No heat restrictions, specific diet accommodations, nada. This was anything goes, people. And guess-friggin’-what. This Vegan Soyrizo & Sweet Potato Chili took it home. The phrase “yeah baby’ comes to mind. …Against a carnivore’s dream of tender braised beef and Mexican spices, the Vegan Soyrizo chili stood strong. …To the slow-cooked, searingly hot concoction of chorizo and beer, this Bad Mamajama said Efffffffffff Youuuuuuuuuu. …Even its fellow Vegan — its fragrant and saucy, bean-laden brethren — had to bow down. That’s right, out of four — count ’em — four whole chilis in the cook-off, this fineassmofo snagged First Prize. So maybe the odds were ever in my favor. I’ll take a win where I can get one. … Read More

Soyrizo Biscuit & Egg Sammies

Hey guys! And hey new guys and gals that might have recently joined in on this crazy ol’ stroll through Pig & Quill shenaniganry. It’s amazing how much traffic a little fresh Foodgawker coverage can bring over the course of a couple of days, isn’t it? Pretty phenomenal, if you ask me. I know you didn’t ask me, but when has that ever stopped me? Right. So. Seriously, thanks for stopping by my crumb-y little corner of the innernet, people. I hope you like what you see and that you’ll take a sec to say hi back. Cuz I like that lots. Another thing I like lots? Chorizo. Or as of late, soyrizo, which is such a freaking close imitator and just as cheap, garlicky and delicious as the real thing but with more animal smiles. (Bonus: Trader Joe’s carries it.) Which is probably why I’m a weensy bit obsessed with the cho/soyrizo studded biscuits below. Super simple and, yes, a little guilt-laden due to the use of biscuit mix, but it’s undeniably handy and it’s just so darn reliable. Also on the love list these days, if you haven’t noticed: eggs. Right now I’m particularly infatuated with the simplest scrambled eggs you can imagine … Read More

Huevos con Soyrizo with Two-Potato Hash

First, a reminder: have you voted for the Pig & Quill in Cook Taste Eat’s Facebook contest yet? Voting closes Friday, and I am dreadfully behind, so if you could pull out all the stops and convince everyone know you to vote, that’d be great. On the line: an opportunity to cook and film with celeb-chef and restauranteur Michael Mina, so it’s kind of a big deal. Thanks! On with the post. Sometimes Mondays kind of suck. Sometimes they don’t. I’ll let you guess which kind of Monday I had. Did you guess the sucky one? Geez, I guess that’s more telling than it should be. Am I really that negative? Yeah, I know. Adding it to the list of stuff to “work on.” But really, guys, I had a particularly un-sucky Monday. Let me tell you why. My morning email contained a most delightful note from Bev of Bev Cooks notifying me that I won — yes, won, which never happens — quite a delightful giveaway from Land o’ Lakes that includes a whole fancy load of kitchen goodies from Anthropologie! Oh, and a piece of Le Creuset cast iron! Oh, and fuggin’ BUTTER. If that trifecta of boo-yah doesn’t … Read More