Asian Tofu Lettuce Wraps (vegan & gf)

Well we did it, you guys. We made it through the big eating holidays. Although it’s still pretty freaking Christmassy around here what with the tree, the stockings, the dozens of ginger-almond sugar cookies Chris decided to whip up last night. I think I’ll keep that guy around. I know it’s rather unusual to get into detox mode before one of the biggest boozing events of the year, but let’s pretend that 2014 will be a year of stupendous planning and preparation — and I’m getting an early start. (Contrarily, I’m also playing a bit of catch up this week. Like streaming delicious amounts of The Carrie Diaries and Revenge. I like my TV programs with a fatty dose of enviable style. As in, when I grow up I totally want to be the girl fashionably stuck somewhere between a teenage Carrie Bradshaw and a middle-class Emily Thorne. Oh, wait…) So, continuing with the theme of detox and New Year’s Eve celebrations, let’s talk lettuce wraps. If you’ve ever been to a P.F. Chang’s or something similar, chances are you’ve had the popular chicken variation of these refreshing little gems. If you’ve dined Hong Kong-style, you might have even sampled the pork-and-dried-oyster … Read More

Weeknight Homestyle Bison (or Beef) Enchiladas

Hey guys! Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? (Can you believe how many posts I’ve probably kicked off with “can you believe it’s {Insert Time Frame Here}?” It’s hard to be original. Hurts my bwain.) As we really tuck into this ‘ere eleventh month in 2013, I thought now might be a decent time to start recounting the foodie resolutions I made way back in January. You know, back before middle aging, bi-coastal smorgasbording and pumpkin hoarding became the norm. In that rare moment of calm and restraint when I used the word “totes,” like, maybe once every other post. Or, you know, before the wheels fell completely off and we found ourselves tobogganing through this very metaphor. Anyway, so if you’re just joining us, waaaaay back in Jan I made the (pretty loosey goosey) resolution to consume fewer refined sugars/carbohydrates, artificial sweeteners, caffeinated beverages and conventionally farmed meats and consume more whole grains, organic produce, wild and sustainably harvested seafood, humanely raised meat and all that good stuff. And how’m I doing? You guuuuyyyyyssssssss, I am suuur tuuurtally killing it! I mean, all things in moderation, but would you believe that I’ve had exactly two sodas this year (all-natural root beer, … Read More

Simple Summer Fried Rice w/ Chinese Sausage

I might have said something on Facebook about posting my Saturday post on Sunday. And that might have been a lie. I might have skipped it altogether. I blame jetlag. And cookie chips, because they’re habit-forming and caused me to spend half of Sunday rocking in a corner fiending, which, by the way, does not make for productive blogging. Also: Newsroom. The characters on that show are so damn sharp! I like to tell myself that not everyone follows their quick dialogue like I do. That not everyone appreciates the conversations within conversations. That not everyone feels my deep, personal connection to Oliva Munn. All of this makes me feel smart. And therefore justified in dedicating a large portion of my day to HBO. Yay. Perfect, then, that today’s recipe is totally time-wasting friendly. It’s a quick one-dish meal that has all the merits of takeout without the pricey guilt. You know, so you can mindlessly shovel mouthful after mouthful of rice down the hatch while you anxiously anticipate what exactly did happen to Maggie in Africa? (Still playing catch-up, no spoilers, please!) This is summer food. Fast, satisfying and a great catch-all for the last few harvests of summer veg. That … Read More

Spring Pea, Bacon & White Cheddar Frittata

Quiet night here at P&Q headquarters. Leftovers. An obscenely large hunk of brie — and the requisite water crackers. And Revenge.  I’m late to the party with this one, I realize. It’s also thoroughly possible that I’m addicted. This is what happens when I’m left alone with the remote control and many lifetimes’ worth of streaming television at my fingertips. What’s a girl to do? Just to keep things somewhat productive this evening, perhaps now’s a good time to post the recipe for the little frittata that was easily the star of the show when Cristin dropped by. For once, I’ll actually keep the words to a minimum so you can enjoy the beauty of these snapshots that I did not take. (Let’s plug Cristin one more time…) With a crisp, fruity salad and a brunchy cocktail? Perfection. Spring Pea, Bacon & White Cheddar Frittata By Emily Stoffel Cooking time: 20 mins | Serves: 4 Note: Fancy folks will tell you not to allow the eggs to brown under the broiler in this dish. I say go with your gut. As with many baked egg dishes, broiling this dish for just a few extra seconds can result in a delightfully puffed frittata. … Read More