Fruit Basket Ice Cream Cake + Scenes from Sonoma

Fruit Basket Ice Cream Cake recipe (via - A show-stopping summer dessert that comes together in 5 minutes!

This post is sponsored by I Love Ice Cream Cakes. As always, I only support partners whose products and practices complement those employed in The Pig & Quill kitchen. I am the queen of planning elaborate vacations that never happen. Working by the glow of my laptop, late into the night, researching houses and hotels, the best coffee! the best breakfast sandwich! the best ramen! the best ice cream! until I’ve compiled an itinerary so fitting, in a destination so revered, that my skin literally prickles with excitement. And then something comes up — a work trip or a case of the sniffles or a new subscription to HBO. Distraction ensues, and my tirelessly planned escapade never fully gels. I know this is likely to be the case before I even dive in, and yet I can’t help but mope a little (just to paint a picture: popcorn-to-face, seven episodes deep into the newest season of Silicon Valley), when the realization sinks in. Which is why our most recent weekend in Sonoma was such a surprise smash. It came almost out of the blue, an idea I had when the Columbus bestie announced she’d be coming out West to celebrate the … Read More