Power Pie Smoothie (aka Jetpack in a Glass, kah-blammo!)

Earlier this summer I turned 30. I think we talked about it. In fact, I’m pretty sure I promised you at least a post or two recapping all the celebrating (read: championship face-stuffing) we did in New York. This. IsNotOneOfThosePosts. No, sadly for you, this post is a little whinier. Don’t act surprised. Or maybe do act surprised. (Whining, who me?) The bottom line is this: I am now the glorious age of 30, and for my thirtieth birthday — and with my own crazy-lady blessing — I have been gifted with… …a half-marathon. W-T-F you G-U-Ys. How did I let this happen? How did I let this bajillion week training schedule wiggle into my Google Drive and sneak attack me with daily weigh-ins and running logs? (OK, maybe I asked for that one. Pretty sure I did.) How did I suddenly decide that running more than “to the bathroom” was anywhere near a good idea? This can’t be my doing. My conscience has definitely fallen prey to aliens. (Have you read The Host? Great, same page…) In case you forgot, a half-marathon is a little over 13 miles. Run 18,000 of them and you’re at the MOON. THE FREAKING MOON. … Read More

Greek Yogurt Breakfast Bowl (featuring anniversaries…and prison)

Chris and I celebrated our third anniversary this week. We dined at the lovely Dixie in the Presidio, enjoyed plenty of wine and defrosted the wedding cake we were supposed to eat two years ago. (It can only get luckier with age, right?) Before dinner, we strolled through the Marina, coffees in hand, tallying aloud all the tanned girls in yoga pants and brainstorming how we’d one day turn our little house into the home of our dreams. I was smitten. I am smitten. It was a perfect reminder that those two gloriously joyful people that committed themselves to figuring shit out together three years ago are still us. There’s still joy. And with just three short years under our belt(s?), we have so much more joy ahead of us. I got pretty lucky with this one, let me tell you. Happy Anniversary, CJ. (photograph by the super talented Patrick Ang) Completely unrelated — and this is where I detour to prison for a moment — I know it seems like all we talk about around here is TV, but holy beans, have you seen Orange is the New Black? Orange is the New Black is totally the new black. … Read More

Pineapple & Spinach Green Smoothie

Good Tuesday, pretties! Hope everyone’s been having a lovurly week. Seven days post-vacay, I think we’ve finally recuperated from our extra-long weekend of glitz and gluttony in NYC — thanks in no small part to a few detox meals based almost solely around things that grow from the earth. (Apparently, the detox ended last night when I decided that a platter of meltingly tender carnitas-style pork belly with Spanish rice and refried beans makes for a balanced meal, but we’ll leave that for next Tuesday’s post. I will say now: no regrets whatsoever.) So what does one eat while trying to purge nearly a week’s worth of #shackburgers and #saltypimps from their system? (What? WordPress doesn’t do hashtags? #WTF.) A lot of salads, to start — big, beefy salads heaped full of, like, three lettuces and four kinds of fruit and a handful of nuts (ha) topped with plenty of those little crunchy fried onions and maybe some blue cheese and, oh, did you guys know that Trader Joe’s has this awesome frozen charred corn that you can toss into salad straight from the freezer and it makes it all roasty-toasty flavorful with literally next to nil effort? Buy it. … Read More

Spicy Deviled Egg Dip (oh ok, Egg Salad)

Whadda ya know, things are moving so fast over here that I completely spaced on reaching my 100th post! You know, the one about that possibly perfect salsa? Yeah, that marked triple digits, buddy. I’m feeling rather accomplished, I have to say, and we should definitely acknowledge the props you all deserve for sticking with me. I know things can get a little willy-nilly around here sometimes like, all the time, so thanks for hanging around. Sidebar: every time I use that crossy-outty text I wonder if I’m using it right. Like, should I have crossed out “all the time” instead of “sometimes”? Gosh, blogging is so hard. No wait, hard technical. Was that good? Something tells me I’m losing major cool points for this… Perhaps I should keep moving. We’ve talked about vegan egg salad before, and if Pinterest and comments and email are any indication, it’s been kind of a hit. Turns out people like their egg salad sans eggs. Ok. And sans mayo. Ok. I’m starting to get why, when I first presented the idea of “vegan egg salad” to Chris, he looked at me and said, “that’s not egg salad.” Simple as that. And he’s right, … Read More

Recipe: Curried carrot soup w/ Greek yogurt & toasted walnuts

It seems we’ve been on a soup streak here lately, and that is A-ok with me. I love soup — to the point that I don’t even discriminate against the canned stuff. I know it’s a sodium bomb and full of all sorts of processed crap, but on a cold day with crusty hunk of sourdough or a drippy grilled cheese, I’m not super picky. If given the choice, however, a velvety, seasonal soup like this one — which can still be made start to finish in less than an hour — is an easy winner. Sweet, subtly spicy and surprisingly balanced in the health department, this one will keep you coming back meal after meal. Which is perfect, because leftovers are stupendous. Paired with an earthy, gooey Roasted Kale and Sharp Cheddar Quesadilla (recipe to come! just look at that crunchy cheese bit escaping the tort in the pic below…), you might even forget than you’re on the wagon. The Fatty McFatFat food wagon. Curried Carrot Soup with Greek Yogurt & Toasted Walnuts By Emily Stoffel Cook time: 45 mins | Serves: 4-5 Note: This is one of those recipes that actually gives you an excuse to bust out the … Read More

Recipe: Southwestern stuffed bell peppers

Greetings from gorgeous Central America! Hope all is well back home in the Yooessofeigh. In an attempt to avoid Pig & Quill slackery during this little jaunt, I recently put a call out for guest post contributions from my network of fellow eaters, and wouldn’t you know a couple of pretty ladies actually took me up on it! Do they rock, or what? Today’s guest post comes to you from the lovely Jessica. (Check pic below. See? Lovely.) Jessica and I were classmates in high school, and these days (confirmed by a bit of Facebook stalking), we seem to be virtual kindred spirits in the kitchen. I loved her adaptation of stuffed peppers as soon as I skimmed the recipe. Fresh corn and Greek yogurt? Yes please. Without further ado… ________________________________________________ Hi guys! I’m a full-time high school teacher who spends most of my free time gardening, reading and trying out new recipes (I know, I sound like an 80-year-old). I don’t consider myself a foodie (because I’m not at all a food snob), but I am definitely a food enthusiast. I grew up in a household that valued good, healthy home-cooking. Dinnertime was about coming together and eating as … Read More